What a Difference a Day Makes


Remember that post I wrote yesterday?  About how I had a good feeling about things and really felt happy and at peace?

Yeah, well, apparently that is not allowed because later in the day my Dobson started being lethargic and then breathing heavy.  He refused his dinner and we took him to the emergency vet.

They did x-rays and he has cloudy lungs.  It could be any number of things.  His white cells are not elevated, in fact, his labs are pretty good, so they are not sure if it’s an infection or something else.  He spent the night in an oxygen kennel at that vet and seems to be comfortable inside with the oxygen running.  His breathing is still distressed outside it.

They want to do a bronchial lavage, so they had me move him this morning to a larger and better equipped veterinarian.  They are very confident that he’ll be alright during that procedure, and they are less confident, but still more confident than not, that it will give us the answers we need to find out what the hell is going on.

Needless to say, this is a bloody fortune, but if there is a good chance that treatment will allow him to be okay with a good quality of life, then treatment it is.  Even if I have to beg, borrow (already am borrowing for it) or steal (not literally, please don’t report me, I have enough worries right now).

Dobson is a member of my family.  Hannah and I brought him and Piedmont home 6 years ago this month (although they were born in March) to the first place we got together as a couple.  Him, his sister, and I have been through plenty, and they are more special to me than the vast majority of people I know.  I understand they have shorter life spans than humans, but he’s only 6 and this is so sudden.  I hope with everything I am that he will be okay.  I’m not ready to lose another part of my family.

I am kind of a wreck right now.  Probably not the most fun person to be around.  For my friends, I am sorry if I am a Debbie Downer, but if you can’t understand then you can’t understand me.  I know you all probably do though.

Please keep us in your thoughts and/or prayers if you’re the praying type.  I need my good boy to come home.

Piedmont and Dobson as kitties in our first place together. Learning the ways of the Scottish fighters.


Piedmont and Dobson 023
He would always do this as a kitten when I got home from work.

Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

42 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes”

  1. (((hugs))) I can totally appreciate where you are coming from in regards to the fur baby of the family ❤ After 3 surgeries (and over 5 grand later) Dexter is just finally starting to get back on his feet…we have been at this since December. My thoughts and prayers, good vibes…all with you right now. I can also relate to the "just when everything seems to start getting better…" thing…so far my best option has been to just roll with the punches but easier said than done for sure. With all you have been through Josh, you definitely get the resilience award (just made that up) from me 🙂 Know that your readers are rooting for you! xo

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  2. 😿 Please let us know as things go along. Waiting is so difficult especially when your heart is breaking a little more as time goes by and it’s hard to sit still or breathe. You and your kitty son are in my thoughts and prayers.

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  3. Thinking of you and Dobson. Our furbabies are our children and we will do anything to make them better. I had a $7,500 vet bill for our St. Bernard that I will never regret. Hoping and praying for a good outcome for him.

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  4. Saying prayers for your Dobson, and sending hugs your way. I’m so sorry – hopefully the treatment does what he needs it to do, and he’s back to his usual self quickly.

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  5. 😦 id be worse then a mess right now, I have 2 cats and they’re both silver tabbies. Maybe see if there’s any plants that it could’ve eaten maybe, could be an allergic reaction. I mean, humans get that when there’s some sort of pollen in the air. At least the vet is confident, a good bet won’t get your hopes up if it’s bad so, keep thinking positively. Don’t let this situation take from you the peace you deserved earlier on in the day. Just gotta stay calm and roll with it. I really hope he’s ok though, I wouldn’t wish vet stress on anyone.

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  6. Can’t click “like”. Oh, Dobson, heal now! I know how difficult it is to justify the expense for a pet, but pets are family and nobody would question it if it was a human child. Please try to have faith that all is well because I want you to sleep again tonight.

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  7. Highest and Best! I have pets too, and have realized of late just how much I love them. One younger dog, one older cat, they are both so sweet, so naughty, so finicky, so understanding, so demanding, so funny, so loving. I too want them both to live forever. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts. Peace Be Still.

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