Windows Sucks!!!

Hello dear reader(s)!

I’m back in Seattle today, for a few days.  Resting and planning on catching up on reading and posting.  But nooooo.   My fucking computer has been restarting for the last hour now, updating.  No way to postpone it.  I fucking hate Windows.  Literally, an hour.

Fuck you, Microsoft.  Fuck you right in your shitty, declining asses.

Fucking stupid ass fucks.

I’m going to try a hard boot soon, but I swear it’s no coincidence that their market share has been declining since that change.

If the hardware on Chromebooks were better, I’d just get another one instead of fucking with interrupted productivity and constant fucking updates and instability.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

25 thoughts on “Windows Sucks!!!”

  1. I’m with you, Josh, I hate Windows! I once had my computer crash twice in one month! The first time it happened, I hadn’t logged on to Windows for eight days and when I did, I had 68 Windows updates waiting. It took overnight for it to finish and after it did, it crashed. Well, it took me 12 days to get my computer together and right after I got it working again, I ended up with over one hundred Window updates on it and again it crashed!! I almost lost my mind! And then it’s hard to actually speak to a person from Windows or find a chat line for them.

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      1. My win 7 works great and reliable, i’ve manually turned off windows update and haven’t updated since early 2015. I hear unscrupulous Microsoft release updates that insert code to monitor user’s personal activities! Taking no chances, I’m not updating anymore. If it ain’t broke…

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  2. I have iCloud for Windows waiting in the tray to be installed via an Apple Software update. It’s been waiting for a while, because I know if I allow it to be installed now I might feel compelled to restart the computer. I don’t want to, and won’t until I’m good and ready. Most of my restarts are scheduled when I know I’ll be away from the computer. I typically never have to interact with them. And when I do get a prompt I simply ignore it until I’m ready. That way it’s my choice, not a machines. We can’t let our machines get the better of us as long as we have the power to keep them at bay. I don’t hate my computer or the software that I elected to download. I just don’t. I need it too much to write comments like this one!

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  3. To tell with Windows. After I updated the whole computer died. Ended up getting a Mac Mini because of how awful I think the new Windows OS is (use a chromebook for most stuff though). Like you said, if only the chromebook were more functional!

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  4. We bought the girls some cheap Lenovo Chromebooks and they love them.

    My office puter is all the time updating all its stupid Windows programs and I do not feel that I get paid enough to sit there and stare and be anxious about all the things I cannot do!!! UGH! I lika be busy, Josh, you know how I do.

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    1. Sure sure. My computer finally updated, but it was a long one this time. Must have been a huge and urgently needed patch.
      I loved my Chromebook, I do not love how it gave me the black screen of death one day for no reason. Apparently, they just don’t last.

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