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So I was going to save any kind of political posts or rants for the Coalition of the Brave site, but I have decided this particular post would be better off over here.  That site is about higher level discussion and I just don’t have that in me on this one.  This particular post is largely based on the fear and anger I feel at what is going on right now around the world and I don’t feel the kinds of parallels I am about to draw belong on anything that is a collaborative effort.  These are my insults and my feelings, and it would not be fair to have anyone else associated with what I am about to say.

When we learned about the holocaust in elementary school, I remember being deeply disturbed not so much by the fact that there were people who were so evil they would want to exterminate an entire people, but by the fact that almost an entire nation went along.  I wondered how anybody could possibly not recognize the horrible hatred being spouted by the Nazis before it was too late to stop their rise.  I wondered how most of a country could be complicit in the systematic deaths of ten million innocent people, including six million Jews.

And the footage from the Trump rallies began to answer my question.  But then I thought those were just isolated incidents, and surely it was just a fringe opinion.  And then the UK voted to leave the EU.

Now, I understand not everybody who voted to leave the EU voted that way because of nationalism, racism, and anti-immigration sentiment.  I understand that there are legitimate concerns associated with the organization of the EU, the trade regulations, and the entire system of globalization and the questions of sovereignty that globalization brings.  I get that.

But I also know that a large portion of how it was sold to the public was using that racism, xenophobia, and anti-immigration rhetoric.

When the Nazis were coming to power, not everybody who helped them obtain power did so because they hated Jews.  Many probably voted for the Nazis after the 1932 re-election of Hindenburg as a protest vote, or because the Hindenburg government was deemed as weak and ineffective.  Many probably had legitimate concerns about the way government in Germany was being run and thought that anything had to be better than what they had.  Many probably felt betrayed and disenfranchised by an elite ruling class and were attracted to the Nazi’s promise to make Germany great again.

Does this sound familiar?

I am sick to death of the political class in the world today.  I am sick and tired of the corporate oligarchy that clouds any notion of democracy.  I am fed up with career politicians who change with the breeze and may not be the best representatives of the people.  However…

I have a duty to vote against anyone who will attempt to make scapegoats of entire races or religions in order to gain power.  I have a duty to not allow anyone who is purposely riling up the racist sentiments of people to get votes.  I have a duty to not allow anyone to stoke the irrational fears of a populace to further their own agenda.  I have a duty to not allow anyone who openly calls for violence against those who hold different opinions to ever reach powerful office.

And sorry, but I have a duty to call out anyone who does.

If you intend to vote for Donald Trump, you are complicit in racism.  No matter why you don’t like Hillary Clinton, no matter what good reasons you have to not want to vote for a Democrat, no matter how badly you want the system to be reformed…you are complicit in open racism and the rise and emboldening of hate in our country.

If you stay home instead of voting for his opponent who will actually be on the ballot in all 50 states against him, you are standing watching as the throngs of racists he has inspired are fighting the groups of whatever people he has attempted to scapegoat for your problems.  And if you are standing and watching, you are complicit in whatever crimes are committed against those people as a result.

History has shown that it is not a place you want to be.  When you allow a distaste for the political establishment to be used to install a power-hungry dictator, very bad things happen.  It already is starting.  Do you really want that on your hands?

This is how it starts.

We all know how it ends.

If you support a candidate, or a policy that is sold on hate, you aren’t just an idiot, you are complicit.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

25 thoughts on “Complicit”

  1. The Nazis never won a free election in Germany. That is something to consider. They came to power through intimidation and fear. While Trump is no Nazi he certainly uses a few of the techniques. Luckily for us he does not have the brains of a Goebels.

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    1. Hitler didn’t. But the Nazis won a majority in the Reichtag which led to von Hindenburg appointing Hitler Chancellor, allowing him to assume power after Hindenburg’s death.


      1. Sorry. I’ve been saying majority when I meant plurality. I often call it the wrong thing. The most is usually a majority to me with my two party indoctrination. You’re right. Never an actual majority. Although how many supported the Nazis once in power but before the stranglehold is something I would argue was a majority, though I suppose no hard data exists.


  2. This post made my arm hairs stand up, which should be nearly impossible seeing as I waxed them.
    So well written Josh and so fucking scary.
    My children are half Mexican. I think I would lose my shit if they experienced overt racism.
    Just goes to show how humans haven’t really evolved. Policies and laws have changed but hate holds on tight in people’s hearts.

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    1. I wonder about that. I think maybe we have, but it has been slow and with pendulum swings. So it is swinging back toward hate, but probably won’t go as far as it has before it swings back to love where it will move a little further, before swinging back to hate, but less and less each time.

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  3. This needed to be said and shared on a worldwide scale, and I’m glad you posted it here for all to see. I worry about the future of humankind and how we all claim to have evolved and improved, but in reality, nothing has changed at all.

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