Hello dear reader(s)!

First, I would like to apologize for just now posting to this here-blog-type-thing.  I haven’t been home for very long this morning, and spent part of it making coffee and dicking around on Facebook.  I would hate to offend my massive readership of up to 4 people!

I’m in a seriously good mood and there is nothing really weighing on my mind.  In fact, I don’t remember a time for quite a while that I have been so outside of my head.  (Not out of my mind, because that is a constant for me.)  It is very rare when I have been able to just sit back and enjoy the ride, without worrying about what the future will bring, when the next shoe will drop (when someone knocks the shoe off the shelf?), whether or not a doctor appointment will go the way I want it to, how much money I have, how badly I need to clean up, how I am supposed to get the energy to do so, what the square root of 782363897328738763763983985763829847 is, etc…

But that is me today.  It is a really amazing place to be, and if you have the time, I suggest you try it.

It is amazing when you wake up in the morning without a care in the world.  I’m not really big on that whole law of attraction stuff, but I will say that when you are thinking positively, you notice the positive stuff and appreciate it more.  So even if things aren’t necessarily going better than normal, it can feel like it because all of the positive that is floating around on a consistent basis seems to get noticed.

This morning though, I think things really did go a better than normal.  For one thing, I did not almost get bear sprayed on the bus.  For another, my connecting bus was either really late, or really early so I did not have to wait long in the unusual cold to catch it.  There are many more things about this morning that have been great, but those things are none of your damn business and I will thank you to stay out of my personal affairs!

The only downside to all this positiveness and all of its positive characteristics of positivity, is that being out of my head makes for pretty shitty writing.  (As this rambling has already let you know.)  Not that my writing is top-notch any other time, just that it is a little difficult to be deep and introspective when you are finally not living in your own thoughts for moment.

But.  (We knew that was coming, right?)

But there is something I do want to say.

Living where I do has been absolutely amazing for me.  It isn’t just the climate, or the scenery, or the fact that it is a major city with plenty of things to do and a place not far away with the best damn veggie burger I ever knew could exist.  It is the people.

Not to say I don’t love my Reno friends, because I do.

But I had to work about five times as hard to find the kind of people who fit into my value systems there than I do here.  Not just because there is a bigger pool of people here, but there is a vibe.  I’ve always seen my Reno friends as the exception to the rest of the people I knew there.

I’ve been criticized when I’ve taken steps to remove people from my life that I feel are toxic to me.  People have said that I overreact or want everyone to be like-minded.

I don’t overreact, but I do want everyone I associate with to be like-minded.

Not in the way they think, however.

I realized at some point recently that I do not care when someone has a different opinion than I do.  That isn’t what like-minded means to me.  What like-minded means to me is a willingness to hear other people’s perspectives, an open-mindedness, and a sense of compassion.  That’s it.

I disagree with a lot of people about a lot of things.  Sometimes I am wrong, sometimes I think they are.  If they can discuss it like adults, and if they are willing to see my side and actually hear me, I usually don’t cut them out.  (Even if I hide their shitty political posts.)

In Reno, it seemed to me, that the vast majority of people had their opinions indoctrinated into them, were unwilling to even consider anything else, and just flat didn’t give a shit about anyone other than themselves unless they were directly affected.  It was like the empathy gene was missing from a large part of the breeding pool.  My friends always felt like the exception.

But here I am, in a liberal fucking mecca that makes San Francisco seem like the Tea Party Headquarters and I absolutely love it.

People here care about what I care about.  They care about other people.  They may disagree, but they are wiling to see it from your side before writing you off as a ____.  Quoth the Aladdin, “It’s a whole new world.”

And in Reno, it was chore to find people who accepted your weird.

Here, people embrace it.  Most of them are weirder than you.  And being around people who not only accept your weird, but actually enjoy it…that is just weird.

But it’s great.  And it should be normal.  We should all be weird.  I think we all are.  But wouldn’t it be nice if it was normal to show it?



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

10 thoughts on “Abnormal”

  1. Oooh that last line really got to me. I also feel like I write less when I am happier haha or my writing is just better when I’m sad. I love hearing that you have met great people and are doing well!! Weird people are my comfort zone, it’s great to have people that accept your kind of weird 🙂

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  2. That’s great about your new friends. I always said that you’ve got to be a little crazy to stay sane (I know that you said weird but tomato to-ma-to I say.

    But define “bear sprayed”. I’m a little confused by that statement.

    Glad to hear from you!

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    1. The last time I took that route in the morning, a woman got in an argument with a man over a seat and pulled out a huge can of bearspray. (Mace, to ward off bear attacks.) She kept saying she was going to spray the guy before she got off the bus and was not calming down. I didn’t really believe she would do it, but I got off the bus at the next stop (was my stop anyway) and right after, people are coughing and jumping off the bus because she did it.


  3. Yay for weird! 😀 lol I have been called “weird” more than once in my life and I wear it as a badge of honor now 😉 lol So glad to hear your spirits are up Josh 🙂 When you said “I don’t remember a time for quite a while that I have been so outside of my head.” I can totally relate to that statement! Also the worries about money and when the “other shoe” is going to drop lol I felt like I was ticking off a check list as I read your post except, like you, it’s not quite as bad…at least, for now lol. I got to the politics part and then I started to back away slowly LOL j/k It’s amazing what a change in location can do though in that respect. Oh and by the way…4 readers? pffft stop being so modest 😉 AND even if that were true, those 4 readers are lucky to have found your blog 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!

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    1. Nah, the 4 reader thing is just some self-deprecating humor that has been part of my schtick since my first blog. Hence the parenthesis after the S in reader(s). Back then, only my mom and read it. I have a great group of readers now that I love to interact with and read their stuff too.

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