Random Thoughts Of A Morning Josh

Hello dear reader(s)!

It is morning, and I have had my coffee.  Which given the way my tummy feels (yes, I said tummy, gotta problem with that?), maybe I shouldn’t have had any.  But then again, since I really can’t even remember my name without it, I suppose the coffee was necessary.  So because I have had my coffee, and because my tummy kept me awake much of the night, I am having trouble focusing on just one thing.  Lucky for you, that means another variety post!!!!

Oh boy.  I can’t wait,” you say extremely sarcastically.

“Fuck you, Daria!” I reply, obviously tired of your shit.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Yeah dude, whatever.

  • Coffee  Coffee is love.  Coffee is life.  Without coffee, there is no Josh.  Am I an addict?  Well, only the way one is addicted to air, or water.  Show me something that says the amount of coffee I consume is more harmful than beneficial, and I might think about possibly, maybe trying to stop.  But there would have to meetings, where they serve coffee.
  • The NBA Finals  Is there a way for both teams to win?  I have Cleveland love.  My grandma lived in Cleveland.  Much of the family on my mother’s side still lives in and around Cleveland.  I like LeBron James just fine too.  But the Warriors won 73.  They came from down 1-3 in the conference finals to win against the Oklahoma City Team Thieves.  #Sonics4LifeButNotEnoughToGetSexistAboutIt  And they’re just a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  Let’s have a tie!!!!

What do you think this is, soccer?” you ask with disdain.

“Well, they flop in both sports,” I reply before dropping the mic.

  • Tummy  So, apparently I either have low-grade food poisoning, or perhaps just a stomach bug.  I’m used to having a messed up system of digestion from the antibiotics and all the other crap I have been on, but the last two and a half days are taking things to a whole new level.  Gonna call the doctor soon, if things don’t calm down.  But the last thing I want to do is be admitted yet again.  I don’t have anything really funny to put in this topic, because it sucks big, floppy, donkey dick.
  • Sleep  My tummy has been making it hard to sleep.  When I do though, I am sleeping very hard and entering dreamland pretty quick.  That has been nice.  There is clearly only one solution to this issue, and that is coffee.  Coffee is love.  Coffee is life.
  • Kitty pills  Giving pills to cats is not easy.  There needs to be liquids or something else because this shit is ridiculous.  I am going to pick up some pill pockets (What are you gonna pick?  Pill Pockets!) today and see if he will just eat the damn things so I don’t have to plan my life around administering multiple pills twice daily to a cat who understandably wants to escape the burrito and claw my eyes out.  #EscapeTheBurrito
  • Bernie Or Bust  I am not.  I have no problems with the people wanting to vote for someone they want to, rather than a lesser of two evils.  I have said time and time again how much I do not like the politics or some of the things Hillary Clinton has done.  But some of these Bernie Or Bust people are like fucking cult followers.  In order to get the nomination, he would need a blowout in California.  A blowout.  It doesn’t look likely at all.  You can hope, but seriously, acting like Clinton is done is getting stupid.  You can rant all you want about how undemocratic closed primaries are, how there were extremely questionably elections, and how the party has been on her side from the beginning.  I will agree with you on every one of those of those points.  It sucks.  Parties choose the nominee, and the people are allowed to vote in tightly controlled and tilted circumstances so they can feel a connection to who they anoint.  It is shitty, and undemocratic, and awful.  And writing in Bernie Sanders if he isn’t the nominee won’t do a damn thing to change it.  It won’t send a message, except that Donald Trump and his insanity is the next President.  If you live in a solid state blue state, and want to send a message, help break the two-party and lock and vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party since her positions are nearly identical to Bernie’s anyway.  If you live in a swing state, I urge you to consider your vote the last of defense against a fascist, narcissistic demagogue.  Plus, if the DNC thinks you’ll never get on board in the Fall, why would they possibly let you have any platform influence?
  • Wearing Orange  I have no issues with people choosing to wear certain colors on a day to bring awareness to things.  Such a simple thing to do that might not solve anything but could help start a conversation.  Today, people are wearing orange to raise awareness of gun violence.  Sounds fine to me.  Let’s have the conversations.  They won’t be easy.  But what will be even more difficult than those conversations?  Finding something orange.  I mean, really?  Orange?  Why didn’t you pick baby shit green?  Piss yellow.  Yeah.  Orange.

Well, I’d apologize for the rambling and boring nature of this post, but we all know I don’t actually give a fuck, right?  Y’all love me anyway.

What about you, dear reader(s)?  What random thoughts are on your mind today?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Of A Morning Josh”

  1. Do you have a local pharmacist that your vet may be able to recommend? We had a compounding pharmacist made malt flavored or tuna flavored meds for our cat that we mixed into tuna fish or put on a small piece of turkey. I hated having her run away from me every time she saw me coming because she thought I was going to shove a pill down her throat. Just a thought.

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  2. I cracked my coffee carafe on the sink last night. I examined it for cracks and saw nothing. However, this morning, I got up to see WTHF The Mister was doing in the kitchen — so much running water! Well he was cleaning up the coffee that had poured all over the counter while the coffee brewed. So I had really good pour over coffee this mornin. Really good. Too hard to wait for in the morning, but so good.
    Then I broke out the press.
    I particularly enjoyed you going to the meetings, where they serve coffee. I cackled!
    I agree with you on the liquid for cats! Why is no one doing this?!? Also, I can get clean hypodermics for my dog’s sebaceous cysts, but I can’t get my cat’s meds in one? This makes no sense. Silly. Just silly.

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  3. I too am a lover of coffee. I’m also home sick today with some horrible tummy bug. I hate the color orange. My mutt likes pills since I smother them with peanut butter. Ok guess I’ve bored you with my ramblings. Oh yeah and Bernie is crusty and crunchy looking 😂

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  4. First off, I am sorry about your tummy, and the kitty pills – but other than that, Elizabeth approves this rant! Probably because I’m addicted to coffee as well. Sending hugs, and Starbucks, and Pepto. 🙂

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  5. Hmmm…I’ll be wearing orange this weekend, but it’s because it is the color for MS awareness and we’re volunteering at the bike ride. Guess they should have checked to see if someone else was using the color first?

    As a Democrat, I hate how the fight over Clinton vs Sanders is making us look as a party. If we can’t stand behind someone less than six months before the election, then what chance do we have?

    (which I guess is a good thing for non-Democrats…ha ha 🙂 )

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    1. I am liberal. Progressive even. The only reason I give a damn about the Democrats is because they are the major party who shares at least some of my views. I don’t care about how they look, I care about beating Trump in the general, and progressive policies. If it were up to me, Jill Stein would be President.


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