Looking Good!

Hello dear reader(s)!

I got a call from the vet (not the kind who served our country in the military) and my Dobson is going great!  They have been able to reduce the amount of oxygen he needs and he is eating like a champ.  They are awaiting the cytology this afternoon, but I think they already have their minds up that it won’t be too bad, and as well as he is doing now they are even talking about weaning him off the oxygen either today or tomorrow and getting him home with whatever medication and recommendations they need to send along.

So yeah.

I’m not allowed to say to I’m happy this morning, with that news, because I’m not about jinx things again.

But let’s just say I am not having a bad day.  I won’t say it is a good day.  Can’t read my, can’t read my, no you can’t read my poker face.

And I call, asshole.

So today I will mostly be by the house, in case I get the call to go bring my Dobson home.  If I do go anywhere it might be to the park by the house, and to the store by the house, and possibly the hill by the house to attempt to do hill sprints by the house.  Close to home regardless so I can run and get my kitty should he come home today!

Piedmont is doing well without him here, but is following me around quite a bit more than usual.

Thank you every one of my reader(s) who left such kind comments on my freak-out post yesterday.

Thank you to my friends who not only listened to my incessant whining but whined along with me until I needed happy things to be said to take me out of my fears.

It’s cold today.  And windy.  It is because it is Memorial Day Weekend.  Nice weather on Memorial Day Weekend is a class A felony in 30 states and all US territories.  I have no big Memorial Day plans, but I will probably be thankful for the people who fought for some kind of freedom for me, or at least were under the illusion they were but were so tragically misused.

And I will hopefully be snuggling my kitty!

What about you, dear reader(s)?  Any exciting and/or amazing plans for the weekend?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

18 thoughts on “Looking Good!”

  1. I am glad your kitty is getting better!!!! We don’t have any plans. I think I might clean and the closets and donate the usable stuff to the Disabled American Veterans, my favorite group, as I am considered a disabled vet myself. May go to Costco and stock up on some things and play video games this afternoon when it gets too hot to be outside.
    I hope Dobson (what a great name) can come home today!!!

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  2. Oh good! 🙂
    Sassy and I were just debating whether we should go out to purchase Deadpool and some new nail polish, since we’re almost out of toilet tissue and juice 😛 haha

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