Twenty Minutes Of Action

Hello dear reader(s)!

So I am not done with Orlando.  That said, it isn’t the only thing going on ever.  I will continue to bring it up from time to time so we do not forget about it the way we have with so many other acts of terrorizing hate and violence.  I will post on my Facebook about it every day until there is meaningful change or progress toward ending this crap.  That said, I think I need to talk about other things from time to time.  Nobody wants to read the same thoughts over and over.  It’s not like listening to your favorite song or singer.

Unfortunately for you, the next thing I want to talk about isn’t all that swell either.  I am sure you all have heard about Brock Turner, the POS rapist who was given six months of which he will only serve three in COUNTY JAIL for three felonies because the judge was also a white Stanford alumni and thought jail would be too harmful for this poor, pitiful, helpless piece of fucking shit rapist.

He raped a woman.  He grabbed a woman who passed out and drug her behind a dumpster and was caught raping her as she was fucking unconscious.  There is no possible mistake here.  There is no maybe and coercion involved (not that those are any better, just an often held up excuse).  This was as cut and dry of a rape as you can get.  Bam.  Rape.  He is a fucking rapist.  He was CONVICTED.  His guilt is not in question.  Guys go to prison for twenty years for having drugs for personal use and this piece of shit rapist gets three out of six months in county.

He is not the victim.  Despite what his piece of crap daddy told this piece of crap judge, his welfare should not have been the concern of anyone, including pieces of crap.

Never again do I want to hear someone ask why someone didn’t come forward with rape accusations right after it happened.  This is why.  This is why they don’t come forward you ignorant fucking assholes.  This.  You think this is the first gross miscarriage of justice in a rape case?  If so, can I have whatever you are on?  Because that seems like a nice vacation from the bullshit of this reality.

So here’s what I think, people who are as outraged by this as I am.  (You all should be.)  I think we should carry a dildo with us at all times.  Stay with me here.  We can carry it in a backpack or something.  But we have the dildo with us.  Especially if we’re going to parties.  We take the dildo.  Then, whenever some douche passes out, we give him twenty minutes of action with it.  We then beg for mercy from the court because it just isn’t fair to ruin a life for twenty minutes of action.  Never mind that a good portion of the victim’s life was ruined during that same twenty minutes.  Maybe that will have an effect.


No.  Of course not.

So okay Josh, what do we do?  

Well, I’m glad I pretended you asked.

To my female reader(s), I appreciate you, but this one is on us.  Y’all don’t really rape us.  If you’d like to continue reading until the end, I would love your stories in the comments and for you to take back twenty minutes of action, but this next part is for the guys.

So guys, here we go, here are just some ideas how you can and SHOULD help the women in our lives to feel safer around us.  It makes all our lives better.

  1. Don’t rape.  Don’t rape women, children, men, animals, car exhaust pipes in public, judges…well…most judges.  No, don’t rape that judge either…I guess.  How do you know if you’re raping?
  2. Learn consent.  Only relatively sober adults can consent.  There is pre-consent sometimes, but once consent is withdrawn, it does not stand.  Pre-consent can also apply only to specific situations sometimes so do not think it is green light unless specifically made so.  Understand that can be withdrawn at any time.  Maybe this video will help with the basics.  Don’t even play with anything more advanced until you at least know these.  
  3. If you see someone raping, stop them.  Kick the shit out of them too, if you want.  I don’t like violence, but come on, he was “asking for it”.
  4. If someone is bothering a woman, call them on it.  And here it is, the part that even reasonable guys still tend to miss.  If a girl is having drinks at a bar, and some guy is in her face, and she is pulling away, stop him.  If he is blocking her path.  If you hear her say “no” or “stop” to any action he is performing at all no matter how innocuous it may seem to you at the time and he continues to persist.  I don’t care if it is making her tea.
  5. Call someone on doing the things you know women don’t like even if you don’t hear them say “no” or “stop”.  Like cat-calling.  Does anyone really believe that works?  It is just rude, and it intimidates women.  Or when they are outnumbered.  Or the guy is bigger than her.  They may not say something, but they’ll show it.
  6. Remember nobody asks for it.  Unless they literally do.
  7. Listen to women.  It is easy to think things won’t bother someone if those things wouldn’t bother you.  You can fix this by listening.

Do you want to take back your twenty minutes of action?  Tell your stories so the men who do read this will know exactly what you face.  Maybe then we can all take real action.  


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

27 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes Of Action”

  1. This is so spot on Josh! The Stanford situation is a complete cluster, I’ve never seen such #whiteprivilege in my whole life. Money rules in criminal and family court, and people elected to be “impartial” rule from the bench are complete hippocrits!

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    1. Sadly no. Prosecutors can’t appeal. He was convicted, the sentence is within the legal authority of the judge. The only possible thing that MIGHT still be able to be done is to bring him up on federal charges for violating the woman’s civil rights and that is a highly unlike possibility. And to recall the judge. But this rapist basically got away with it.

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  2. Uh, I’m not going to tell my stories here, but suffice it to say, I have more than enough of them, and I tell them to my daughters. I tell all the stories to my daughters. Mostly, they’re about how we have to be suspicious for ourselves, never too careful, and how we must look out for all women, in case their mothers didn’t tell the stories.

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  3. I never got justice because I was too young and scared to step forward, they broke my arm and left me in a gutter. Know matter what’s going on in the world, we all know it’s fucked, but it’s nice to know that men like you do exist. Thankyou for writing this.

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      1. Honestly though, from me, even though you men exist, there’s not nearly enough of you. It’s a mans problem, but so is pregnancy kind of also, women have to take a contraceptive that causes side effects no matter what. Men get rubber, and even then that’s too hard. I think the solution is that it should be compulsory for all schools to teach self defence classes for ONLY female students. I think this would make a difference. Sometimes it’s hard to change things straight away, so there needs to be a solution NOW, too many women have been hurt waiting for men to give a fuck. At least if you learn self defence you have a chance, because when you’re 4’10” there’s no way you can fight off a full grown male.

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  4. Very well written. Sadly, here in India, it is a very common scenario. There was this huge case a year or so, where a girl was gang-raped on a moving bus (at night) and her boyfriend very badly beaten up and one of the perpetrators was a guy who was a minor (< 18 yrs of age) but just short of 6 months from becoming a major (whatever that means in this case) but he was still prosecuted as a minor and let go after a couple of months. And he was the one who supposedly started the whole thing. In spite of a huge public cry, nothing could be done and he goes scot free.

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    1. I’m very sorry to know that. I knew of the crime, but not the prosecution and sentencing. Thank you for sharing. May we all get to a place where all nations and cultures respect the women who keep our world going.

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