Hello dear reader(s)!

Too many times in this society we as members of society (or “Societians” if you will, or even if you won’t because this is my blog-type-thing and if I want to call members of society Societians I will and there is not a god damn thing you can do about it, thank you very much), are unwilling or unable to have conversations about the things that truly matter to us all.  Whether it be about something as important as where you put my god damn socks or something as minor by comparison as race relations, we seem to shy away from the important topics of discussion.  Oh, wait, reverse those examples.  Thank you.

Then there are times where we decide that all of our conversations must be turned into debates.  Like, just the other day I was in a very critical discussion about whether or not grey salt on dark chocolate caramels was the best thing on the planet or whether it was smoked salt on milk chocolate and the person I was attempting to converse with was obviously a moron who thought smoked salt on milk chocolate was better and felt they needed to debate their stupid opinion with me about it.  Oh yeah, they also told me all liberals should be hanged.  When all of this could have been avoided by me stating that for me, I like the grey salt on dark chocolate better and then keeping my feelings about their idiotic choice of smoked salt on milk chocolate to myself and trying to avoid rolling my eyes at their idiotic opinion.  Oh, and them saying that we could agree to disagree on politics, instead of thinking I was a treasonous traitor because I don’t hate any group of people.  So I guess there was that too, but obviously the chocolate difference is far more important.

Because if we can’t agree on chocolate, what can we agree on?

This is why I propose we have an international day of peace and chocolate.  We can stay in bed all day and eat chocolate all day and not shoot anybody.  Won’t that be nice?  A day where we can heal and remember that there is more to life than all of the disagreements and strife.  We can lay in bed all day, all of us, (although not all in the same bed, because that would have to be a huge bed), and eat chocolate.  And since we’re in bed, we can have sex while doing it.  So a day of peace and chocolate and sex.  It’s really hard to shoot someone or be a hateful prick when you’re getting laid with a face full of chocolate.

But before we can get to that International Day Of Peace, Chocolate, and Sex, we need to have the conversation.

So…um….do you want to come over for some…um…chocolate?

The conversations need to be had!!!!


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

8 thoughts on “Conversations”

  1. Call me a purist, but why would anyone have salt on their chocolate?! Oh well, i guess we’ll agree to disagree.
    As for International Day Of Peace, Chocolate, and Sex… I believe John Lennon’s been there done that. 😉

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  2. I like a nice sea salt (perhaps mostly pink Himalayan) on my dark chocolates, but I’m pretty receptive to all chocolates. In moderation. I’ve never been a chocoholic, but I believe there’s room in the world for them. I am completely open to sexing my husband and shoving chocolate in his face — but then, maybe that’s why I’m into peace anyway.
    “Love, gimme peace, peace, love and a hard cock.” — Tori Amos

    (I can say that here, right?)

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    1. I am also not a chocoholic, but when I want it I want it. Phases, I guess. Have fun with your husband and his rooster. 🐓

      Yes, you can say that here until you go into super graphic detail because I’m not that type of site and if I was I’d have to include a paywall.

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  3. I’d come over for some conversation, and maybe (if invited) indulge in a bite or two of chocolate. I’m happy to give a listen to whatever you want to converse about, but probably will refrain from getting into a heated debate. True conversation doesn’t require coming to blows. I could probably keep my body language in check too; meaning not letting your see that I’m not totally in agreement with everything you might have to say on any given subject. Personally, I’m happy to go along with you especially if I sense you are not trying to goad me, but truly believe what you are saying. If you believe, then cool beans! I can easily stick to my own beliefs, have chocolate (salt or no), and have a dandy time simply connecting.

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