Oil Change Blues

Hello dear reader(s)!

My draft folder was boring.  But luckily (or unluckily, in your case), I’m waiting on my oil to get done, so I figured I’d write a little post while I wait.

I tried to get an oil change earlier today, but the wait was insane.  So I made an  appointment with Sears Auto for 5 o’clock the same day (since you won’t be reading this on that day).  Or so I thought.

In actuality, I thought I made an  appointment, but due to system glitches after their server lost power a few days ago (according to the manager), it did not transfer over, meaning no appointment was made.  (And Sears wonders why they are having financial trouble.). Anyway, long story less long, there was no appointment and they close in an hour.  The service guys say there would be no time to do it, leaving me stranded.  Fortunately, the manager decided to squeeze it in (poor service guys, wasn’t their fault), and so my oil change will get done, but probably later than their closing time.

This cuts into my decompress and finish the last few things up time, and I’m not amused.

At least the manager was nice and decided to help me out.  I think I’ll write a letter to corporate to tell them how he has saved their asses in my book.

This seems to happen a lot when making appointments online.  I wonder why companies try to push the online options when their site’s functionality is crap.  I’ve had it happen once ordering pizza.  The whole point of online ordering for me, is to be able to avoid talking to anyone, and invariably it just causes more taking when online fails.

Still though, if I didn’t get this done tonight, it was not getting done.  That’s an awfully long drive to take without fresh oil.  I wasn’t due in miles, but I was overdue in months.  By the time the trip was up, I would’ve been too.  This also gives me an opportunity to ensure my tires are properly inflated and all that good bullshit.

Better safe than sorry, that’s what I almost never say, anyway.

I can’t wait until I live in a place where doing something as simple as getting an oil change isn’t such a major pain in the ass.

I’m thinking you will read this on day three of my trip.  This will be the long part of the journey (don’t stop believing).  Hopefully everything is still going smoothly and that wheel in the sky keeps on turning.  So that I know where I’ll be tomorrow.

The oil change is done, and I’m home before six.  The Beastess got a pretty clean bill of health and I’m confident in her abilities to make the trip.

So on that note, I guess I had better get going.  There is more stupid cleaning to be done, and a few last minute items to be packed.  Until next time, my dear reader(s), remember that the journey is a band that used to have Steve Perry.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

8 thoughts on “Oil Change Blues”

  1. I kept having this problem with a major retailer – I thought I had put in an order, and hadn’t. They’ve changed the system entirely since then, so I am guessing I was not the only one with that problem.

    (Also, good job on the oil change – I wait as long as possible to get mine changed, which often results in my car yelling at me to do it (seriously – it goes from a nice warning message suggesting ‘Change Oil Soon’ to ‘Oil Change Required’).)

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  2. I never order pizza online. The only place I’ve made appointments is at the urgent care, and those always go well. ALTHOUGH, when I went in last time, I heard one of the nurses say it had been glitchy and she was glad my appointment held up.
    My husband managed Sears auto centers for years and years, not that it matters, but you know, tidbit.

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