If You Try Sometimes

Hello Bernie or Buster(s)!

Did you really think primaries were democratic?

Of course the system is rigged.  Didn’t you already know that?  Bernie Sanders did.  He’d been talking about it for months.  So where were your protests while the voting was still going on?  Because guess what?

It’s too late now.  You have two choices.  Only two.  Jill Stein will not win.  Look at the polls.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the choices.  Bernie Sanders conceded.  He did.  Look it up.  There is nothing to be done now, except make you look all delusional.

I wanted the Democrats to choose Bernie Sanders.  I talked and talked about how much better I thought Bernie Sanders would be as President, and about how much more I like his consistent positions on the issues and his idealism.  I really, really wanted them to choose him.  I tried to get people to.  I talked about how the party was using the media, and the debate schedules to tip the scales for Clinton.

And yet, they were still able to tip the scales.  We didn’t need these fucking emails to tell us that the party elite wanted Clinton.  We needed the people to hear that and reject it.


This email leak is not news.  Parties select their nominees.  In a way, they have a right to.  It is their money, and their reputation on the line.  They work for the nominee, using the machinery they built.  We’re lucky we even get primaries.  The party sets rules for primaries, not the government.  The party wanted a tightly controlled poll.  A beauty contest.

Would Sanders have won in a regular election, without party interference, with open primaries?


But that’s not what this was.  And here is the part you may be missing…


His hope, was that his message would resonate in such a way, that the people would reject the party preemptively choosing Clinton and give her such a defeat in the polls, that the party couldn’t ignore it.  His other hope, was that failing that, he would show the progressive wing of the party is a genuine force within the party, and must be considered.  He succeeded in the second goal unlike anyone ever has.

Throwing a fit at the convention after he already conceded does nobody any good.  Refusing to vote for Clinton does nobody any good.

The party’s primary didn’t take your democracy, party politics are not democratic, and never have been.  Ever.  And it is their party.  They don’t have to be.

So you can be butthurt about that all you want, but here is what happens if you do not vote for Clinton.

  • Trump is elected.  Jill Stein isn’t even on the ballot in all 50 states.  She has no organization and is not capable of getting the votes to change a thing.  85% of Sanders supporters intend to vote for Clinton.  Which leaves just 15% who will go to Stein or the libertarian.  Not 15% of voters.  15% of Sanders supporters.  Of which only 40% of the Democratic primary voters are.  Which is roughly 50% of the primary voters in all parties.  Meaning, in the general, you will have up to 15% of 40% of 50% for Stein.  You are throwing your vote away, or just using it for some notion of vengeance against Clinton.  But what will that vengeance get you?
  • You betray your LGBTQ friends.  Trump will appoint justices who will try to overturn the ruling on marriage equality, and allow discrimination using religion as an excuse.  Only Christianity, of course.
  • You make Mike Pence Vice President.  A champion of straight white male privilege.  Congratulations.
  • You betray the women you know.  Because when a party and their nominees specifically state they want to control women’s bodies, and you allow those people to run your government, you are responsible.
  • You kick millions of people off of healthcare.  The ADA is far from perfect.  But it is light-years better than what we had before.  We can tweak it some, but scrapping it altogether is the stated goal of the Republicans.
  • You create more terrorism.  We’re talking about a President who advocates torture.  This isn’t a fucking episode of 24, and Trump is not Jack Bauer.  It just is not effective and makes us even more hated.  I don’t even like Hillary Clinton’s interventionism, but if you think the Republicans wont be a lot more trigger happy, you obviously don’t pay attention.
  • You create more income inequality.  Trickle down doesn’t work.  There is a reason Bernie Sanders was so quick to capitulate and try to work with the Democrats.  They don’t have anything on him.  He’s clean.  He’s just terrified of a Trump presidency, as well he should be.  Do you think he doesn’t how disastrous it would be to elect Trump?
  • Etc…  Just look at the platform.  It is the opposite of the Democratic platform.  Will Clinton enact every piece of the platform?  No, obviously.  But with Clinton, we get incremental steps forward instead of a radical regression backward along with the loss of the progress for DECADES thanks to the Supreme Court.

Do you want to sacrifice MILLIONS of people because the party didn’t play fair?  Because you didn’t get everything you want?

Is that where you’re at, you spoiled, rotten children?

Debbie wouldn’t let me have the Ferrari and stuck with me a TESLA!  Whaaaaaah!   If I can’t have my Ferrari I hate this TESLA!!!!   I’ll just lie here and die instead.”

That is what you are doing.

This election is too important to hand it over to a madman because someone hurt your little feelings.  People’s lives are on the line, this isn’t a fucking episode of My Super Sweet 16.  

Progressives are gaining a foothold in government again.  There are many progressive candidates running for other offices in November.  If you hand the Presidency to Trump, they will have no ability to push their agenda whatsoever.

So take off your trilby that you mistakenly call a fedora, put down your signs, and work to ensure that Trump does not end the revolution Sanders helped create.

When Trump comes for the Immigrants, it will be on you.  When Pence allows homosexuals to be slaughtered, it will be on you.  When an ineffective and symbolically wrong wall is built and Mexico won’t pay for it, taking money away from things that actually matter as people starve and die of exposure, it will be on you.  When violence between races in encouraged by our government, it will be on you.  When violence is acceptable as the way to deal with political opposition, it will be on you.  How well do you think you will do with your progressive values in a fascist regime?

But I guess you should have gotten your way, huh?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

52 thoughts on “If You Try Sometimes”

  1. Very thoughtful post, as usual. I remember the year 2000. Over 97,000 people in Florida voted for Nader. Bush “won” (but not after the total recount) by fewer than 600 votes. Many of those Nader supporters probably would have voted for Gore if Nader had not been in the race. Others would have stayed home. Who knows?
    But imagine a Gore victory. Would 9/11 have happened? Would the US have attacked Iraq? Would ISIS have arisen out of the wreckage of Iraq? Would Gore have put a check on the banking industry? Would he have invested in schools, science and infrastructure instead of tax breaks for the wealthy? Pushed for gay rights? Certainly he would have attacked climate change. We will never know.
    If progressives and liberals are serious about the elections they need to consider carefully their vote. A protest vote is a personal decision. But it may have long lasting consequences.
    If only 1,000 Nader voters in Florida had swallowed their pride and ideology and voted for Gore what a different world we might be living in today.

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  2. Excellent tune.
    I have admired and respected Mrs. Clinton since the late 80’s, so for me this is no big deal. I thought Bernie was a better choice and voted for him in the primary. I find him more likable, and far more progressive. I am a raging socialist, after all. I think his speeches nudged her to the left a bit. But I am not sad, and I’m certainly not going to throw a fit about it.
    My friend Sherry has been going on rants about “Bernie Bots” for months now, and it’s only now I see what the hell she was on about.
    This voting out of vengeance thing, it’s like revenge sex. It will surely taste of regret.
    I maintain my ‘vote blue no matter who’ position.

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  3. Admittedly I’ve been a Hillary supporter all along, but I’m pretty good at seeing things objectively. I understand the frustration, but people must see Trump for what he is and help stop him with everything he’s got. I have a 19 year old daughter and I fear the world she will have if Trump selects Supreme Court Justices. The repercussions will last decades. Thank you for your post.

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      1. Emigration doesn’t help. The US is so powerful and its influence so pervasive that there is no where safe. In the UK we transgender folk are already notice that cis people are more aware of when we use the bathroom appropriate to our gender rather than our natal sex. We’ve only one planet, there is no where to emigrate to.

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      2. I’m sorry our stupid rednecks are causing problems for you in the UK. Of course, you can’t blame us. Your Tories are pretty fucking ridiculous on their own.


  4. I hope will this comment makes sense.

    I’m old. Very old. How old am I?

    I’m old enough to remember when delegate roll call votes were standard procedures at political conventions; I remember when booing and hissing was part of the fun.

    What’s happening in Philly is nothing less than an actual political convention in which the winning candidate absorbs as much of her opponents platform as she can.

    Hillary Clinton is obligated by the sheer numbers and activism of Sander’s supporters to represent their interests.

    This is the most progressive political platform I’ve seen in over thirty years.

    What I’m watching in Philly is also the result of the 2012 Occupy Movement.

    People in their 20’s probably don’t fully understand that in the 90’s the GOP set the terms of this nation’s political discourse.

    Liberalism was and is still is demonized.

    In 1992 Bernie Sanders would have gone no where.

    Bill Clinton had to run as a centrist.

    If you want to know what a health care plan under Hillary Clinton will look like take a look at the one she wrote in 1993. The ones that Republicans shredded with a scare mongering ad campaign.

    For over 30 years the top ranking ‘entertainer’ on talk radio was the right wing extremist Rush Limbaugh.

    It worsened after 9/11 to such a degree that a war hero was beat by a guy who went AWOL and lied the nation into war.

    People knew as early as 2004 that the Invasion of Iraq was based on lies. But no one was allowed to say it
    and we still can’t discuss the human toll of this deception.

    The political party that claims to hate the ‘politically correct’ has held the nations political discourse hostage to politically correct dogma for decades.

    If you watched the RNC Convention in Cleveland at all then you heard it in full throat.

    “Father God, in the name of Jesus, Lord we’re so thankful for the life of Donald Trump. We’re thankful that you are guiding him, the you are giving him the words to unite this party, this country, that we together can defeat the liberal Democratic Party, to keep us divided and not united. Because we are the United States of America, and we are the conservative party under God.”

    The Conservative Party of the United States under God?

    Am I the only one who hears an echo of ‘The Confederate States’ in that comment.

    It’s a bit of a miracle that just as our democracy is in the most danger the combined efforts of the Millennial Generation and an old Baby Boomer who didn’t lose his passion for justice rose up to give Democrats permission to go left.

    In doing that the millennials and Sanders may have saved our Democracy.

    I urge everyone who thinks he or she hates Hillary Clinton to remember that she has been the target of a decades long organized smear campaign.

    Clinton is a smart woman who belonged to what was the best educated and most idealistic and activist generation of young Americans ever born. The Millennials are now that generation.

    I believe that Hillary Clinton shares the vision that Sanders has but as President she is obligated to represent all of the people and that includes conservatives.

    Hillary Clinton is flawed but we are not electing the messiah.

    We are interviewing potential employees for the job of President of the United States.

    Part of the job description reads to ‘protect and defend the Constitution of the United States’.

    I think that Clinton is qualified for the job but it’s our job to let her know what we want and that is why we must also give her a congress full 0f progressive democrats.

    We must give her a clear mandate.

    She must win by a landslide.

    We are not helpless pawns of our government unless we believe we are.

    Consider who Clinton will have on her team: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

    I don’t think Sanders and Warren will let her go back on her campaign promises.

    If you’ve not heard the speeches at the convention then listen to the one that Michelle Obama gave. She clearly means what she says.

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      1. I get the feeling Michelle doesn’t like politics enough to want to do it. I think Hillary should make Barack a SCOTUS justice. That would be awesome.


  5. sorry but I respectfully disagree. Hillary nor Trump earned my vote. Therefore, neither one will get it. That doesn’t mean I’m supporting Trump. I lived with these people as NYC neighbors for years and know them both pretty inside and out and their policies & I don’t like either one. Hillary was my US Senator & I couldn’t even get a meeting with her aide until another Congressional office staffer called her office & bitched out a staffer in their office. This was after I for years followed contact protocols to arrange meetings. No other US Rep or Senator from NY blocked me from meeting with them. This was a bipartisan effort to raise money for medical research & try to also get more money for the NIH programs and research.
    I vote my conscience in every election, period. That’s not throwing a tantrum. I say anyone who does their homework & has solid reasoning for their choice no matter who it is for, has a right to it. I don’t necessarily think a change or wanting more is a bad thing or even necessarily unattainable. I still respect what you say and your right to say though. Just don’t agree.


  6. btw – I’m not a Bernie or Buster. I just believe that given a decent chance a 3rd party could get off the ground and my dislikes about Hillary are directly related to her stances on certain policies in addition to being an unhappy former constituent. I just don’t appreciate being villainized for not voting across party lines, any (major) party.

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    1. This isn’t about party. It’s about country. It’s why Michael Blomberg spoke at the convention even though he was considering a third party bid and used to be Republican. I don’t care what party you vote for. I care that you’re not doing everything you can to stop our country from electing a treasonous fascist.

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      1. Voting third party is not tacit support for trump again I agree to disagree. I’ve done years of public service and government relations in person with many members of Congress before voting in elections was “fashionable”. This also isn’t about Bernie. A vote for my conscience isn’t a vote for a fascist. I won’t be scapegoated for doing what I’ve always done and what’s truly at the heart of the democratic process. Again agree to disagree. I’m not the villain – Donald Trump is.

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      2. It is when the third party has no statistical shot to win, no organization, and doesn’t even appear on the ballot in all 50 states.
        And it isn’t just that. It is knowing that you’re even if you’re not supporting Trump, you’re not doing the only possible thing to STOP Trump. That is where we disagree.
        If we are agreeing to disagree, it would be good to keep in mind that this is my forum, and my opinions. If you keep arguing with me about them, it is not agreeing to disagree. It is still trying to convince me. And on my forum, I will keep defending my opinions. So it isn’t really going to be an agreement at all.
        So I will leave it here. I agree that your vote for Stein or Johnson or Mickey Mouse isn’t a vote for Trump. But I find it sad that not everyone is doing everything possible to vote AGAINST him.


      3. I’m sorry you feel I’m arguing. I was merely explaining why some of us feel the way we do and how tired we are of being raked over the coals. That was all. I merely feel my vote is also stopping trump. But I am not making an attempt to force you to agree with that. I’m just speaking from my own point of view same as you. P

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      4. It’s all good. We’re agreeing to disagree. And to be fair, when I go after the Bernie or Busters, I am not going after independents at home as much as I am shaming the people who disrupt the party’s convention because they didn’t get there way in a system everyone should have known is more democratic than it has ever been, but still isn’t democratic.

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  7. This was such an amazing post! And as an Australian, really great to hear the logic and rationality coming out of some people’s mouths! It’s a pretty scary time atm. I seriously hope Trump isn’t elected. Otherwise, hello WWIII.

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  8. As a New Yorker I saw Hillary Clinton inaction out here in western NY. I live in the “boondocks” and as I drive down the rural road I already see three houses with “Trump” signs on the lawns. This is rock solid GOP country. My representative takes his orders from ALEC (if you don’t know what that is ,look it up) and he is one of Trump’s campaign chairs. Last election he sent out mailers supporting Social Security, then, after he was elected, offered a bill to CUT aid for Social Security recipients on disability. He is the perfect Trump gofer. Can look you in the eye and lie with a smile.
    That said, when Hillary ran for re-election in the US Senate in 2006 she won almost every county in the state, including mine. She lost only 4 counties in the entire state. In 2000 she carried just the 15 urban counties out of 62. In 2006 she carried 58 counties, many of which had never voted GOP in years.
    Why? Because she worked for the entire state. Most NY senators hang out in NYC and Long island(like Chuck Schumer) until election time. Clinton traveled and listened and helped ALL areas of the state. She is a worker and gets things done. For all areas.
    I won’t bore you (further) with my latest thought on electing a woman president, but here is a link to my latest blog entry if you are interested.


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    1. Sadly, I know ALEC. I don’t hate Hillary. I hate the way she acted to people in the campaign. I hate ideas of turns. I hate some of the things she has done and said, but overall, I think she would make a fine President. Just wasn’t my first choice. Or even my second. But Trump makes her the only choice.

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      1. How? I see one in support of marriage equality, the other against. I see one in support of repealing Citizen’s Untied, not the other. I see one in support of criminal justice reform, despite what her husband’s crime bill caused, I see the other want to lock up or deport anyone brown. I see one who doesn’t want Christianity to be the rule of law. I see another one who believes in Republican Jesus. I see one who wants women to have control over their bodies. I see the other against that. Which civil rights will Hillary take away?

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      2. What frightens me about them Josh is not their politics. It’s what I feel. As an empath I look at her an feel nothing from her. She is cold. I don’t feel any real concern in her. No love, no caring. In Trump I feel his brokenness and fear. He is not emotionally stable. His fear will destroy America. She will too she is all pretense.

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      3. I can’t have a conversation about logic and politics in a world of “feel”. I do believe can tell some things, but I also believe that anyone trying to be President is probably putting off bad vibes. You have to be awfully arrogant and narcissistic to want that job. But on a policy basis, one is for taking away rights, the other is for keeping them and even advancing them, albeit much slower than I would prefer. As someone who believes in something other than the white Christian superiority narrative, it would be not only not be in my best interest to allow him near that office, but it would be something so harmful to others I have a duty to prevent it.

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    1. You realize that no candidate is perfect and you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of those running. Just as your spouse may sometimes drive you crazy, you know in your heart that he or she is the one for you. If all else fails, choose the candidate that is closer to your world view. And next time, work hard for someone you really want. But don’t sit on the sidelines . People have given blood , sweat and tears to give you the right to vote. Use it.

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      1. Of course neither option is perfect. As humans we aren’t, not yet. But she belongs in jail and he is mentally unstable. As an empath, I look at her and feel nothing. She is stone cold. He is broken. I feel so much emotional pain. Neither is fit for the office. Like everyone else, I will do what I feel is right.


      2. element..I have to respond to your logic. You claim to be an “empath” who has super sensitivity. OK. How many times have you met and talked with Hillary Clinton? How many hours have you been exposed to her aura and she to yours? Were those times when you were particularly sensitive ? Or do you claim to be able to judge a person’s “warmth” based on watching a person on TV?Or reading about them? You can tell if a person “loves” someone? You claim to know what is in her heart? No offense meant, but in my opinion, anyone claiming to know the inner self of another person is fooling themselves.
        You say that Clinton belongs in jail? The GOP line. Why? Be explicit. What CRIMES has she committed? With thousands of prosecutors and political enemies who do not like her is there not even ONE who has come up with a criminal charge? Or, in your worldview, is every mistake or wrong decision a crime? If so, lock all of us up.
        I suggest that you may be influenced, not by your empath powers, but by the GOP hate machine . The one that has spent years saying exactly what you are saying. You may want to read this little entry about Clinton and the GOP. Where there is smoke, there is fire…or is there?



      3. To quote Hillary, at this point I think it is best if we all tone it down. I appreciate debate but this discussion seems to be devolving.
        I also take issue with telling someone that no offense is meant before saying something patently offensive to her beliefs, regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees.
        I personally think that in this case she is wrong, but I can not tell someone what they feel inside abut a person. And with Hillary Clinton, or any politician, she probably does fees a certain a coldness. You don’t have to believe as she does to feel that. Where I would disagree with her is that she apparently doesn’t feel the horrible things that will befall millions of people if Trump is elected, or see what his rise has already put people through.
        At any rate, I think it is best if we all move on at this point, and make our cases on our own respective forums.


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