F Society

Hello dear reader(s)!

What is an F Society?  Well, an F Society is a society of F’s.  Why would I write about a society of F’s?  Well, I wouldn’t.  But I didn’t want to write fuck in the title.  That’s right, Fuck Society!  As you can likely tell by now, I am about to go on a little rant of sorts.  If that is not your thing, I understand, and I ask that you have a beautiful day distracting yourself from the shit that goes on all around you as you focus on the screen of your stupid reality show in an attempt to feel anything at all in your life but instead just realize you are getting jealous and attempting to live vicariously through others.

Aside from the stench of patchouli and ass, I think I understand why hippies were hippies today more than I ever have.  (Seriously, take a fucking shower, Moonbeam.)

Because it does get really damn old living in a society that defines success based on things that not only don’t really matter, but are actually harmful to society as a whole.  The love of money and the acquisition of amounts of it that will never be printed at all costs is destroying so many lives.  The love of power and using violence to achieve that power is literally killing people.  The love of one interpretation of what may or may not be out there is allowing millions of people to be used as puppets against each other while the people pulling the strings rob everyone blind.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Look at the whole Islam verses Christianity bullshit.  Do you really think we as the United States give a shit about people’s human rights?  Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be our ally.  We wouldn’t incarcerate more of our citizens per capita than any other nation.  We wouldn’t trade with China.  We the people certainly do care, but we are being used to advance an economic and imperialist agenda.  If Daesh weren’t hitting the west, and weren’t messing with our “interests” (free flow of oil and other resources), we as a government wouldn’t be fighting them regardless of how many people they have slaughtered.  And for the average terrorist being misled into thinking this is some holy war against the infidels who they think hate their prophet (we don’t), do you think anyone calling for them to fight us tells them about all the deals they have made with those who control us in their own interests?  When it is another group fighting?  Do you think they understand they are pawns in a rich man’s chess game?

We are all being distracted by people who would divide us in order to distract us from real crimes they commit on a regular basis.

I am sick of living in a society where murder and shootings are considered entertainment but parts of the human body or depictions of love are considered obscene.

I am sick of the people who feel like they have some business telling people who to love, what to do with and put in their bodies, what to look like, or anything else that has no direct negative effect on them because it disagrees with their interpretation of a story book that also says it’s okay to rape foreigners and stone people for wearing fucking fabric blends.  Enough already!

I am sick of the people who cannot resolve conflicts without shooting each other.  I am sick of the fact it is harder to put a car on the road than it is to obtain a gun.  I am sick of people who think that because I am for better requirements for gun ownership and background checks that are beyond common sense for anything even a quarter as dangerous, that I want to take guns or rights away.

I am sick of people’s unwillingness to sacrifice even the slightest luxury for the good of others.

I am tired of having to tiptoe around the damage caused to others by this society.

I am sick of the fact that the jobs that are truly necessary to keep society functioning are not as valued as the ones we could do with less of.  If the guy who delivers goods in a truck isn’t there one day, you may not get actual necessities.  If a middle manager doesn’t show up, it has virtually no impact.  If the guy who works on your sewers isn’t there, you might be covered in shit.  If a civil lawyer isn’t there?  Well, you can look for another, or you can wait.  All jobs have some importance, but the value on some are definitely misplaced.

I’m tired of the selfishness, lack of empathy, and even malicious intent people display to one another.

I’m sick of a society that allows people to die because they don’t have money.

I’m tired of everyone who can turn a blind eye to the pain of others.

Today, I totally understand why those hippies went to live in communes and rejected the money and power at all costs society we live in.  I don’t think they were that far off.

Just maybe if they took a shower.  Maybe vetted the people they decided to commune with to ensure they weren’t cult leaders who thought a Beatles song was code for a race war.  Maybe realized that just because some drugs have benefits, being on them 24/7 probably isn’t a good idea, and some are less useful than others. But mostly the shower.  Seriously Moonbeam, you reek.




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

10 thoughts on “F Society”

  1. This is a valid rant and I agree with you. what is going on in the world is higher than the governments, they are pawns just like the rest of us. They think that if we are kept distracted with reality shows and race issues or religious issues we won’t notice. but some of us do!

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  2. We’ve pretty well destroyed the Earth beyond compare anyway, we are heading towards extinction. Even if the human race decided to turn themselves around for the better completely, we are already dead. I don’t think there’s been much hope for the human race in a long time. This is morbid, but we could’ve made it better when we started getting a clue about technology and advancing. With some parts advancing, we still have a lot that stays the same, even runs a bit backwards. It’s really easy to blame America for all of it too, I mean every other country does, but it is everyone’s fault, we are all human unfortunately your country is just one of the louder ones.

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  3. Yep. Yep, yep, yep.
    Isn’t it strange how often people say how important hard work is when they don’t even work? “Put enough holes in those buttons, Joe, and one day you too can have a job where you make twice as much money to tell people to keep punchin those holes!”
    The center cannot hold.

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