Still Alive and Home Now

Hello dear reader(s)!

I’m out of the hospital.  The infection is basically gone and I am starting to feel like myself again.  (Except the stomach issues from these antibiotics, yuck!)  Sorry I have missed so much of all your lovely posts, and sorry for my lack of content.  Now that things are somewhat calming down (knock on wood), I hope to get back to some sort of consistent post-type-thinging again soon.  Like tomorrow morning, which I don’t know what time that would be for all of you because you live in different time zones from me and each other except in the cases where you live in the same timezone as me, but I really don’t want to go through all the time zones and list the approximate time equivalency when I expect I’ll be able to post next, so maybe just take my word for it that will be tomorrow morning in my time zone and then will try to hold to roughly that time (give or take a bit) to the best of my ability.  Or, you could not really care, which is the more likely option and made that last run-on sentence a little worthless, didn’t it?

So let me do a quick wrap up of thoughts since last I posted.  You don’t have to let me, it’s my blog-type-thing, I do what I want.  Respect my authority!

Trump v Clinton  Hopefully not the case before the Supreme Court that decides the Presidency.  It looks like these are our choices.  Yes, Bernie still has an outside shot, and I will definitely keep hope alive until the plus-size lady vocalizes, but I can’t help but feel like the two major parties suck complete ass and are destroying any notion of democracy in this here Republic.

Leicester City  I got emotional during the trophy presentation after their championship-worthy win (they already clinched) and they’re not even my team.  Pretty cool stuff.  5000 to 1 odds.  Seriously.

West Ham  Earlier today, some of their fans mobbed and threw bottles at the arriving Manchester United team bus and broke some windows.  Could have hurt people.  Keep it classy, West Ham.  The Hillsborough inquest earlier this month helped redeem some soccer fans in the eyes of the world, don’t go fucking that up.

Steph Curry  Also not my team.  In fact, I don’t have an NBA team.  But that dude is really good.  Too fun not to watch.  He came off a three week injury, and scored 40 points including 17 in overtime to bring the Warriors of Some State Called Golden Which I Don’t Believe Really Exists over the Portland (OR, not ME) Trailblazers, also known as RIP City because of things that I never have bothered to find out.

What’s with all the sports talk?  Well, it has been an exciting last few days.  I haven’t gone all sports freak on you, my dear reader(s), not to worry.

Food  I want pasta.  Like cheese ravioli in good marinara.  That is all.

Weather  It is beautiful here, but the particular brand of antibiotics I am on makes it bad to be out in the sun right now.  Also, I guess there are a lot of tornadoes going on where tornadoes go on at, so hopefully all those people who happen to live in the places tornadoes go on at stay safe.  And if their houses get lifted up and carried away, may they land on a witch who has been deemed wicked but only by the prevailing side thus helping them to assist Glinda in her hostile takeover of Oz.

Nurses  No, I do not have nurse fetish.  (Although…scrub butts… 😉 )  Anyway, being someone who is constantly in and out of hospitals, I can not even begin to describe the amount of gratitude I have for nurses and all they do.  Y’all don’t get enough credit for the difficult work you do.  …except for the one night nurse I had twice who does not know how to fucking shut the light she turned on back off when she leaves the room with a patient who is laid-up, does not coordinate with the CNA to make sure she knew I just had my vitals checked, and does not come in unnecessarily way too early in the morning and then hang around complaining about the computer system not working when you won’t even restart the damn computer after the other nurse you called into my room to help you told you to before you give up.  Because guess what the next nurse did after shift change?  That’s right, she restarted the fucking computer.  No thank you to you, but thank you to everyone else.

Cannabis  A study has noted that traffic fatalities increased in 2014, after marijuana legalization in my state.  That study makes the assumption that it is due to the legalization of marijuana.  It also notes that more drivers tested positive for marijuana in their system since legalization.  While there is correlation, any scientist worth their precious little white jacket can tell you that correlation does not equal causation.  In fact, there are very reasonable variables to completely the assumption that is being reported by the media.  One possible explanation for the increase in fatalities is just the sheer increase in population.  It stands to reason that the fatalities would not only increase proportionately but could even increase exponentially as the already congested roads are just way past capacity and are more dangerous than a one for one increase would have you believe.  A possible reason for the increase in drivers who tested positive for marijuana, is increased testing in legalization itself.  Blood tests weren’t exactly commonplace once someone passed a breathalyzer prior to legalization and nothing else was found that would present probably cause.  But the narrative is to be scared of the dangerous plant that people have been using for a very long, but more secretly.

Posting  Sorry.  Didn’t expect this one to be so big and full of word vomit.  I guess I really missed it.

Until next time, my dear reader(s), may the road rise up to meet you, be free of potholes, free of roadkill, free of tolls, relatively empty and safe to drive fast on, take you to your destination, clearly marked, wait, if it rises up to meet you, does that mean it goes uphill?  Maybe not then.




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

23 thoughts on “Still Alive and Home Now”

    1. Thanks. I’d say Deadpool’s pace would be cool but I don’t wanna look like that. Or go through what he went through to get that way. Wolverine went through some stuff too, come to think of it.

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  1. Word vomit is good. I missed you too. Glad you’re on the mend, again.
    I don’t think most people should get high and drive. Like, if you fall into the area of high where you laugh for 20 minutes after looking at your feet, don’t drive. If you’re so high you eat frozen broccoli, don’t drive. Ya know?
    I actually heard about your ‘L’ City on the radio — apparently it was a very big deal.
    Tomorrow I’m doing a nice cheese tortellini in pesto, think you could stop by? I wanted lobster ravioli about an hour ago, because one of my friends posted a pic. I decided to envy her and eat ice cream instead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmmm, ice cream sounds great! And yeah, sure, let me gas up the private jet and fly on out. LOL.
      Yeah, if you are still laughing at stupid stuff, don’t drive. If you eat frozen broccoli, you need better munchies. Might I suggest Cheetos puffs dipped in Nutella. (I was actually completely sober when I came up with that, but seriously, if that isn’t a stoned food I don’t know what is.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d love for you to land your private jet in my back 40 — oh, and hey, bring fresh fish! 😛 lol
        I do not eat Cheetos, or Nutella — Of course, I don’t get high, so it’s alright. When I was pregnant (high on hormones) I ate some pretty weird crap. That’ll do.

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      2. Yeah, pregnancy cravings I would imagine are pretty insane. As far as Cheetos and Nutella, it has been years, but I would have a banana nutella crepe everyday if I could.

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    1. Thanks. The conclusions drawn from all of these studies, scientific or otherwise, are often not at all what was actually found. Not just for marijuana, for anything. Unless it is replicated, it isn’t yet true, and all variables need to be taken into consideration.

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  2. Bernie hang in there! It’s a long shot, but if Hillary gets indicted, he’s on his way. It’s worrisome, Trump is gaining momentum as the Republican nominee. All eyes now on the DOJ and FBI investigations.


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