The Return Of Love

Hello dear reader(s)!

As you know I was deeply affected and still am by the shooting at Pulse in Orlando.  I do not intend to move on from this.  That’s what’s we seem to do as a nation.  We hear about something we should not accept, and through everything we’ve been taught about the grieving process, we learn to accept it.  But we shouldn’t accept this.  We should never accept this.

We can change things.  We did have an assault weapons ban in this country before.  It expired in 2005.  The gun nuts will argue the weapons to be banned aren’t actually assault weapons by whatever definition they prefer, but when I am referring to assault weapons, I am referring to the high capacity, hair trigger semi-autos that are designed to kill.  The Ar-15 is exactly the same as the M-16 when the M-16 is in select fire mode.  I know soldiers, and can tell you that full auto mode is actually rare as it decreases accuracy.  It is primarily used for cover fire.  This means people with an AR-15 are walking around with a weapon of war.  In one audio clip of the massacre, the gunman can be heard firing 24 shots in 9 seconds.  2 and 2/3 shots a second.  There is only one purpose for a gun that can do that.  We can regulate guns.  We already do.  You can’t buy a machine gun.  You can’t buy cluster bombs.  Or nukes.  But why not?  Those are arms.  It is constitutional.  We have done it, and we can again.

Things won’t change right away if we do.  Like the last assault weapons ban, the existing stock will be grandfathered in.  That’s a huge arsenal.  But there can be no denying that these types of mass casualty shootings have increased since the ban was allowed to expire in September of 2004.  You can say there are many factors that may have contributed to it, but it is both constitutional and necessary to limit weapons that can take out 49 people in a matter of minutes.  We can do better.  We can, and if we lead with love, we will.

Gun control is only one part of the equation.  The smallest part.  We need to change.  This nation was founded by people who fled persecution for believing differently than the people from which they fled.  Granted, those people were insane puritanical bastards, but the First Amendment is the First Amendment for a reason.  We are supposed to be able to think, speak, and live differently than some might prefer without having to fear for our lives, safety and freedom.

But, unlike what the average Trump voter will tell you, it has never meant that you can threaten or intimidate people.  It has never meant that you can call for the execution of people who do not live like you want them to.  It has never meant that you can use public resources to spread your messages of hate without other members of the public demanding their resources aren’t used for that purpose.  It has never meant that people need to provide you a forum to use your voice.  It has never meant that someone can’t speak right back at you.  That isn’t PC, that is responding to free speech with free speech.

How do grown adults loving each other hurt you?  Do they hold you hostage and force you to watch tied to a chair as they have free-for-all orgies and call out chants to their dark lord and master to smite you?  Do they decide because you want to have a traditional wedding in a church with your wife or husband that you must die?


Those people you hate were probably more involved in your wedding than you know.  Maybe they cleaned the hall you rented.  Maybe they were part of the team that baked your cake or catered the dinner.  Maybe they helped manufacture or even sold you the decorations.  Perhaps they grew, arranged, or sold the flowers.  Designed the websites so you could find it all.  They support your love.  You don’t need to support theirs, just accept it.  Accept that having a business open to the public means being open to all the public who is not causing a disturbance and is willing to pay.  Or don’t start a fucking a business and live in your hateful bunker away from all the things you hate because the way you read your book tells you to.

Because different people are here.  They are not going anywhere.  You can’t deport them all.  You can not send them all to gas chambers.  (Hitler tried that once, remember?)  Is that really what you want?  Do you think you can actually win?  Let’s do the math.

The piece of shit with the AR-15 took out 50 people including himself, and last I heard wounded another 53.  One hundred and three people out of commission with a relatively unarmed, unprepared, and untrained target.  According to the Census, there is roughly 322 million people in the US, most people estimate 1 in 10 of those people are gay in some way.  32 million.  Now, let’s count all the people in support of equality.  According to Gallup, roughly 60% of Americans supported marriage equality just before the Supreme Court made it legal.  193.2 million people.  So out of the 128.8 million people who are opposed, let’s say that the radical opposition is the same as as the percentage of Muslims who are extremists which according to a recent Pew Research study is .00625%.  And that’s being generous given the different levels of desperation that influence extremism.  So .00625% of 128 million is 8,480.  8,480 people against 193.2 million.  Some of which also own assault weapons.  Some of which fly fighter jets and drive tanks.  Do you really think you can win?

If gay people and their allies hated you the way you hate them?  You’d be fucking dead.

But guess what?  We don’t want to hate.

We just think people should be able to love the way want to as long as they are consenting adults.  If you think your God doesn’t like that, let your God condemn those of us that believe otherwise in the afterlife you feel the need to bring on prematurely.  Because look around fuckfaces, this isn’t Heaven.

Not that I’d want to go there with a God that hates anyway.

I choose hope.

I choose love.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

18 thoughts on “The Return Of Love”

  1. Another reasonable, well thought out, articulated post Josh. I agree that a change in consciousness not to hurt others who are different must take place. The weapons issue is largely secondary, mass murderers can get automatic weapons from the criminal underground, not registered or monitored by the gov’t. So whatever laws get passed banning all weapons don’t really apply to the criminally insane set out to kill.

    Ironic that John Lennon was gunned down by a nut!

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    1. I understand what you are saying, but I would just argue that just because something will still happen if it is against the law, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be illegal. Murders for example. Banning the sale of these weapons would allow for sting operations to root out these people the same way they do when they find things terrorists looking for rocket launchers and mortars and the like. Even the terrorists use our lax gun laws as a recruiting tool.

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      1. I am not disagreeing with you at all, it is my greatest wish that all weapons cease to exist, but more importantly the root issue must be addressed. Humanity must evolve consciously to see how everything and everyone is interconnected, with each other, nature, life and our place in the universe.
        Yes murder is wrong and against the law, but that doesn’t eliminate the killing that goes on every single day. Take away all weapons, knives etc and people will still find a way, btw medical error caused by pharmaceutical drugs is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. Profit before lives, power, greed, corruption are infecting our political, educational, media/ information systems. Our whole civilization needs to transform with a higher purpose in mind.

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