WordPress Things That Piss Me Off

Hello dear reader(s)!

I am on another round of unfollowing, both on Facebook and WordPress.  Facebook because of the stupid political memes everywhere from people I didn’t really want as friends anyway but accepted because they knew Hannah, and here because well…they suck.

Now, when I say they suck, I do not mean their writing.  Or their grammar.  Or anything else that someone usually thinks determines a bad writer.  No, for me, when someone sucks enough to unfollow, it is their behavior.

Would you like to know what I am talking about?  Then keep reading.  If not, nobody is forcing you, so don’t get all whiny about it and cry to your mommy over a cup of warm milk squeezed directly from her bosom.  Nobody is forcing you to do anything here.  You can go read about sunshine and rainbows and go your own way (go your own way).  You can call it another lonely day.  (Another lonely day.)

So without further adieu, even though I will not hasten to bid you adieu but I will remember the Red River Valley and the girl who loved me so true…I present to you, my dear reader(s), for you education, entertainment, and enlightenment, for a limited time only, the things that people do on WordPress that piss me off!

  • Links in comments  Guess what?  I try to read your posts.  You try to read mine.  I appreciate it.  But unless it is related to the topic on the post of which you are commenting?  Do not add your stupid fucking link to your dumb motherfucking comment on my page.  I was probably going to read your post anyway, or catch one of the next ones.  Especially when my post mentions an apology for not posting regularly, it means that I have this thing called a life and might not be able to hit everyone’s posts all the time.  Sorry for not being so completely loyal to you based on your recent follow and one comment with the link included.
  • Mass posting  I followed this guy forever.  Pretty good stuff for a while, until suddenly he started posting just little news stories from a service that shall not be named but is actually NPR all of the time, every time, clogging up my feed so bad that I couldn’t read anyone else’s posts without scrolling for like a half hour to wade through all the NPR blurb bullshit.
  • Pushing your religion  I’ve mentioned my beliefs, but at no time would I push anyone to it.  Why is it too much to ask for the same courtesy?  If I wanted to listen to people who don’t understand their book talking to everyone like it is the only book ever written, I would join a Harry Potter fan page.
  • Racism, Sexism, Fascism, and Nationalism.  Seriously.  Why are you following me, and then reposting pro-Trump lies or blatant racist or sexist propaganda?  Fuck Trump and anyone who supports that racist, scumbag piece of shit.  We’re not friends.  If you think telling it like it is means disparaging an entire people, or supporting white male supremacy, then you are not going to like it here anyway.  And I don’t like you.  Promise.
  • People who do nothing but rant all the time.  Because seriously, does everything piss you off, Josh?!?!?!
  • People who do nothing but promote their book once it is written.  I am all for book promotion.  I am.  Promote the shit out of your book.  Especially if there is shit in your book, you should get that shit promoted out.  But, I did not follow your blog for a commercial.  So, if you could just go ahead and keep posting other things…that’d be great.  Thanks.  Besides, the cooler I think you are by not whoring your book all the time, the better the chance I will want your book.  I just got a book for free today (I would’ve paid for it.) that I can’t wait to read, but I wouldn’t have even taken it for free if she was the type of person to turn her blog into one big advertisement.
  • People who, rather than republishing their older blogs for more views or to reach a different audience, instead decide to just re-write the title and include a link.  No.  You do not get my click.  You are not going to get another click out of me for your revenue boosting exercises.  I am on to the next blog in the reader because I am not about to wait the valuable seconds for your page to load again.  Those fuckers add up.
  • People with no like button.  I don’t like to comment unless you are my blogger friend or I actually have something to say.  Don’t you want to know that I like what you posted, though?  Also, I am not going to fill out a fucking form to comment with all of my stuff that you can find out with the regular WordPress dashboard options anyway, thank you very much and thanks for coming out.

Don’t forget to tip your waitstaff and remember that the 10:00 show is totally different from the 8:00 show because of boobies.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

34 thoughts on “WordPress Things That Piss Me Off”

  1. I think I might know who that “guy” is that you were referring to. He started out pretty good and then he just became ridiculous…Started posting one sentence posts about nothing but a random thought that crossed his mind. The guy had a massive amount of followers too! I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to read random thoughts without substance. I am fortunate to have a good little community of people who don’t (at least they don’t seem to) comment to advertise their own pages. As a side note, I enjoyed the anger in this post – it proved to be very entertaining.

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  2. OMG YAS… I just went on an unfollowing spree myself, for many of the same reasons. So many good blogs get ruined with the mass posting bs, or phishing comments, or that stupid disqus comment form. Ugh… You know what else gets me? People who spam you with likes, but never follow. Or people who spam you with likes, just to get you to click on their site. It’s like no… if you like everything I post, why not follow? And if you’re just trying to get my attention gtfo with your liking rampage. lol

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      1. Well I thought that’s how blogging was supposed to work, but I’ve gotten a barrage of random likes and they keep clicking on my site daily but won’t follow? It might be my stalker with a new profile…

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  3. lol, great rant! seems reasonable enough… follow who you want to read, and delete the rest. too bad ppl’s emotions get in the way and clouds judgement. it’s a real commitment putting out original, interesting content on a regular basis – keep up the awesome work! 🙂

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  4. BOOBIES at the 10 o’clock show only! It’s a good thing I don’t long to see boobies because I can’t stay up that late. I am following something that really only posts what other people write and they post ten at a time. It does annoy me and I never read them because they are often not what I want to read. I never thought of unfollowing them. I also want to promote my book, but I follow someone who puts a picture of her book and link to buy on every post. I understand what you are saying. Now I feel compelled to link my book here, tell you all about my favorite candidate (wish I had one) and how you can be SAVED.

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    1. I am offended that you are not longing to see my man boobies. They are quite voluptuous, I assure you. #NoBodyShaming
      I don’t mind if someone has a picture of link of their book on every post, but when they don’t even post anything else anymore, it gets old.
      And yes, I have a candidate who I will choose to stop my least favorite candidate of all time, but she is certainly not one I could call a favorite.

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  5. I agree with everything you said, ESPECIALLY the multi-poster. I put a lot of time and effort in my posts before they go out (though I have some easy ones thrown in, such as the Caption contest.) I can’t imagine how anyone has time to post, and post, and post, and so on…all in one day! I’ve had to drop a few of them.

    The other one I’d add is the LOOOOOONG posts. I’m not successful all the time, but I work hard to keep mine below 1,000 words. I realize you all have lots of other blogs to read so I have no expectation you’ll spend 10 minutes reading mine. A long post from time to time is okay, but every day? If that helps you, maybe it’s therapeutic, then I say wonderful, but don’t expect me to read it. I will make one promise though – I do not click it if I do not read it, so I’m not going to scroll down and see how long your post is, and click like just to show I’ve been there.

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