Lunch Break

Hello dear reader(s)!

I surprisingly got a few of my few errands done in a few hours this morning, allowing me an unexpected few minutes to eat a few things and blog for a few minutes.  I took 3 bags of clothes to donate, shredded 1 bag of papers, got a few snacks for the road, sifted in one cup of flour, and went to the bank.  Tomorrow I need to get my oil changed, buy a cat carrier (they were ridiculous where I went), buy an air filter (never pay for the oil change people to do it), pick up Dosson’s prescription from the vet, add a dash of cinnamon, and get gas.  It looks like I will be on-time for my Sunday departure.  (Flight attendants, please clear the cabin.)

I won’t have the webs of inter right away when I get there, so likely my blog-type-thing will go into a slight state of dormancy (like the zombie plague in Obama’s blood, ready to be released as part of Operation Jade Helm after the election.*) for a few days.  If I have the time tonight, I may finish up some drafts to schedule for y’all while I am away.  Be advised they are drafts for a reason, so the quality might be um…not.  Also, be advised that I will only be able to read y’all on my phone if I have the data room, so don’t be looking for a lot of that.  Also, be advised that I will probably be busy unpacking and setting things up for a bit.  Also, be advised that you have been advised but should remain advised in the future until such time it is deemed no longer necessary by MyFridayBlog™ or any of its employees.   (Me.)

I am slightly nervous about the drive, still.  I am not used to going as fast as I am allowed to go in certain states I am driving through, and am unfamiliar with the route.  I believe conditions will be favorable, however, so at least there is that.  The likelihood of unfavorable conditions is unfavorable.  Conditions do not favor unfavorable conditions.

The hardest part of this will be traveling with the cats.   I have made the trip from Reno to Seattle with them, but this is like that trip times three.  I believe they are beginning to plot my murder, so if anything should happen to me, be sure to investigate them.  Especially Piedmont since I yelled at her in the middle of the night for walking over my head and keeping me awake.

It is cool and drizzly today, which is my favorite Seattle weather, but by Sunday it will be near 80 and sunny (at least over here).  Should be good road tripping weather, although hopefully not too hot east of the cascades, and it’s never good trip in the road.

Tonight I am going to one of my favorite Seattle restaurant type-things for one of my favorite things to eat, like ever, as a goodbye.  I am thrilled beyond thrilled, and that is pretty damn thrilled.  Thrilling.

My things are getting to the “just throw it all in boxes and leave” stage, since I am pretty much done sorting through things.  That is a good place to be, even though is that really a place, or a time?  Is time even real?  If it isn’t real, than am I really in that place, for real?!?!

I could have done the other few errands today, but since I have to wait until tomorrow for the prescription anyway, and since there is only so much running errands in traffic I can stand before I want to beat my head against the steering wheel…I decided tomorrow would be better, for my head and steering wheel, and for America.

I’m just ready to go.  I will miss being close to my mom and brother, I will miss weather like today’s, the water, the tablespoon of nutmeg, and a few other things; but I won’t miss Seattle.  Onward and upward, that’s what I always say, (except I actually really never say that except for just now and maybe one or two other times, but certainly nothing that could remotely qualify as “always”).

So, I guess we will consider this my goodbye letter.   I suppose it is possible I will write something fresh (and all natural, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  Gluten free!) tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath.  Unless you are surrounded by things you shouldn’t breathe in, like water, smoke, or toxic fumes, in which case, by all means, hold away!

So long story slightly less long, but much longer than it needed to be, and with more run-on sentences, and a quarter teaspoon of salt…I might not be around as much for a tiny bit, but should be able to knock a few posts out while I am away maybe, and also if not, this is just a temporary thing while I move so please do not unfollow me, mom.

Until next my dear reader(s), peace be with you.  (And also with you.)

*-May 2016, Bartbreit News

Featured Image is not my actual lunch today, unfortunately.  


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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