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If you are living under a rock, or just doing your absolute best to ignore any of the election show (for which I cannot blame you), you may have heard that the Zodiac Killer and John (moderate unless you are a woman) Kasich have teamed up in an attempt to deny Republican front-runner Donald Trump from winning enough delegates prior to the Republican convention to secure the nomination on a first ballot.

Of course, the media is absolutely freaking out about this like it is something new.  It is new for these two candidates, but is certainly not new to party politics.  Parties usually make agreements in a less public way, but the desperation of the anti-Trump Republican side calls for more desperate measures in their judgement.  The thing they should be wondering about, is what took them so long.

Were these two candidates really under the delusion that they could win outright until now?  Were they really under the belief that all of the polls are so dead-wrong?  Did they really believe that any Republican outside of their core fans would consider them viable except as an alternative to Trump?  Kasich, who won Ohio.  And Cruz, who wins where the people don’t get a say. I’ve been saying for some time that the party will do everything in their power to prevent Trump from getting the nomination.  Why is this a surprise?  It should be seen as no coincidence that this agreement came after a big party conference in Florida.  It is obvious the party elite pressured both candidates to check their ego, and to realize they are only going to get any support because they are an alternative to Trump.  This is party selection of their candidate.  It is not that big of a story.  It is the reason why our Republic is not at all Democratic.  The voice of the people do not matter in choosing a major party candidate who has a lock on being the only electable candidate in a Presidential election.  It is the same thing happening on the Democratic side, only using slightly different tactics.

Why is this a story?

Well, there is the fact that we are all waking up to it.  On the Republican side, when some are predicting riots, that might actually happen.  However, riots will not accomplish anything.  The threat of riots might have deterred the party from interfering too strongly with the will of the people, but as this agreement shows, it didn’t.  That is how much the Republican party cares about its voters.

The Democratic side is no different.  With debate scheduling, closed primaries, mysterious voter roll purges, and even fundraising for one candidate over another through Super PAC’s as well as buying off Superdelegates to support her; the will of the people does not matter nearly as much as the party establishment.  This prevents any real change from happening.

So what can those of us who are fed up with the control of the party elite do?  What can those of us who feel the parties are taking advantage of the average person who votes for their candidates?

Well, on the Republican side, you could convince conservatives to form a new party.  The tea party isn’t cutting it.  The TrusTED Zodiac Killer is absolute proof that once in the establishment, you become the establishment.  TrusTED going to state conventions and stacking his delegates against the will of the voters is exactly in opposition of what allowed his rise of power.

On the Democratic side, there is no need to start another progressive party.  One already exists.  It is called the Green Party.  Look at this comparison between Bernie Sanders and Dr. Jill Stein on the issues.  The differences are extremely slight.  The real difference is that one is operating as an insurgent inside the Democratic Party, and the other is trying to build something better.  And unfortunately, voters do not see Dr. Stein as a realistic choice solely because of that.

But a Green Party is only unrealistic as long as we continue to believe it is.

We have an unprecedented chance to build a viable alternative to the oligarchs in the major parties that have stolen the voice of the people for far too long.

When Bernie Sanders goes to the convention, and attempts to persuade the Democratic Party to stop ignoring their progressive base, to implement real reforms allowing for a more democratic primary process, and to adopt a genuinely progressive platform; imagine if when he is only paid lip service to making the party work for the people, he then uses his airtime at the convention to tell his supporters to support the most progressive candidates in the race, and the Green Party candidates wherever they appear on the ballot.  Imagine if he uses his people powered fundraising expertise to bolster the Green Party.

Bernie Sanders has said all along we need a political revolution.  That his campaign wasn’t about him, but was about us.  His campaign has been called a movement.  Well, movements don’t die with the defeat of one person.  Movements fight on.

When Bernie Sanders is not the Democratic nominee (and he won’t be, unless there is an unlikely Clinton indictment first), the Democratic Party will go back to ignoring any progressive ideals.  They will shift to the center for the general election, and if the revolution stays within the party, it will die.  Business as usual will prevail.  The Democrats are counting on it, and already savoring their victory.

But Bernie Sanders exposed the weakness of third way triangulation.  He exposed the corruption.  He exposed the fact they are as beholden to moneyed interests than the Republicans.  He has mobilized an army of progressives who want real change now.

Bernie Sanders has shown the Democrats are vulnerable when they do not take progressives seriously.  And since they are not about to take progressives seriously, Bernie’s movement needs to move outside to show them how much of a mistake their dismissal of progressives was.  It needs to fight the party outside of the party rules that silence it.  It needs to Go Green.

Even if you are not progressive, work to get Green Party candidates on the ballot.  You do not have to agree with specific positions to know that Americans should be given more choices than what the corporate controlled party elite (on either side) want you to have.

And if you are a progressive, support Green Party candidates whenever possible.  If you are a Sanders supporter like me, support Sanders as much as you can and fight so that hopefully, he pulls off a miracle and comes away with the nomination.  But, if he doesn’t, no matter who he endorses, unless you want the political revolution to die a slow, painful death…vote for Dr. Jill Stein and any other Green Party candidate where you have the chance.

Take your voice back.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

10 thoughts on “Collusion!”

  1. A couple of us started a county Green Party about 20 years ago here in western NY. A very conservative part of the state .Very frustrating. We held rallies at a couple of decent size cities…about 8 people showed up. No press coverage. No money. No one took us seriously. Then the NY Dems encouraged the “Working Families Party” which is a more liberal wing of the Dems as far as I am concerned. So, that pretty much undercut any support we may have been able to develop.Then 9/11 happened and everybody got crazier and pro-war. Ended up going back to the Dems. The old “lesser of two evils” argument.

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    1. Yeah, I know. Thy are masters at triangulation. Either the right or the left. Incorporating just enough to silence it. That’s why this moment needs to be taken advantage of. Building upon the large scale dissatisfaction that has been brought to light.

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  2. A friend was telling me about the Green Party a couple weeks ago, and I definitely plan to vote for Stein if Hillary is in. Living in SC in a state where my vote doesn’t count anyway, I believe in voting for the strongest third party option to get a chance of getting that 5%.

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  3. Bernie & Jill have always been their own people. I think Bernie studied Ross Perot’s history & decided to flip it and try to do it from inside the institutional system. I still believe if he comes out strong here in PA again and a few other states he still has a fighting chance. However, as a former Green party member for awhile (until I changed affils to support Obama in the primaries when he first ran) I was and continue to be impressed by Jill Stein & intend to support her if Hillary is the nominee (& I can’t write in Bernie). I know in my state this considered a travesty since we are purple, but I’ve always supported who I felt served the public interest versus the party. If Bernie wasn’t in the equation & I hadn’t seen him stand up for the people in Congress so many times over so many years I’d have no problems supporting Jill at all. Good post. I am by no means a one issue voter, I have just had way too many experiences with Hillary where she failed to hear the voice of the people, meet with the people, or advocate where she needed to for the people.

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    1. Yeah, Clinton is not my preferred candidate on many issues. Even though if I lived where you do, I would probably vote strategically instead of with my conscience, I would never shame someone for not doing the same. Votes are supposed to be about what or who you want. Not what or who you don’t.

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  4. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    “But a Green Party is only unrealistic as long as we continue to believe it is.”
    — That is exactly right! It probably won’t happen this election, but if enough awareness happens whereby
    the average person realizes the fix is in, then an independent progressive Green party may just be the ticket for real possible change in the future.

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