Her perfume was intoxicating as she leaned over him.  His hands held together, over his head, until she cinched the straps through the buckles on his wrists.  A slight pull on his wrists as she attacked them to the frame of the bed.  She had never done anything like this, and he never would have thought he wanted it, but was more aroused than he ever remembered being.

She leaned in even further and whispered in his ear, “You are not supposed to enjoy this.”

The feel of her breath combined with the power of her words sent shivers over his entire body.  He tried to hold back his smile as she lifted her head away from his ear, but couldn’t keep a straight face.

That changed when he felt the slap.

His eyes widened, and he looked at her in shock.

“About time you take this seriously,” she said, flatly.

Stunned, he could only manage, “You hit me!”

“Yes,” she replied coldly.

He was upset.  His mind told him that her slap went too far.  Play was one thing, but a slap to the face and her cool attitude told him that this was something else.  He felt disrespected.  But as the sting from her hand faded and turned into the warmth of rushing blood through his skin, that spread to each of his nerve endings, his body betrayed his mind.

His body’s response wasn’t lost on her.  She got up and stood at the edge of the bed and looked down at him with disdain.  “You liked that, didn’t you?  I knew you were weak, the last few days proved that, but I had no idea just how much.”

His mind raced.  He asked himself what she meant by “the last few days”.  He wondered whether or not she was joking or truly serious.  He wondered why he couldn’t stop being so turned on by it.

His shirt already off, she leaned back onto the bed and undid his pants, sliding them off.  She stood back up at the foot of the bed, herself still fully clothed, and smiled.  “You are going to regret the last few days.  Enjoy this now, you won’t be soon.”

The realization struck him.  She was serious.  He suddenly wasn’t turned on anymore.  He was scared.  He began to pull at the restraints that held his hands to the bed, but they would not budge.  “Let me out!” he yelled at her.

She calmly walked over to the nightstand where she had set her phone down.  She checked the time on it.

“Any minute now,” she announced.

“Any minute now, what?” he asked in a panic.

“You know what you did!” she answered.

“No, what did I do?  What are you doing?”

The doorbell rang.

She turned and walked toward the living room, before she shut the door to the bedroom on her way out, she told him, “You cheated.  And now I’m going to make you watch.”

She slammed the door.

He was going crazy.  Pulling at the straps, trying to break free.  He had never been unfaithful to her.  Never even in his mind.  He would never jeopardize their relationship by going outside of it.

But he heard his wife giggle and the muted sounds of a male voice.  He heard the front door shut.  He gave up trying to struggle and started to cry.  There was no arousal, there was no fight, there was just the despair of what was occurring.

He saw the doorknob turn.  He took a deep breath as the door opened.  She walked in.  She was carrying a pizza.

“I found the In-N-Out Burger bag in your car, bastard!  We were supposed to be doing this diet together and I know you cheated!”

She opened the box and lifted a slice to her lips.  She took a bite and made sure to exaggerate how good it tasted.

The sense of relief caused him to burst out into laughter.

“I’m sorry, I was so hungry!” he told her.

She finished her slice, walked around to the top of the bed, and undid the straps.  “It’s okay, that was kind of fun.  Something to consider,” she winked.

He sat up and smiled at her.

“Slice?” she asked.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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    1. Hahahaha! I had great pizza on Saturday and have been craving it ever since. And yeah, I try to keep this page RELATIVELY clean, so while I may talk about sex and even write about it, you can bet it won’t be too explicit or graphic.

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