To Be Loved

Once you’ve experienced it
You need it
You can and do live without it
Yet everything seems a little more hollow
The bright isn’t as bright
The dark is even darker
The colors that exist in the sea of grey
Take a lot more work to find
Being liked
Being desired
Being worshiped
Doesn’t compare
You become vulnerable
To when it is said
But isn’t meant
You fall for it
At first
You realize
Only later
It wasn’t there
Doesn’t compare
You break hearts
Allow yours to be broken
Do things you would have never considered
Break the rules you made for yourself
Try to bend the universe to your will
All in an attempt

To be loved


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

11 thoughts on “To Be Loved”

  1. I’m not a Bernie supporter nor am I a Republican voter, however, this is a good post. I, too, am sick of the surrogates. I don’t know who appoints these people but there is one who looks to be about 18 and doesn’t have her facts straight. CNN seems to love to see a “cat fight” but as a woman, I find it embarrassing. I will not go into it because she is a Bernie surrogate and I am a guest on your site. Yet, they are all annoying. They talk over each other and don’t care what they say just as long as their mouth is moving. Lately, I am finding very little new information. In past campaigns, there was a complaint from voters that the campaigns were to mundane and everyone was on the same page. So, do they prefer this back biting and name calling? How can we make an informed decision when its more about personalities than issues. My point in even commenting on your site was to ask where and when you heard this use of the “f bomb” because the only place I have heard it is on the political satire shows of which I am a fan?

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  2. Reblogged this on K. Phoenix and commented:
    To be loved is a beautiful, desired thing that most hope to have. While some do everything they can for this little word, yet big meaning called “love”.

    I really enjoyed this poem. It speaketh the truth.

    Take a visit to Josh’s blog and he can tell you all about it.

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