Awakening, Part 1

Trigger warning:  This post contatins mentions of child abuse, as well as murder.  Not graphic depictions, however.  

She hid in the shadows, from the world, and herself.  It had been close to six years since Lorcan made her forget who she was.  In the years since, she found something within her to escape.  She made some progress, but certainly did not see the power within her and just how much that escape showed she was capable of.

Conor knew her from before Lorcan enslaved her.  He knew of her beauty and strength, and that anyone so powerful would surely be a target.  He watched over her back then, but one time, when he was off training to become the warrior he is today, she disappeared.  He had no idea what happened, but wondered how he had failed her.

Lorcan was not the reason she vanished from Conor’s life.  He did not capture her until much later.  Someone else attacked while he was away, and in order to protect herself, she fled.  That doesn’t mean that Lorcan and the other attackers were unrelated.  Neither she, nor Conor knew it, but there had been a larger plot orchestrated against her since just after her birth.

Lauryn was a witch who exclusively practiced in dark magic.  She was extremely powerful, and absolutely unforgiving.   She was not the most powerful within her coven.  That title belonged to her rival, Caitlin, the most powerful white magic witch that had ever existed.  The problem with white magic, is that those who wield it are usually not looking to hurt anyone.  They typically aren’t the plotters and schemers of those who prefer the dark magic.  So despite Caitlin’s protection spells, Lauryn was constantly looking for ways to get around them.  Anything that Lauryn tried against her directly was knocked down by the spells of protection.

Lauryn’s desire for total power would not be stopped, and eventually, she found her way to defeat Caitlin…or so she thought.  She cast a spell onto Sean, Caitlin’s lover and high priest of the coven in order to seduce him.  Sean fell to the power of the spell and came to Lauryn as Caitlin was busy making preparations for the Imbolc ritual the following week.  After they had their illicit affair, and when Lauryn was certain she was pregnant, she murdered Sean with her athame, believing that because she carried Sean’s child, she would be immune from Caitlin’s retaliation.

Caitlin had actually grown tired of Sean’s weakness.  She had seen this coming, and knew that Lauryn would attempt and succeed in having Sean’s child.  And so she placed her own essence into Sean’s genetics, and cast a spell to infuse the new child with her own power.  She also cast a spell that the child would eventually awaken to the knowledge of her birth mother’s self-serving darkness, and her betrayal for power, once she was ready.

Lauryn was smug when she announced to the coven that she was pregnant with Sean’s child.  She claimed that Sean had taken his own life over the pregnacny.  She was stunned when the coven she had gathered rushed her, took her to the ground, and held her there.  She was even more stunned when Caitlin walked to her holding the brand of the warlock.  Lauryn screamed as the mark was burnt into her forehead, and the banishment was issued.  The other witches cursed her from having full use of her powers, and Caitlin spoke a protection spell for the coven.  Then she issued her one and only threat.

“I prefer to practice in white magic, but so help me, in the name of all the Gods, I will use all of my abilities should you return or harm any one of us or our descendants.”

Lauryn didn’t need to have it repeated.  She was afraid, and ran out of the coven, never to return.  She was bitter and angry for her neutering, and for the knowldege she could never attain the power she so desperately sought.  She made her way after, by manipulating men, taking their possessions, and ultimately leaving; sometimes with them alive, sometimes with them not.  She had already murdered two for their possessions before giving birth.

Lauryn knew right away that her daughter would be trouble.  When she saw her, she recognized the look in her eyes.  The look of her rival from the coven that had banished her and marked her as a traitor.  The child had a spirit of defiance, and did not seem to bond with her the way a child typically does with her mother.  And so she began a systematic cycle of abuse and torture, sometimes using the men she manipulated, in order to break her spirit.  Then she would act as though she was the only one who her daughter could count on, before starting the cycle anew.

Conor lived in the village Lauryn had moved to when the child was beginning to become a woman.  Lauryn chose his village because of the large amount of stupid men she could exploit before moving on.  Conor always believed he was a normal kid, and did not believe in the ways of magic like the witches who lived outside the village.  He figured his life had no purpose.  And then he saw her.

Conor suddenly had an awakening.  He was to love and protect her.  Standing there, seeing her in the sideways light of the late afternoon, he believed in magic.  He knew his life’s meaning.

And loved her he did.  He loved and defended her. even in the presence of Lauryn, which annoyed the dark witch to no end.  Lauryn knew that he was going to do everything he could to protect her daughter, and could eventually be a problem.  She could see her daughter beginning to show confidence and new power.  She knew it was only a matter of time before her daughter found something within herself that could prove to be Lauryn’s undoing.  In her mind, Lauryn would regain her power, and only her daughter was strong enough to prevent that.

Conor, having awoken to his purpose, decided to train to become a better protector to his love.

Her mother saw her opportunity, and hired her attackers while he was away training.  Then she hired Lorcan, for the next time her daughter found herself.

To be continued…


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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