The Undefeated

Dear hateful ones,

You can’t stamp out love.  No matter how hard you try, it is just not possible.  It has been tried by madmen and terrible people for as long as humanity has existed, and yet is never successful.  We are never defeated.

You can drive us underground, you can kill us, you can torture us, you can burn us at the stake, but you simply can not win.  We are the undefeated.

No matter how many people you may get to bask in your negativity, you will never take us all.  No matter how many people you cause to just give up, there will always be more fighting against you.  No matter how dark you try to make our world, we will still shine a light into it for those willing to see.

We are one with the Earth and the cosmos.  We are bigger than you, we preceded you, and we will be around long after you have gone.  You simply do not stand a chance against our power.

We are the peaceful, yet we are more effective than any weapon of war you could possibly imagine.  We do not want this fight, yet you foolishly bring it to us.

The most effective warriors are the ones who can win without fighting.  It is what we do, it is what we have done, and it is what we will continue to do.

The only thing you are accomplishing is leaving a more fucked up world for your kids.

I’m done talking to you.  It is obvious you don’t know history, do not understand that hate has never won, and aren’t going to understand anything I say.


Dear undefeated,

Seems like the world is a pretty awful place today, doesn’t it?  The hateful ones are in control of the traditional narrative.  Even in the non-traditional narrative, you have the paranoid conspiracy theorists telling you how everyone is evil and out to get you.  And look, there are people without the best intentions, and some hold power, that is obviously true.

But for every single one of them, there are thousands of us.


Just take a walk in your city or town.  Find other people of all walks of life not killing each other.  Some might even smile, or say hello.  For every piece of crap white supremacist you see, there are thousands of white people who happily interact with people of color on a daily basis.  For every white person who doesn’t understand the systemaitc oppression that has been going on, there are more of us who do and work to in an attempt to change it.  For every homophobic waste of flesh out there, there are many allies.  Do not let polls fool you, they are taken by people looking to create a narrative, not those looking to reflect what is actually going on.

Likely voters don’t include the millions upon millions who have been disenfranchised.  They don’t include the ones who have given up on politics and feel like they have no voice.  In fact, they mostly include people who answer their landlines and choose to participate in a poll.  That right there says something about the sample they take.

And yet still love is winning in those polls.  Not by the huge margins it does in real life, but it does.

Most people don’t want war.  They don’t want racism.  They don’t want bigotry.  They don’t want hate.  They don’t want to destroy the planet even as scared as they are about putting food on the table with any economic changes.  They want love.

The hateful people dominate the comments sections.  So much so that we leave knowing our opinions are futile.  It is a wide-spread joke.  Which means they only are such a major voice, because we leave.  They are not representative of us.  Let them have their echo chamber.  But don’t think they are winning.

Don’t think we can’t turn this around.  Don’t give up, rise up.  The system is messed up?  Cool, let’s change it.  Let’s do so without making things a lot harder for us first, but let’s change it.  These people are nothing.  No amount of hate they throw will ever beat us.  Let’s quit being afraid, quit believing the things they do to keep us from realizing who we really need to fight against, and let’s rise up to beat them.  We can come together on the basic issues of love, and trust, and equality.

Then we can debate the specifics in order to figure out a path forward together.

We need to rise against the horrors we are deliberately fed.  We need to stop consuming the hate and greed they shovel down our throats in order to keep us down.  We need to rise up and show these motherfuckers what happens when they take on the billions of loving and caring people who have always been, and will always be.

Who’s with me?

Let’s take back the narrative.  Let’s flood this planet with so much love that the media cannot drown it out with images of hate and violence.  Let’s be the love that the world needs right now.  Let’s show these hateful assholes who they are dealing with.  Let’s be love.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

29 thoughts on “The Undefeated”

  1. Great post, Josh. About 6 months ago I was smart enough to keep out of news comment sections. It’s pointless to waste energy typing to argue. You never get anywhere with them. I believe about half of them are lonely trolls, anyway, just trying to feel like they have some power in their lives.

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    1. I think so. I still every once in a while check out news in an attempt to stay informed, but I no longer trust any source. I view it all against what I observe and know is inside of most of the people I know.

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  2. Once upon a time…I was a news junkie, now I cannot bear it anymore. I blame our news here for a lot of things lately. There is so much beauty in this world, there is so much good, I am tired of hearing about the bad all the time.

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  3. New follower here, & I have to admit that this post was a driving force behind clicking that lil button to read more of your work. Incredibly powerful post. I look forward to hearing more from that brain of yours!

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  4. My spirits are lifted after reading this post. These Wahhabis, ISIS and the whole evil Saudi empire has made the world look so ugly. We need such positive thinking. You got a heart of gold. The black Americans also need hope. Keep shining!

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  5. I agree with this, the hateful voices are often louder then the ones speaking love, but there are more voices of love. I look to the South (America) and I see so much hate, but I know that is not the reality, I know that there is much more love. Great message, there needs to be a lot more love spreading out there.

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