Challenged, Part 1

He was bored.

He thought about calling up one of the women he knew to have a good time.  He knew that any one of them would be more than willing to do whatever he asked of them.  And that was the problem.  It was like the women he knew weren’t complete people.  He always chose the restaurant, the entertainment, and what he wanted done to him.  It was also focused on what he wanted, and there was really only so much he could have someone do before it wasn’t fun anymore.  He always dominated the conversations with them, and got them to agree with all of his opinions.  It was like he was dating himself.

He called one of the women he kept on stand-by.  She had just started seeing someone, but he knew it wouldn’t matter.  He knew she wanted him and would not let a relatively new relationship stand in the way of her opportunity to have him.  He thought about how arrogant he would sound if he told anyone that, but knew that it was truth and that was that.

“Kell, what’s up?”

“Why do you always call me that?” Kelly asked him.

“Because I know you like it,” he replied.

She giggled.  “What’s up?” she asked him.

“I was just thinking about last month at the lake.  When we decided to sneak away from the bonfire at Tommy’s party.  That was pretty great, right?”

She was silent for a moment, before answering shakily, “Yes.  Yes, it was amazing.  But you didn’t call.  Then you showed up to Andrea’s wedding with Carrie.”

“I didn’t think you were looking for anything serious.  I thought we were just having fun,” he explained.

“I wouldn’t turn down anything serious with you,” she told him.

“I honestly didn’t think you like me that much,” he lied, “Well, you never know what could happen.”

“But I’m seeing someone now,” she countered.

“Have you had the exclusive talk yet?” he asked her, spotting his opportunity.

“Well, no.  But it is implied,” she answered.

“If I had the chance to be exclusive with a girl like you, I would make sure it was spelled out.  Seems odd to me that he wouldn’t,” he told her, beginning his manipulation.  Before she could respond, he added, “Why don’t you come over, and I can show you what it is like when someone really wants you?”

“Fifteen minutes,” she told him.

Kelly showed up and it went exactly as expected.  He took advantage of her, and used her in every way possible.  He felt a little bad, but she didn’t seem to care at all.  It was as if they all actually liked to be treated that way.  It was fun for a second, but then he was bored again.  He definitely didn’t want to be with Kelly, and told her he should give the guy she was seeing the chance to clarify whether he wanted to be with her exclusively.  He told her that he felt guilty for potentially ruining something for this poor guy.  Of course, he was lying, but he knew that she would be feeling guilty too and it would get her to leave.  He knew he had her in the palm of his hand and could call her up again at any time.  He lied and told her how much he wanted her, so much that he just wanted her to be happy, but didn’t think she could by starting something with him when she was seeing someone else.  He lied and said he felt the guy deserved the chance to commit outright, and regretted trying to steal her away.  He convinced her to go and have the exclusive talk with him, since he was done with her anyway.

She was so easily malleable.  They all were.

After she left, as he was getting dressed, there was a knock at the door.  He put on some pants and answered.

It was Meagan, the property manager.  Her long, dark hair framed her beautiful and rather pale face then fell like a waterfall onto the professional black jacket of her suit.  Her red lips drew his eyes toward her mouth.  Nothing in her outfit suggested sex aside from the way it hugged her body, and the quality of the stockings he was certain were held up by a garter under her skirt.  Her blouse was buttoned up so as to not show a lot of cleavage, but just the slightest indication.  There was a necklace tucked under that made him wonder what was on it that she hid from view.

“Don’t you want to put on a shirt, Mr. Anderson?”

“Not really?  This is my home.  Can I help you?”

“We’ve had a lot of noise complaints from the other neighbors in the building.”

“Any during quiet hours?” he responded with a question.

“No, but you have to understand that people aren’t paying to hear whatever bimbo you brought home faking orgasms at the top of their lungs all of the time,” she told him with a look a contempt.

“They’re not faking,” he defended himself.

“No, they probably don’t think they are.  They probably just don’t know what one is, knowing the women you have in and out of here.”

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” he asked her, indignantly.

“I’m the one who is letting you know that one more noise complaint and you will be in violation of your lease,” she replied.  “I tried calling, but you don’t answer your phone.  Keep this up, and you will be evicted,” she told him, flatly.

“You know Meagan, you don’t have to be jealous.  When are you going to be the next noise complaint?” he asked her with an arrogant smile.

“When hell freezes over, you misogynist prick.  One more.  One more, and you’re out.”

After she left, he couldn’t get her out of his head.  This woman, who had challenged him, who had even gotten the better of him.  He wasn’t used to that.  He began to question everything he thought he knew about women.  He started to deeply regret the way he had treated women up to this point.

And he wanted her.  He wanted a complete person.  One who would not allow themselves to be used for his pleasure.  He wanted someone to take her own thoughts, feelings, and desires to be part of the equation.  He wanted the excitement of not always getting exactly what he wanted.  He wanted more than a human Barbie.  He wanted her, but knew that was likely impossible.

So he called up Angela, the little goth girl in love with him, in an attempt to get her off his mind.

To be continued.


Featured image by Sabrina Isterica from her Flickr and can be found here.   




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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