Not Calling This Day 4

Hello dear reader(s)!

Yesterday I got most of the work I needed to do finished.  Today I just have to move some things from one place to another and it should be easy.  I’m tired today, and I am congested.  I’m hoping I’m not sick.

Tonight, I have game night with my friends.  I’m really looking forward to that.

Tomorrow, I leave to go back, rest, load things up, and move.  It can’t happen soon enough.  I miss my framily and my Luna.

I’m glad I got to see my dad, and the few friends I got to see.  I’m glad I got to get some things done and cull some of the possessions that I don’t see using again while they’re still in good shape.  I am glad that’s out of the way.

But I’m ready to go.  And I’m disappointed in some people for not even making an effort to see me after saying how they couldn’t wait until I was here and acting like they missed me while I was gone.  One set of plans was canceled for legitimate reasons (illness), but some attempts at seeing people and making plans in the first place were never answered.  And to that I say, “Fuck you too.”

I’m tired of making an effort for people who can’t be bothered to make an effort for me.   No matter how long I’ve known them, or what good times we’ve had, there is just no sense caring anymore.  My friends should be more than words on Facebook.  Some will be, because that’s all they have ever been, (distance, situation, level of closeness, etc…), but I will not accept friends who were once real friends, becoming people who won’t even answer my texts remaining in my life at all.  I do not exist to pad someone’s friend count.

So when I get back, while I’m resting up for my move to my new home far away, I will be blowing up some bridges.  I’m not playing in one-sided relationships of any kind anymore.  No more will I be the person people can go to when they need a shoulder, only to get a cold shoulder when I reach out to them.

I don’t know when I’m coming back here.  My dad lives here, so I’m not saying never, but it’s going to be a long time.   No sense in hanging onto false friendships of people I likely won’t see again anyway.

I understand not everybody could be available when I was here.  But an explanation or something would’ve been nice from some.

So since I probably won’t post tomorrow morning before my flight… Goodbye Reno, it’s been real.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

15 thoughts on “Not Calling This Day 4”

  1. When I moved back to Houston there were so many people who were so excited beforehand, pushing me to feel it was the right move to make for the support I would obviously had. But when I got there I didn’t here boo from my family or friends. Not even a visit I. the local hospital after having my first baby. Needless to say I moved on and made new connections and as childish as it sounds I didn’t shed a tear for them when I moved to bama.

    Now that I’m here they all the sudden are asking me to visit or how much they miss our times together. But time changes, and life grows apart I suppose.

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  2. I can relate to all that. We’d drive 800 miles to see our hometown peeps, and about half of them would take the time to drive across town. Last summer, drove all that way to see child #2 and she couldn’t be bothered both days. Speaks volumes.
    The only way to get over it is to not have expectations, to really live in the moment, and never, I mean never, build your plans around people who may not show. Sorry. *hugs*

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  3. Funny you used the word “cull” in this article, because after your friends’ repeated dismissal or friendly obligations, I’d start culling my list of friends. It’s actually the reason why my wife and I have… I don’t know… maybe three friends. We have pretty fucking high standards for politeness and how you comport yourself socially. I think if you want more friends, you have to be way more flexible and easy-going than I am. Anyway, it’s all about what’s important to you!

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  4. Safe travels to you, until we meet your posts again!

    You personally have my 100% support (for what that’s worth… I think the conversion rate is currently around $0.00 per 1% support) in your decision to cut the dead weight from your friends’ list & from your life in general. Life happens, people change, we go our separate ways… but, for G-d’s sake, answer a phone call/text message/email/carrier pigeon.

    Anyone who can’t do that, doesn’t deserve your time.

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