Hello dear reader(s)!

Greetings from beautiful Kansas City, Missouri!  Just a few feet from beautiful Kansas City, Kansas!  Just a ton of miles from beautiful Seattle, WA!  I could go on with distance from other places but I’ll spare you because there are a lot of places and I could imagine we’d be here quite a while.

So how the hell are you?   Good, I hope.

I am great!   I am having an excellent time.  Between the museum and all the lovely art, to the hypnotist comedy show, to the best barbecue I’ve ever had with the funniest lady working the counter, this has been one heck of a trip.  Even one hell of a trip.

I love the trees and the architecture.  I love the friendly people.  I love the lack of too crazy traffic.  I love the fact that there are still different artistic places with options for someone who isn’t always just meat and potatoes.  I love the relatively tiny cost of living, which is so important for someone in my ability.

But what I love the most about this beautiful city, is my friends.  Or actually, my framily.

Having friends that treat me like family is something I was definitely missing in Seattle.  From just chilling by the pool, to playing Cards Against Humanity, to watching plants verses zombies demonstrations with their son, to eating delicious vegan Alfredo (did you know you could make Alfredo both vegan and delicious? Neither did I, until yesterday), this has been an amazing trip so far.

And as great as the city is, and as much fun as everything has been, it’s the fact that I have framily that enjoy just hanging out with me as much as I enjoy hanging out with them that I have made up my mind to move here.

So, thank you, my friends.  My framily.  Y’all are the coolest!   And hello Kansas City.  I’ll be leaving for a bit in a couple days, but as the  Schwarzenegger of Arnold would say, “I’ll be back!”


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

35 thoughts on “Framily”

      1. I was born during a hurricane, which I guess is a good reason all travel motion makes me sleepy. I was once flying to New York in a storm. We had crazy turbulence and I stretched right out and fell asleep. As for ‘sleep aids’ have you ever heard of KavaKava? It’s plant-based, all natural, and the only way I can describe its effects on me is it makes me ‘blissful and rested’. I’m imagining it could be a good pre-flight restive?

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      2. I was thinking it shouldn’t cause any reactions with any thing else you take as it’s all natural. Another herb that’s just as potent if not stronger is Valerian Root. If I was to sleep-sleep, that’s what I’d go with.

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  1. Slowing down is always great. I love my little city here in Alabama, very slow, everyone is so open and friendly. Community makes a huge difference, and it’s one of the first things to become lost in the “big city”. Moving form Houston to Huntsville AL was one of the most rewarding moves we have ever made. It will be sad if we have to move on before the end of the year.

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  2. I’ll second previous sentiment when I say you look happy. Enjoy the trip! My one time out there involved a failed attempt to see the St. Louis arch, due to monsoon-like rain. The humidity is no fun, but I suppose it can get kind of humid in Seattle during the summer. Eat at White Castle!!

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  3. Glad you’re loving it there. I can feel your “vibe of contentment” through your words. I’m thinking about getting up right now and doing the “happy dance” for you. If more people could be where they are their highest and best…WOW. Are you catching my drift? Oh, what a wonderful world it would be!!!

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    1. Yes, it would. Seattle used to be that place for me, but it became isolating the more crowded it became. My friends in KC are really what did it though. I didn’t think just hanging out with them would be so much fun.

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  4. Funny that I was just talking about Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas) the other day. Some friends had vacationed by driving cross country and they said many of the states were simply fields of corn, three lane highways and no other cars. I said I had been to Kansas City in college but all I could say about the area was it had a barn turned into a bar and the drinking age in Kansas was 18 for beer and wine. I think your experience was much better.

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    1. Well, you are in the best spot in this city if you ask me…
      So my favorite coffee place is on 39th. It’s also a vegan bakery which I don’t care Abbott because I’m not vegan, but they’re baked goods are still good. It’s called Mudpie. I like the atmosphere. You have Westport right there, and any spot on Westport is good. I like the Westport Flea-Market Bar/Grille. And my favorite place in this city so far is the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

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