He was exhausted.  When his head hit the pillow, he knew it would be only a few minutes before he was off to sleep.  He hoped that he would dream the same dream he’d been dreaming since he saw her again, just the week before.

He was coming out of the bookstore when he decided he really wanted an iced coffee.  He never really wanted iced coffee after he already had his morning coffee, but something made him crave it badly.  He walked across the plaza to the chain latte shop and stood in line behind a woman with dark hair, and a really nice butt.  He had to tell himself that staring was rude, so he did his best to focus on the menu board even though he knew exactly what he wanted.

The barista called her to the counter.  As she walked, she turned her head slightly and saw the man standing in line behind her.  It was her first love.

“Jordan?” she asked knowing exactly who she was looking at.

He looked down from the menu board to see the face of the girl with the nice butt.  He was stunned when he saw the eyes of the girl he wanted for so many years.

“Lilith?!?” he asked in utter shock.  “What are you doing in town?  Last I heard you were in California!”

“Well, I am back.  I don’t really like to talk about California,” she began.

She was interrupted by the barista asking in an annoyed tone what she could make for her.

“Iced venti quad no whip coconut milk white mocha, please,” she told the barista.

“Make that two!” he smiled as he stepped forward.  “I got this,” he told Lilith as he looked at her and pulled out his wallet.

“Thank you!” she said, sweetly.  “Do you have time to drink this with me and catch up?”

“Sure do!”

They found a table outside on the patio and watched the shoppers stroll by.  They talked with each other and went over the major events of their lives since last they saw each other.  They talked about seeing each other at school, and both thinking the other didn’t want to talk to them.  They talked about their failed marriages, the jobs they had done, the scars they carried, the way they viewed the world, and about how good it was to see each other.

They talked about everything they could.  Both talking and laughing well after the coffees had been finished, but they didn’t realize it.  Until the sunset came five hours later and the coffee shop was closing.

“I don’t want to leave you,” she said as she noticed the brilliantly pink and purple sky.

She grabbed his hand and led him to her car.

“I can bring you back to yours later,” she told him before kissing him and all but pushing him into the passenger seat of her car that he was more than happy to be pushed into.

They drove to her little apartment and she pulled him inside.  As soon as the door closed behind them, she jumped him and they made passionate love right there on the floor.  They then went to her bedroom and made love again before falling asleep in each others arms.

They awoke with the sun the next morning.  He told her he had an appointment later in the day, and she drove him back to his car.  They kissed goodbye when he suddenly pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, concerned.

“I don’t even have your phone number!” he laughed.

She put her number into his phone and told him to call her when he was done with her appointment.

Since that day, one week ago, every single dream he had was of her.  Both of them, meeting each other after many years, and having a night much like that night one week prior.  Unable and unwilling to fight that strange, intense, and powerful connection that caused them to fall right into each others arms.  His dreams were strange, though.  They took place in the past.

Tonight’s dreams were no exception.  The intense purple and pink sunset from the evening a week ago was there, she was there, he was there, but pretty much everything else was different.  There were horse-drawn carriages, and cobblestone streets.  The roadways were narrow, and lit by gas lanterns.  She worse a beautiful purple and black dress that belled outward, making her absolutely stunning wearing this old dress that he knew was something she could still get away with today.

The dream was similar to the day they shared a week earlier.  There was no coffee shop, but it basically involved them meeting after many years apart, being inexplicably drawn to each other, losing track of time, and making passionate love before falling asleep in each others arms.

He awoke the following morning, and lifted his arm from around her.  The movement caused her to wake up and roll over to face him.

“Good morning, love!” she smiled as blinked her eyes a few times to focus to the light.

“You’ll never believe the dreams I’ve been having!” he told her, excitedly.

“The ones where we meet and it’s all throughout history and we’re totally and crazily drawn to each other?” she asked before continuing, “They’re not dreams, they’re memories.  We’ve always found each other.  Duh!  Now let’s go get breakfast.”



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

4 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. Hi there: Just happened to stumble upon your little story. Nice, easy read. Drew me right in and didn’t let me go. Going to read another of yours next. That’s all – nothing profound. Just a fellow writer popping in to say ‘Hi.’ … Peter

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