What Do You Care?

Hello dear reader(s)!

Before I get started, I just want to ask a couple of simple questions.  What the fuck is your problem?  And why do you care?

I am sure it is not all of you.  I am absolutely certain of it.  But way, way too many of us think it is acceptable to criticize people for doing things that have absolutely no effect on them whatsoever.  It is ridiculous.  What is worse, is that way, way too many think it is acceptable to not call people out on that bullshit.

Why are we so mean?  How bad do we feel about our lives that we need to make fun of people for the way they choose to enjoy themselves?



But you posting memes on Facebook, that’s important shit to do, right?  Do you realize how fucking idiotic you come off?  If it’s a joke, it isn’t funny, it is just being a dick about something you don’t understand.

I don’t even play this game, but it seems like people are having a lot of fun with it.  And I love that.

You’re going to die!

That wasn’t a threat.  We are all going to die.

So what?  We are not allowed to have fun since we’re grown ups?  We have to spend the majority of our lives going to work and coming home on congested roads to take care of our kids before getting on Facebook and bitching at all the people actually enjoying themselves around us?

I think not.

We are a bunch of judgmental pricks in this society.  Especially when it might come to how people choose to have a great time.  Maybe it is the left over puritan influence.  I wonder if we even know we’re doing it.  The way people have fun creates a such a visceral response in us.  It makes no sense.

I am almost 40.  Middle-aged.  The other day I went and bought two black t-shirts of a couple of my favorite bands.  I have a tattoo on my inner forearm.  I shave my head.  I am going to be that person, and probably already am to many, that people see and wonder why I never grew up and am trying to act like I’m still young.

How about because I fucking want to?

What do you care?

None of your goddamn business.

If a woman doesn’t want to wear a bra, it’s none of your business.

If a guy wants to drink a fucking delicious lemon drop, it’s none of your business.

If a woman has a septum piercing, it is none of your business.

If a guy cries sometimes, it is none of your business.

If a woman wants to drive a tuned Subaru WRX, that is none of your business.

If a guy listens to Adele, it’s none of your business.

If a woman listens to NOFX, it’s none of your fucking business.

If a girl or a guy loves another girl, or a girl and a guy, or any combination of the above up to any number that girl or guy pleases provided everyone is aware and is a consenting adult, that is none of your fucking business.

Why the fuck is everyone more outraged about people marrying each other, adults playing Pokemon, kids learning math differently, people having tattoos, people liking music, people loving, people having fun…than we are about police brutality, mass shootings, war, poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, and hate?

It is our judgmental nature that is tearing our society apart.

Sometimes it is because someone has fun differently than you do, like in the Pokemon or in who one sleeps with.  Sometimes it is because someone looks differently than one would prefer someone to look, like people with tattoos or racism.  (No, it is doesn’t make it okay because people choose to get tattoos, it is still none of your fucking concern.)  Sometimes it is because people choose to love differently like when people bitch about young couple PDA’s or when a terrorist homophobe shoots up a gay nightclub.

Meanwhile we aren’t judging the people for hurting people.  We aren’t judging the people who defend those who do.  We aren’t judging the people enough for being so pathetic that they have nothing better to do than to criticize and hate every single thing someone else cares about.

And don’t give me this freedom of speech bullshit.  Or that it is all just comedy.  Excuse me, I don’t remember buying a ticket to your stand-up.  What’s that?  You don’t have a stand-up show?  Maybe it’s because your jokes aren’t funny, you just come off like a judgmental asshole.  Maybe that’s why you don’t have a show on Comedy Central.  Maybe you aren’t a fucking comedian because you don’t get that it takes skill to make fun of something while not coming off like an attacking asshole, and reposting a bunch of memes or shitty judgmental comments isn’t exactly comedic skill.  And since comedy is subjective, if you think posting something shitty and judgmental is funny, maybe mention that you are only joking when you post it, so people like me just think you have a shitty a sense of humor as opposed to thinking that you think you are superior to other people.

If it isn’t actually hurting you (not your way too delicate sensibilities), then keep your shitty opinions about it to yourself.

Life is short, if it harm none, do as you will.

What do you care?









Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

25 thoughts on “What Do You Care?”

  1. Just wanted to toss this one out…if a woman drives a tuned Subaru WRX, I am immediately interested and attracted! Why?! Cause that is fucking awesome!

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  2. I don’t know. I’m sure all of the support from previous posters is nice, but I don’t think I can agree with you wholeheartedly. I mean, I do think that being judgmental is shitty… but it’s also pretty funny. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’d openly admit that their cool with judging people due to sexual orientation, religious preference, or skin color (not cool); however, making fun of adults for playing Pokemon is totally on-limits (IMO). I mean, have you ever watched that show? In addition to being totally baffling, it was definitely made for a different generation.

    That said, I’m a grown-ass man who cries at movies (and sometimes commercials… fuck you very much, relatively-new child of mine), plays SNES RPGs and ridiculously stupid cell phone games, reads serialized sci-fi, and gets off on grammatical knowledge… and I FULLY BELIEVE I SHOULD BE MADE FUN OF. I’m not saying you don’t have a point; I am saying that you should have a sense of humor about playing Pokemon, because that shit be ridiculous.

    And if that pissed you off, sorry, just engaging in some quality discourse and exercising my right to free speech. On another note, I’d love feedback from you. This is the only post I’ve read from you, but I’m assuming you appreciate humor (a mode I attempt to write in all of the time). If you love it or hate it, I’d love a comment regarding some genuine feedback from a writer as prolific as yourself. Thanks for your time and keep on bloggin’ on.

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    1. Making fun is one thing. I myself think Pokemon is kind of lame for me. The game-play itself is cool, however. It isn’t the making fun of Pokemon I take issue with, it is the implication that adults shouldn’t be playing a game they enjoy. You can think Pikachu is the dumbest thing on the planet, but then make fun of that, not the fact that adults are supposed to play games. It is the hypocrisy of bitching about it on Facebook while pretending you are too much of a grown-up to play it that I do not like. Humor is great, but there is nothing funny about superiority complexes and hypocrisy. So no, your comment doesn’t piss me off, but I still disagree based on what I said. Also, your “free speech” mention doesn’t really belong here. This is my page, not the government’s, and not yours. While I am happy to have discourse, don’t do it under the guise of free speech in my house. I don’t mind this comment because it is in no way offensive to me, but my house is not a free speech zone, and this page is my house. I censor all the time.
      Now, as far as feedback is concerned, I will post it on one of your posts because comments about your work are always cooler (IMO) on that work. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


      1. Hey Josh,

        Thanks for your fast and most excellent response! As for the free speech comment, I was just being a smartass (because you’d mentioned it in your post). I don’t like to wave the ammendments around to support my general jack-assery. The real reason I came back here was to mention something I left out, which is that smart ass memes (be they hypocritical or otherwise) drive me up the fucking wall. It takes almost zero effort, is absolutely sarcastic, and is more or less uncreative. Most of the time, these posters get likes or kudos or props or whatever because so many other fucking idiots love smart ass memes as a response, rather than genuine interaction. The internet allows for too much anonymity, which is another thing tearing folks apart. No one would say half of the shit they do in the web if they were with someone face to face.
        Also, I fully agree that you should be able to do whatever makes you happy, and without ridicule from the public, so long as you aren’t hurting anyone else. Hurt yourself all you want! It’s one of my favorite pasttimes.

        I appreciate your time, Josh. Keep ’em comnig.

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      2. Thank you kindly, and I figured but I kind of forgot I mentioned that in the post. Sorry that went over my head. Too damn tired this morning I guess, which is now afternoon. Oops.


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