How To Unite The Democrats

Hello dear reader(s)!

As you are probably aware by now, I am a supporter of Bernie Sanders.  However, I am also a realist.  Even though Bernie Sanders can still win, it seems unlikely at this point.  Not because of the amount of delegates left (there are plenty), but because the race has basically been called by the media people still believe and follow for some unknown reason.

As someone who is #BernieOrGreen (maybe, because as of now, Dr. Jill Stein is still not on the ballot here), I am almost certainly likely not to vote for Hillary Clinton for President.  It isn’t because she is a woman, it is because I don’t like her on most issues.

That said, however, I realize that Hillary Clinton would likely be better as President than anyone the Republicans happen to pick.  Since I am in a state solidly, solidly blue (even if the 1 in 3 Sanders supporters who say they won’t vote for Clinton really don’t), I have the luxury of voting for Dr. Stein of the Green Party in the hopes she receives enough of the vote to qualify for Federal Matching Funds, and hopefully consideration in future elections (provided she gets on the ballot).  But, not everyone is so lucky.

I would never tell anyone to vote for someone they do not like, in order to prevent someone arguably worse from being elected.  Our willingness to settle for the lesser of evils is what prevents real work from getting done.  If I’m not going to do it, why should you?  No, my dear swing state reader(s), this post isn’t for you, it’s for the camp of the likely nominee, Hillary Clinton.

How To Unite The Democrats

A Helpful Guide From A Random Blog-Type-Thinger

  1. Shut your fucking surrogates the fuck up, fucker.  

    “We kicked his ass tonight, I hope this convinces Bernie to tone it down. If not, fuck him.

    Really?  Who has the bad tone?  Sanders points out the differences in how they raise money, Sanders points out how they differ on issues of substance, and you cry foul about tone?  And to really drive home the point of just how wrong you are, you drop your tone to “fuck him”?  What are you, a fucking idiot?  Fuck you!  And your candidate!  If 33% of roughly 50% of the voters in the Democratic primaries are considering not coming out for you in the fall, you cannot win.  Saying, “Fuck him” after false accusations about tone isn’t going to do you any favors.  Fucker.  And next time have the guts to be more than just an anonymous aide, you chicken shit.

  2. Try and get Elizabeth Warren to be your VP.  She might refuse, but I would’ve voted for her in a heart beat, and it would be hard not to vote in a way that would elevate her career.  Even if that means voting for you.
  3. See if Bernie Sanders will accept a high cabinet position.  Secretary of the Treasury would be good.  Or maybe appoint him Chair of the Federal Reserve.
  4. Push to eliminate Super Delegates, Open Primaries, and Rotate the Primary Calendar.  #MakeTheDemocraticPartyDemocraticAgain (or rather, for the first time)
  5. Apologize to the Sanders supporters you shamed.  We did our research.  We don’t like you on the issues.  Let it go.  We can back up all of our claims, even if you want to try to weasel out on the technicality that a Super PAC is not your campaign (it won’t help with us because our candidate doesn’t use Super PAC’s), and even if you hide behind your surrogates, we know your record.  Quit shaming us for not supporting you.  Quit implying we are misinformed because we disagree.  Quit calling us “Bernie Bros” and “Bernie Bots”.  Your 2008 campaign zombie insult (Obama Boys) may have fooled people in the primaries, but your targets of those insults will remember come the fall.
  6. Quit being so far to the right.  We know how the trade agreements have played out.  As much as I dislike Trump, I can say he is dead-right that Free Trade is only free if it is Fair Trade.  Your trade policies, pushed first for your husband, then continued as Secretary of State and even into your campaign (until it started hurting your poll numbers) have been proven disasters for the middle class.  Your wall street buddies and offshore holding CEO’s may love it, but soon they won’t have customers.  Push for legalizing cannabis.  Refusing to do so when it is so benign and popular is a Republican position.  Shift funds and go for tuition free 4 year college.  We already do K-12.  We can do K-16, without raising much in taxes.  Do more to regulate and control Wall Street, including using the authority of the Federal Reserve to break up banks too big to fail.  No private entity should risk our national security.  Do more to understand the gravity of climate change, this problem will not be fixed incrementally.  Quit pushing disastrous regime change.  We’re sick of wasting trillions bombing kids.

Something that happened today, seemingly unrelated to politics, made me think of the challenge Hillary Clinton will face in the general election.  The death of Prince made me think about some of his music that was once considered too obscene and by today’s standards is pretty mild.  Including sex in art (as opposed to violence) is still a ridiculous puritanical no-no, but at the time, it was much, much worse.  And leading the fight against some of the rather explicit lyrics in some of Prince’s music?

Well that would be the wife of Bill Clinton’s Vice President.  Tipper Gore.  Spearheading a traditionally conservative attack on arts in the name of the children.  (“Oh, my Gosh, what if kids learn people enjoy sex?  What can we do?  Best just have them watch shootings on television.”)  Tipper Gore, wife of Al Gore.  Third-way Vice President and then, in 2000, failed Presidential candidate.  Al Gore, who could not get enough Democrats to show up to keep the election from being decided by a corrupt Florida Secretary of State (who just happened to have been appointed by his opponent’s brother, Jeb!), and then the Supreme Court.

Regardless of whether or not you believe the election was stolen, it should never have been that close.  But it was.  Not because people liked Bush, but because nobody saw enough of a distinction between George W. Bush and Al Gore.  It was Republican and Diet Republican (now with Splenda).  It probably would not have been the disaster it was, were it not for the bounce and ability to act with impunity after 9/11 (thanks to the Democrats for bending over when wanting to be seen as rallying around the flag).

Hillary Clinton is the Al Gore of 2016, only she is directly insulting the progressives that Al Gore just ignored.

So the question I ask the Hillary Clinton campaign is this, “Are you going to negotiate the future of this party and nation in good faith, or do you want to lose if nominated?”



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

4 thoughts on “How To Unite The Democrats”

  1. It will not be easy for Sanders supporters to vote for Clinton in the general election. But by then the stark contrasts between Clinton and Trump or Clinton and Cruz will overshadow any hard feelings from the primaries.
    Like you, I live in a “safe ” state, NY. We just finished our primary and we will not see another candidate again until 2020. Except when they show up on Wall Street to to raise money. And they ALL do.
    In 2000 I voted for Nader, knowing it would have no effect in NY. Unfortunately in Florida many liberals decided to vote for Nader (over 97,000) . Combined with the systematic pre-election purging of the minority voter rolls by Jeb Bush and GW won by fewer than 500 votes, out of 6,000,000. The purge of Dem voters is covered pretty well by Greg Palast.

    We see a similar situation today where some states are systematically trying to prevent citizens from voting, if they are a certain skin color.

    I do not the criticize the Nader voters from voting their conscience. But what a different world we would have today if a few thousand had decided that it was better to get Gore rather than Bush. Climate change? 9/11? Invasion of Iraq? Massive tax breaks for the rich? John Roberts and Sam Alito on the SCOTUS? Citizens United? The second great depression?

    So, I hope the Sanders people in the swing states will carefully consider how they vote. In our stupid electoral college system they have 100 times the political power than you or I . I hope they go into the voting booth , hold their nose, and vote for Clinton. No matter how much they might not like her, the alternative is just too frightening.

    (I would rather see Warren and Sanders stay in the Senate. They will have more power there than in any role in the administration. You can be sure the GOP will continue to obstruct.)


  2. Blue no matter who for me, Josh. I may go with a write-in, but only time will tell. Few more weeks til the Indiana primary.
    There’s been a lot of easily recognizable bias in this election run. I could say that for almost all the candidates, in one way or another. Life isn’t fair and elections certainly aren’t. You know it’s bad when even Republicans are willing to point out the flaws in the system.

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