Last Words

In the stark white of the hospital room, the old man lay dying.  He was still breathing, and still able to talk, but he knew it was just a matter of time.  His wife wept and grasped his hand as tightly as her one hundred and ninety year-old fingers could manage.  Time seemed to slow.

“It’s okay dad,” his son, a handsome young man, said through the tears.  “You have lived a full life.  One of the fullest of any man alive.  We will be okay.  You can end your pain.”

The old man smiled.  He struggled to speak, “Yes, yes I have.  I remember when I met your mother.  It was during the war.  We knew right then and there we would be together until this day.  I had to go back to the front lines, but we shared the greatest evening.  When I got the front, I could barely get her out of my head.  Made it hard to stay alive with all the laser fire directed at us, but I knew I had to see her again.”

“You fought bravely.  You earned the Medal of Honor,” his son encouraged.

“The war was hell, but then I found I your mother again.  She was living above a café in Sector 17.  We came back through after the liberation of the Chinese, and I saw her.  She never left my side.  She has been there through building our crystaline generator business, the business trips to Andromeda, the rescue of the dolphinoids…everything,” the old man smiled at his tearful wife.

“Yes.  And she was always waiting for you when you were the first man to reach the speed of light.  When you designed the government structure that ended all war on this planet.  When you protested for civil rights.  When you wrote the moral code that all living things try to adhere to.  You two have had quite the life together,” the son added.

“Yes.  Yes we have.  I was very blessed to have someone who would go on all these adventures with me,” responded the old man.  “Son, live your life.  If I can tell you anything, it is to live.  Do not be afraid of what people think of it if you aren’t hurting them. What they think is none of your concern.  Live your life and be happy.  Find your love, and live it.  Live with adventure.  Live with no regrets.  I’m getting tired, son.  Say goodbye to me and let me have a bit of alone time with your mother.  Say goodbye and leave here with no regrets.  Live with no regrets, do you understand?”

The son began sobbing.  “I love you, dad.  You are a great man.  Thank you for all you have done for me.  No regrets.”  He got up and walked out of the room into the loving arms of his new bride who was waiting by the door.

The old man looked at his wife when the door shut.  “Do you have any regrets?” he asked her.

“No dear, you have made every day an adventure.  Every day has been better than the day before.  I have lived a much better life because of you than I ever thought possible.  What about you?  Do you have any regrets?”

The old man took a deep breath.  He was really struggling now.  His voice broke as he answered, “We never had that threesome you promised me.”







Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

12 thoughts on “Last Words”

      1. You got me! Hey, how’d he get to live so long? You know you’ll have to make this serialized… to um, fill your readers in on how this future became the future and stuff…?

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