Challenged, Part 2

Continued from part 1.

Angela predictably brought him to the goth club.  He wasn’t a fan of the whole goth scene, but didn’t mind going too much because he knew the place dripped with sex.  Angela was dressed in what could only be described as fetish gear, and he knew that was more than just an outfit for her.  She would give him a good time.  Yes, it turned him off when she called him “daddy”, but she was a sure thing.

They walked into the club and went straight for the bar.  He ordered her a Jaeger shot and got himself a bourbon.  She asked him if he wanted to dance, but he told her he didn’t really feel like it.  She pouted and told him she would dance for him.  She stood a bit away from him and started dancing at him, trying her absolute best to seem seductive.  He finally gave in and joined her and they basically just dry humped on the dance floor.  That was her idea of dancing.  They walked back to the bar.  As soon as they got there, the bartender gave her another shot of Jaeger, and slipped her a note.

I’ve been watching you.  Why hasn’t he collared you yet?  I think you deserve better, like being tied under me.  Purple and black, by the back wall.  -M

Angela told him she was going to the bathroom, but instead went directly for the back wall.  There she met the woman who bought her drink.  Meagan was wearing a black and purple dress with a corset style top and flowing lace bottom.  Her tattoo covered shoulders and upper arms were not hidden by the conservative suit jacket of her day job.  The ankh on her necklace was nestled in, and drew attention to the cleavage her dress allowed her to show.  She saw Angela approach and demanded, “Thank me.”

“For what?” Angela replied.

“For the drink, and for saving you.”

Angela opened her mouth to speak, but was stopped by Meagan’s mouth on hers.

Meagan kissed her forcefully and took her breath away.  When she felt Angela’s knees go weak, she stopped and said, “Good girl.”

Angela was completely hers now, and Meagan knew it.  She recognized a sub when she saw one.

“Dance with me,” Meagan commanded to her new subject.

She led her right over to him.  Angela panicked, but Meagan just gripped her wrist harder and continued in toward him.  She knew Angela would not resist.

He didn’t notice at first, but then caught them in his vision.  Meagan, the property manager, was dancing with the girl he brought.  She was all over her, groping, and grabbing, and Angela was in bliss.  He locked eyes with Meagan, and she smiled.  Then she grabbed her and walked through the crowd and out of the club.

He tried to chase after, but got slowed by the other dancers.

He was furious when he arrived back at his apartment.  He couldn’t believe that his date was snatched away by her.

He slept poorly that night, trying not to obsess over what had happened.  He tried, but he failed.

The next morning, he ran into Kelly at the coffee shop.

“Hey Kell.” he smiled.

“Don’t call me that.  You’re an asshole!”

“What?  Why?”

“Because you never cared about me!  You made me always think you could one day and preyed on that!  You made me screw over a really good guy!” she yelled, in front of everyone.

“I didn’t make you do anything,” he said through gritted teeth.

“You made me think you cared, you made me doubt myself and my relationship.  Then you got what you wanted and threw me back,” she told him.

“I’m sorry Kelly,” he said.

“Fuck you!” she mouthed as she grabbed her coffee and walked out of the door.

He went into his work feeling completely defeated.  He was in a daze through most of his meetings.  He wasn’t sure if it was from not sleeping well the night before, from having his date stolen by the property manager he desired, or Kelly’s anger this morning.  In the afternoon, he went to his office and told his assistant to get him another coffee.

“Here’s your afternoon coffee, Mr. Ryan,” said Janice, as she handed him a cup.

“Thank you Janice,” he told her.  She turned to walk back to her desk outside his office when he called back to her.  “Hey Janice?”

“Yes, Mr. Ryan?”

“You don’t have to bring me coffee.  That really shouldn’t be a part of your job, should it?”

“Mr. Ryan?” she asked, stunned.

“And thank you for handling things with such efficiency around here,” he said.  “I think you’ve demonstrated yourself to be a very valuable part of the team, and we should put you on a path to grow with this company.  I think you’re also probably due for a pay increase”

Janice’s jaw dropped.  “Thank you, Mr. Ryan!” she said excitedly through the big smile she was trying to hide.

He thought about the last couple days.  He thought about his date being stolen by the woman he wanted.  He thought about Kelly’s anger with him.  But then he thought about how he treated women.  He thought how wrong it was to treat people that way.  He thought about his expectations of women.  He felt sorry for everything, from having his assistant bring him coffee, and not recognizing her good work earlier, to keeping women as fall-backs and manipulating them into sex.  He thought about how his arrogance and manipulation directly prevented him from finding the kind of woman he really wanted.  The kind of woman who would challenge him.  The kind of woman like Meagan.

But the last he knew, she was more interested in Angela.

To be continued.

Featured image by Sabrina Isterica from her Flickr and can be found here.  




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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