Eye Warship Satin

Hello dear reader(s)!

Did you know I worship Satan?  Neither did I.  But apparently I do, according to many Christians.  Which is just amazing to me considering I don’t even believe in Satan.  It is really hard to worship something you don’t believe in.  For example, one time I was with this really dominant woman who I just didn’t trust or believe in at all and…  Well, that is a story for a different blog-type-thing, but let’s just say I did not worship her, despite her demands.

Anyway, a lot of Christian type-people believe that I am a Satan worshiper.  I guess it is because I am not Christian.  If I worshiped Satan, I would hate them as Christians, but I don’t.  I hate them for being closed-minded assholes who call me a Satan worshiper.

What I am is a Pagan.

And I am very happy being a Pagan.  This path chose me, and I like being on it.  You may think I am crazy for it, and you’re probably right.  I don’t care.  I’m not looking to convert anyone.  In fact, I like my circles small.  This path chose me, just under a year ago, although the basics have always been inside.  I don’t try to bring people to my path.  It is mine.  Get your own damn path.  Or don’t.  Whatever.

So this is not one of those posts to explain to people what I believe and what I do not.  Except to say that I am not evil, and I do not worship Satan.  I’m not out there sacrificing animals or babies.  I’m not going to go into your neighborhood and paint symbols all over your property.  I respect your God and your right to believe in it/him/her/cow/etc. until that belief infringes on my right to believe as I choose.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, “Why I am reading this?”

Actually, what I imagine you are thinking right now is, “What is the point of all this inane babbling?”  And maybe you are.  Or maybe it is Satan whispering in my ear despite not believing in him/her/it/cow/etc.  Well, I am glad I imagined you asked.

Because if you’re a friend of mine, you’ve probably noticed all my Facebook posts recently.  You’ve probably noticed how I speak in the terms that come closest to expressing how I view things and how the language of everyday interactions with me has probably changed.  You’ve probably noticed the spells I have posted to remind myself to think of when I need to feel that things are going to be okay.  Or when I feel like I may be involved in something a lot bigger and more important than this single little life.  You may have noticed that I seem to be slightly more at peace when I am not totally freaking out over potential health issues and even when I am, those freak outs last less time and are usually less severe.  You may have even noticed a certain kind of thematic difference in some of my blog posts.  An explanation of things I have felt my whole life but never knew how to word until recently.  And you probably look at it and think I am delusional.

Cool.  Maybe I am.  I could very well be delusional, or mentally ill in more ways than just my PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

But as some dude named Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”  (Some dude is his official title, before you all go and get mad at me for being disrespectful.  No, I am lying, it isn’t.  But still no disrespect intended or else I wouldn’t be quoting him, now would I?)

My path matters to me.  Is it illogical?  Of course it is.  Some logic could be applied to the overall concepts, but logically for some of the other things?  I’m not that stupid.

But if it isn’t hurting anyone, can’t it be nice to believe in the illogical?  If it provides someone comfort in such a hateful, awful society, should I care if you don’t like my beliefs?  Well, whether I should or not doesn’t matter because I don’t.  The best thing about my path is this:

“An it harm none, do what ye will.”

I’ve talked about that before.  You don’t have to believe as I do for that to make a profound impact on your life and on the lives of people in general.

You like crystals?  Cool.  You like this kind of music?   Cool, I don’t, but as long as you’re not forcing me to listen what do I care?  You like monogamy?  Cool.  You like polyamory?  Cool.  You like tea?  I don’t get it, but fine.  Don’t force me to drink a cup.  You like having lots of sex?  Great!  Call me. (Just kidding, I am not really looking at this time.)  You don’t?  Great, call me to hang out platonically.  You like to shoot people?  NOT FUCKING COOL.  Get it?  You like to tell people you are sending healing energy their way or are sending a spell when they ask for thoughts and prayers?  Cool.  And if they don’t want it, fine.  You go outside and talk to the trees sometimes?  So do I.  Don’t call the mental institution people, I am not a danger to myself or others.  You like Tarot?  I think it’s pretty neat.  Whether or not I actually believe the cards are a conduit to the Goddess and God (in my case) really doesn’t matter.

The great part about this particular and extremely important part of my path, is that for this one, you don’t have to be Pagan at all.

Because chances are, if you believe in any God at all, you can have faith that your God will have things covered in whatever afterlife you believe in.  Your God might even make mention that it’s not your fucking place to judge as imperfect as your punk-ass is.

And if you don’t believe in any God?  You can still take this to heart.  Change the wording if you need to.  Try “I’m not hurting anyone, and neither are you, so I’m not going to be a judgmental prick.”

Blessed Be, my friends.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

36 thoughts on “Eye Warship Satin”

      1. Because it always seems like the people who profess their love for God the most are the ones who are hypocrites, bigots, racists, etc. They use their faith to justify some pretty abyssal ideology and many times act upon it. I do believe in a higher power, but I’m not thrilled with any of the organized religions. I try to treat people with the kindness and respect that I’d like to be treated with.

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      2. Well I am sorry, I have only been unfortunate to have been around just a few of them. Definitely not the majority. Or if so, they know better than to mess with me or those I love about it.

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      3. That’s great Josh. Some neighbors of mine, “good Catholics”, have a niece who announced she was a practicing Wiccan a few years back. Oh my God! You’d have thought she announced she was a serial killer. They actually tried to stage an intervention. She’s the sweetest girl, and I was lucky enough to attend her wedding which was done according to Wiccan principles. It was beautiful and moving. Too bad no one in her family felt like they could attend.

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  1. I don’t understand where people became so closed minded, and why there are so many man made rules in religion. I read the same Bible they preach from. My Bible does NOT say anything about hate or racism. It teaches me that we are all the same & God wants us to love. Nothing should associate God with hate, because frankly that’s not a God I want to serve. I also don’t believe that God sits on some pedistal making disasters & performing miracles. It’s called life. Sometimes good things happen & sometimes bad things happen. There are good people and bad people. The funny thing is a lot of trading that Christians adapted came from Pagan beliefs. It’s time to spread love, to stop pointing the finger, & blaming others!! “Judge not lest ye be judged yourself!” Christians stop giving all of us a bad name!! You want to bring people to Christ? How about doing it with love & understanding, ya know the same way Christ did! He never once forced his beliefs on anyone! If He feared for someone’s soul he simply prayed for them. I’ll get off my soap box now!! I’m sorry people can be ignorant assholes!

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    1. I think parts of the Jewish-Christian bible are pretty mean spirited and nasty. And parts are kind and loving. Same with the Qu’ran. People seem to pick and choose the parts that already match their personalities and world view, don’t you think?

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      1. I suppose that is true! I can see how people can interpret what they read in different ways. There are extremists in every religion, culture, etc… I just can’t wrap my head around how people can be so anti anything. As long as it’s not harming anyone, people should just mind their own business.

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  2. My mother-in-law truly believes there is only Jesus and if you don’t love Jesus and do all the things in the whole bible, then you may as well worship Satan. Her particular brand of Christianity is the only viable one. All other faiths are inferior and ungodly. Jewish? Satan. Pagan? Satan. Agnostic? Satan. Catholic? Praying to Satan through Mary.
    Also, she’s allergic to avocados. I mean really!
    Since I am a pagan heathen Unitarian Universalist, we have a complicated relationship.

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    1. Just curious, did u’r mother n’ law read the best part of the bible: about love, compassion, and forgiveness? I believe a really cool fellow named Jesus preached about these wonderful qualities we all should aspire to. Try praying with her, perhaps she’ll have a change of heart. 🙂

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  3. I am agnostic (with serious leanings towards atheism) but also too my background is in history. I find it amusing that most Christians are not “educated” to the point where they do not realize that many of their traditions and symbols come from pagan roots (having services on Sunday, the “halo” around Jesus, the story of him rising from the dead – all pagan in origin). Hell even the “modern” bible as we know it was decided at the Council of Nicea which was presided over by a pagan, Emperor Constantine.

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    1. Well, some know and just don ‘t care. They see the celebrations and traditions as necessary for their conversion of the heathens. And because most of the actual Pagan traditions and teachings were destroyed in the violent conversions, my particular brand of Paganism is simply a modern interpretation of the spirit of it all. With less war-like ideals. It doesn’t bother me that they took it, it bothers me that they do not allow for others to believe and worship peacefully as they choose without being jerks about it.

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      1. Shame that people forget that, specifically in the USA, the country was founded on the ideals of religious freedom from persecution.

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  4. Great post! I think its sad that the one thing which should unite all humanity is the very thing that tears us all apart. We are all Kith and Kin of the same Godhead. I don’t care what you call your God or Goddess. You have the right to the belief system that makes you happy and I will defend your right to believe as you will. I simply ask that you afford me the same open mind and heart. My personal belief system is a combination of the two sides of my Fathers family. I was born a witch as he was and his family was also Native American. I frequently talk to trees! 🙂

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  5. I was a Pagan/Wiccan in H.S. & I still have ties to it in my heart, not to mention my book shelf (I’ve owned books on herbs, stones, spells, etc. since I was around 16 & I never read them all the way through… not yet, anyway!).

    Considering that some people still believe the Nazi propaganda lodged at my religious ancestors (I’m Jewish & Romanian Roma, or “gypsy”), it doesn’t surprise me that you may have had some negative reactions. I find a lot of the major religions’ practitioners like to cherry-pick their book of choice & ignore that many say a lot about love. They don’t have a lot of empathy, nor do they realize that sending positive energy – whether through “thoughts & prayers” or a “spell” – out into the world/towards a specific person are quite similar.

    Regardless… I think we’d all be better off if we were more concerned with how we act than with what someone else does with their lives. You can’t judge a person’s moral compass by your own experiences. Keep uplifting yourself & try not to worry too much about other people’s misconceptions (unless you can, through love & understanding, bring a light of knowledge into their lives).

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    1. For the most part people have been nice to me personally about how I believe. It is only on occasion when they aren’t. But some have become distant and some have actually stopped talking to me for my refusal to follow a monotheistic religion and also for actually thinking that Jesus was the only worthwhile part of Christianity and that his dad is a dick.

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      1. I’m happy to hear that most people have been nice to you about your beliefs. I know, from personal experience, that some people have a lot of misconceptions about religions that aren’t their own & that they allow those biases to color their interactions w/people.

        It still sucks that some people have become “chilly” towards you just b/c what you believe isn’t what they believe. That sort of judgmental behavior really goes against Jesus Christ’s teachings (as far as I know, that is; I haven’t had the opportunity to read the New Testament yet… it’s on my “to do” list).

        I completely agree w/you about your take on Jesus! I think that he made – or is credited w/saying – a lot of really wise statements. Unfortunately, a lot of people pick around the inclusive statements he supposedly said & use his name to promote excluding people.

        Also, his Dad was totally a dick!! The whole New Testament talks about what a dick he was &, if you didn’t worship him properly, he’d open a hole in the ground to swallow you up!

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  6. Radical anythings truly suck. Radical Christians are among the loudest, most self-righteous, and most hypocritical. Back in the day, I remember reading post after post about how Pokemon (not to bring up that other post we were just talking about) were Satanic because they come from a godless warrior culture and Harry Potter was Satanic because… you know… magic.

    Next thing you know, Christians will be speaking out against anal sex and my right to slam my bare ass up against the sliding glass door for my neighbor’s benefit. Sheeh.

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