Thursday, The Third Day

Hello reader(s) of dearness!

I would apologize for posting a little bit late again today, but you know what?  I don'[t feel like it.  This is my blog-type-thing, and I do what I want.  But I won’t make you respect my authority today.

Anyway, today I had a doctor appointment.  It was a surgical consult for the largest of the nodules in my lung.  The appointment was set on the day it was decided that they would try to treat me with medication first.  I told them that, but they told me to come to the consult anyway.  Because, apparently the person scheduling it did not run it by anyone.  Then nobody bothered to call me between then and today in order to cancel it.  So I took two buses down to the hospital to meet with the surgeon for an appointment that wasn’t even necessary.  Am I mad?

Nope, because I ended up talking with the surgeon for a minute about it, wasn’t billed, and found out a little bit more about what things would entail.  The news is mixed, and I am still trying to process it.  The good news, is that the surgeon really doesn’t want to do surgery on me.  The bad news, is that he doesn’t want to because he couldn’t do it with a camera, and would have to do the full around-the-side incision between the spread ribs.  So surgery, while still possible at some point, is going to be way down on the list of things they want to do.

Hopefully the point is moo anyway.

Because I am being treated with the medication they are pretty confident will work.  Since they have all-but-ruled out anything too severe, I will have another CT scan in the beginning of June to see if the nodule has shrunk.  That would put an end to all the worry.  I thought it was weird that the doctors were willing to throw medication at something without a 100% confirmation of what it was, but now I know why.  Of course, these are things they could have just told me instead of making me show up for nothing, but am I bitter?  No, I am sweet.

I did not sleep well last night.  The stupid basketball was on the vision of tele.  And thanks to the insane level of heart from the Portland Trailblazers, the game was close right to the end.  And exciting.  So even when it was all over, I couldn’t just go right to sleep.  Then people were being loud.  Then the cats were being rude.  Then it was just too damn hot.  Then I was up pretty early to bus it to the appointment because it would have cost me $6 to park.  So now I am sleepy, but I don’t think I will try to nap, at least not until later.  I’m trying this new thing where I get so sleep deprived that I hallucinate.  Beats psychedelics.

I think I need to get a massage.  I’ve never had an actual massage before.  I mean, I’ve been massaged, but I’ve never gone to get an actual, clinical massage.  Yes, I only want the clinical one.  No happy ending, thank you.

It is shaping up to be another beautiful day.  I have done a bit of walking because of the busing this morning, but if it stays this nice, I’m going to have to get out in it later too.  I am done with the antibiotics that cause the serious sun reactions, so hopefully the effects will be easy on my pasty skin.  Nope.  Just looked it up and they tell me to wait 5 days after my last dose.  Thanks, doctors.  Bad enough I have to wear these sexy socks all summer long.

Actually, I might be napping soon after all.  I just zoned out for about 20 minutes.  Maybe I could nap.

So I guess I will go now, but I just thought I’d babble a little at you all about my Thursday.

What are you up to today?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

12 thoughts on “Thursday, The Third Day”

  1. I hope that all your nodules will be gone. I had RA nodules on my elbows when I got diagnosed and now -almost 2 years later- they are gone. I changed my diet and adjusted my lifestyle to my autoimmune disorder. I am medication free and very rarely in pain. I wish you the same luck

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  2. Sorry about yer nodules. I am actually feeling a bit guilty about how I haven’t been sick all spring, as if that’s got anything to do with you, like you’re having my sickness. Empathy is like that sometimes. While I think rum, sex, hot baths, long walks, and sleep can repair me, I know none of them will render me immortal. I am experiencing general malaise, moments of panic, hypochondria, and extreme discontent. I have been writing poetry and pondering the meaning of life. I have also been cleaning and baking and shopping and have decided none of those are the meaning of life for me. I walked around my yard and find I am impatient and fussy. Also, roses still have thorns. People are beginning to arrive home now and they need me — that keeps me going, keeps me smiling.

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    1. Yes, don’t feel guilty for not being sick! Enjoy it while you can! Sorry you are experiencing what you are, but I like your repair regimen. Except the bath part. I’m anti-bath. Roses do have thorns, I take it you were reminded the hard way, or is this more metaphorical?
      Also, smiling for the people who keep you going and smiling might just be the meaning of life.

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      1. I meant literally about the roses, but as soon as I wrote it, I saw it as metaphor.
        You may be right about the meaning of life.
        I am enjoying not being sick, but I’m the kind of sick that waits for the other shoe to fall…What a waste of time and energy that sickness is.

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