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Before I get started on this here post-type-thing, I would like to let everyone know that the nodules have shrunk, and there are no new ones.  My medication is working, which means we know the cause, know it can be dealt with, and know that I will not need to have surgery.  I could go on and on about how huge of news this is, how it impacts so many things, and how relieved I am, but I think I’m just going to bask in the good feels that arise from said information.

So, now it is time for a rant.  Why?  Because I like you.  M-O-U-S-E!!!!!

Well Josh, what shall you rant about this time?” you ask, feigning curiosity.

Too many fucking Bernie Sanders supporters, that’s who.

Disclaimer:  I was a Bernie Sanders supporter.  

Sanders-021507-18335- 0004
An amazing public servant, not the second coming.

But to way too many of you I think you need to take the advice Garth gives Wendy.

Yes, the media called it early.  Yes, the party was against him from the beginning.  Yes, the closed primary prevented millions of people from being allowed to vote for him.  Yes, there was probably some voter suppression and fraud in some places that may have helped her in those places and with the momentum after.  But Bernie Sanders is the one who chose to run for the nominee of that party.  He is the one who chose to enter the contest with those rules attached (no matter how undemocratic they are), and he is the one who lost that beauty contest under those rules and under that kind of manipulation.  No amount of us knowing it isn’t right is going to change that.  He can not win in November without a party, and he has no intentions of trying.

Unlike what the media kept claiming, his chances to become the nominee were not gone if he could have won a blowout win in California.  But he didn’t.  He didn’t win in California at all.  Hillary Clinton is going to become the nominee, she has the majority of pledged delegates, and more of the popular vote.  You don’t have to like that, I don’t, but that’s reality.

Now, I’m not saying that Bernie Sanders needs to get out.  He can go to the convention, get his name read for voting, and lose.  He can use the power he built to try to shape the platform so that Hillary Clinton does not ignore the progressive base when pivoting to the general election.  But he will not be the nominee, and he will not be the President, short of an indictment.  And if you are wishing for an indictment of an opponent just so that your candidate can win, there is something wrong with you.  He can stay in the race in case of that possibility, but his supporters needs to shut the fuck up and quit painting Hillary Clinton as though she is evil incarnate.

I am no fan of the presumptive nominee.  I do not like her centrism, I do not like her campaign tactics, I do not like her interventionism, her “free-trade” support, and her ties to the corporate world.  I do not like how it took her so long to “evolve” on basic human rights issues.  That said whoever, these things do not make her the devil, they do not make her a c_nt, they do not make her stupid, and most importantly, they do not make her anywhere near as dangerous to our world as Donald J. Trump.

Why is there a Guinea Pig on my head? Must be the illegal Mexican Muslims!                Photo By Michael Vadon [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Do you people not realize that if Donald Trump is elected, that Stanford Rape Verdict we are all so rightly outraged about is in line with what will be the official stance of the US government?  Or that A Trump Presidency would effectively end and reverse any efforts to decriminalize marijuana, since he is likely to make Chris Christie his attorney general?  Or that the leader of our nation will have said the horrible things about women that he has?  Or that our President will have spit on POW’s for getting captured?  Or that he has criticized a judge’s ability to deliver a fair trial based solely on his ethnic makeup?  Or that he forcibly wants to deport tens of thousands of people as if that would even be possible?  Or that he actually believes he could build a border wall that would make any bigger difference than our already constructed and totally ineffective border fence has and actually get Mexico to pay for it?  Or that he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the US until he “figures out what’s going on”?  Or that he is using these people as scapegoats for all of our problems?  Or that he has advocated for committing war crimes?  Or torture?  (And I’m not just talking waterboarding.)  What the fuck do you think this is, an episode of 24?

To put it simply, Trump is fascist despot who we can not allow near the Presidency.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton.  In fact, unless it looks like my state comes into play, I probably won’t even vote for her but will choose Jill Stein instead.  But if I lived where it mattered, I would definitely vote for Hillary Clinton to prevent a Trump Presidency.  This isn’t a matter of lesser evils.  This is a matter of preservation of any notion of human rights in this country.

Hillary Clinton comes off to many like she thinks she’s a queen.  She was anointed and given a coronation by the DNC.

But I’d take a queen over a fascist dictator any day of the week.  And I’m sorry fellow Bernie supporters, but if Queen Hillary is the best chance we have to stop Führer Trump, well…


Hillary_Rodham_Clinton (1)
God Save The Queen.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

23 thoughts on “STFU!!!”

  1. I can’t read the last few paragraphs, because I can’t deal with the nausea and fear of that man being the leader of the free world, but I sure am glad you’re lungs are healing without surgery. Hurrah!!! 🙂

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  2. I’m so happy about your results Josh! *virtual hugs* As far as Hillary is concerned, I absolutely agree 100% with everything you said! I’ve been itching for days to slap people like Susan Sarandon who think a Trump presidency would be less dangerous than a Clinton one. Their basing their assumptions on the ludicrous idea that Congress will prevent him from implementing many of his threats. Seriously? If both the House and the Senate stay Republican, they will be kissing his you know what! Oh wait. They’re already doing that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you’re right about Congress. We’ve already seen the way they’ve lined up behind him. They have always been party before country.
      Thanks for the virtual hugs for my results! I’m ecstatic!

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  3. Love your Queen Hillary and Führer Trump. It’s exactly the way it is… I’m not American but I would go with Hillary for sure. Or as someone else said: Can’t we just have a 3 go with Obama…?

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  4. I’m going to totally skip over the bulk of the post to just say, “yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!” So glad the meds are working and no surgery will be required. Give your body a high five for me.


  5. I have been waiting for this post. Glad your health is improving and glad you are seeing the light on Hillary. I caucused for Bernie, but now everyone needs to unite for our hope around Hillary, and Yahoo Elizabeth Warren!! Maybe if we all send the same meditation to Hillary she will get the message we need Elizabeth on the ticket.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Glad I got to this post today instead of later. This way I get to say I’m genuinely glad to hear you share this good health news. Way to kick it, Josh.
    On top of that, you have another great post filled with food for thought. These are scary times for sure, but they don’t have to be hopeless times…

    Liked by 1 person

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