Sorry For You

Hello dear reader(s)!

It’s been six days since the Orlando shooting (not full days) and there has been no meaningful action.  I applaud the Senate Democrats for their filibuster to at least force a vote in order to close the terror gap in purchasing firearms, but since nobody in this country will hold the “no” voters accountable, I imagine it was a futile gesture.  I feel hopeless in speaking about all of the things that continue to be ignored.  Go watch your fucking reality show and take your Soma so you can forget about the fact innocent people are being killed by religious extremists of all religions with too easy access to weapons that only exist to kill people.  Make sure you order that Papa John’s pizza and affix those blinders to the things you could change if you actually fucking paid attention and showed some goddamn empathy for the fellow inhabitants of this Earth.

A year ago was the Charleston shooting, which too many people have moved on from.  I deleted two people off of my Facebook for their insistence that I was jumping to conclusions when I said it was racially motivated.  They insisted that my acknowledging it was helping to perpetuate the racism and more crimes like this.  That I was the one categorizing race, not the shooter.  Apparently telling the truth about a motive and wondering why we allow the sideways talk to continue and knowing that it ultimately leads to terrible violence and horrible acts helps cause these things.  According to them.  Then I took some shit from people for deleting them.

But look at where we are.

The Republican establishment has learned what has happened when you ignore the underlying currents of racism in your policies and rhetoric.  You get Trump.  The candidate who openly and loudly courts white supremacists and echoes their rhetoric.  They had their chance to stop him before he ever got in the race, and they failed  By accepting hate in whispers and buried in ALEC bills, they allowed and encouraged it in shouts and violence.

If you ignore it, you accept it.  If you accept it, you encourage it.  If you encourage it, you participate in it.

So even though I am sick to death of talking about the horrible shit that goes on in this society, and feel like I am tilting at windmills, I will not stop.  As much as my desire for self-care makes me want to just grab my loved ones and go live out in the middle of nowhere while this fucked up society burns around us, I can not do that.  As much as I think it is bullshit that the Democrats and the media made it impossible for Bernie Sanders to win the nomination before the first state even cast their primary ballots, I have to work for the person running against Donald Trump with the best chance to win.  He has to get absolutely crushed in the election so everybody learns never to play into hate in order to gain power again.

Your stupid fucking AR-15’s will not protect you from the government if they really wanted to come after you.  You’d be dead.  Ask the idiot who got killed with the Bundy crew.  The gun nuts believe that law enforcement and the military would side with them in a war against the government.  How did that work for that idiot?  The moron Nevada assembly woman who supported them just got destroyed in her congressional bid.  Lady, next time you’re masturbating with the barrel of your assault rifle, do the world a favor and pull the trigger.  There will be no race war.  Just a bunch of dumbass fucks in Cabella’s gear getting killed or arrested by the ATF and FBI.

The government does not want to come after you.  They don’t.  They’d win if they did, or do you have the most sophisticated air force in the world?  Have there been conspiracies?   Of course.  Ask the Tuskegee experiment family members.  Might there be again, or even now?  Possibly.  But apply some fucking reason.  They don’t care about you.  They have other shit to worry about.  Vaccines are not to poison you, chemtrails are contrails, it is mass hysteria and increased stress levels that is making everyone without Celiac disease or an allergy think they are suddenly gluten intolerant, and Obama is not a Muslim.  (And it wouldn’t matter even if he was, unless he was a fundamentalist.)  There is no cure for cancer.  There are effective cures for some cancers, and if they were being blocked we wouldn’t even have those.  Do lobbies try to block things that hurt their business?  Of course, look at marijuana.  Is it a secret conspiracy?  No, that shit is out in the open.  Next time don’t vote for someone who cares more about lobbiests than the people they represent.  If you don’t want to eat GMO’s, don’t eat them because anything bred (whether genetically modified or selectively) for shelf life usually tastes like shit.  It’s not killing you, food baby.

Wake the fuck up.  Quit playing like people are out to get you.  You are not that fucking important.  Nobody gives a rat’s ass about you.  They don’t.  The government is not out to get you.  Other races are not out to get you.  Other religions are not out to get you.  Are there factions in every group that may target those in another?  Sadly, yes.  Just as there are individuals who will target you for no reason.  Why in the fuck are you feeding into it?  Why do you participate?

If you are going to live around other people, there is a small chance you may become the victim at the hands of another person.  If you don’t, there is a small chance you may become the victim of a wild animal.  If somehow you find a place with no animals and no people, there is a small chance you may become the victim of the weather.  If you manage to be away from people, animals, and weather, you may become the victim of a volcano explosion, an asteroid impact, an earthquake, cancer, a heart attack, choking on a piece of your fucking food, or literally anything else.

So what are you going to do?  Hate everything?  Be scared of everyone and everything that has the potential to hurt you?   Sitting on your knees begging your God to take you away to a place where nothing can ever harm you?  Kill people for being scary to you?

What a miserable fucking existence.

Loving is way more fun than hate.  You all should try it.  Because I don’t hate you hateful idiots, I feel sorry for your stupid asses.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

10 thoughts on “Sorry For You”

    1. LOL, i never understood why a person would join these pseudo-religious cults. Ppl looking for meaning and answers to life only need to look within. haven’t we learned from the thousands of yrs of mainstream religions, philosophies, our so-called civilizations… it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world. Just watch the movie. 🙂


  1. If aliens ever show up, I’m going to judge them exclusively on what flavour of ice cream they prefer.

    On your main points Josh, I couldn’t agree more. I’m not American, so gun culture has never been something I’ve understood, and here in the UK we banned virtually all guns after Dunblane. I can accept that different cultural values come into play, and banning guns may not be the answer for the US, but to do NOTHING in the face of shooting after shooting, and for lethal weapons to be a symbol of freedom, is alien to me.


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