The Libertarian Mindset Strikes Again

Hello dear reader(s)!

Before I get to the meaty, beefy, cheese-covered meat of this post, I want to thank everyone for the kind words yesterday.  As bad as the day started, the finish was such a 180 that I am actually in a really good place.  Hopefully it continues, but even if it doesn’t, I know that those type of turnarounds can come at anytime.

Now for the actual post part of this post-type-thing.

This morning, I was watching the news (mainly looking for weather as some of the activities I would like to do today will be outdoors) and saw yet another tragic local story.  Today in Maple Valley, six students were injured when a truck slammed into them at a bus stop.  On the surface, this is just a terrible accident.

But it isn’t.  The driver apparently suffered some kind of medical condition.  When rescuers reached him, he was apparently unconscious with his foot still down on the accelerator.

Still sounds like a tragic accident.  Who is to say when a medical issue will strike?

Well, he knew.

You see, he suffers from seizures.  And he had his driver’s license pulled for that very reason.  Yet, he chose to drive on that suspended license.  Knowing exactly what could happen to people if he did.  He traded the lives of others for his convenience.

In 2000, I had a string of unexplained seizures.  They pulled my license.  It was a pain in the ass.  I had to be seizure-free for at least six months before I could get it back.  So I didn’t drive for a long while.  It was inconvenient, but I knew something.  I knew that I live among other people.  I would not want to hurt or possibly kill someone to prevent from being annoyed at having to find alternate means of transportation.

His was a point of view that is not only wrong, but is actually promoted by politicians and other libertarians.

This particular accident comes just days after two students were killed, and two more were injured, by an SUV that slammed into them walking to school in the town of Ferndale.  This driver wasn’t driving on a suspended license, but he was driving under the influence.  He also had his child in the car.  Once again, someone decided to put their own convenience over the lives of those living around them.  Rather than find other transportation, this driver chose to drive while intoxicated.  It was all about him.

When you hear people talking about a nanny state, you often think about the overreach.  Overreach does exist, particularly when the cost of the laws outweigh the societal benefits (criminalizing drug use comes to mind), but the solution is not self governance.  Most laws exist for a reason.  Taxes exist for a reason.  We all drive the roads.  We all use the bridges.  We all want clean streets free of homeless people dying from exposure on them.  We all want our country to be able to defend itself (even if that cost could be cut dramatically by just not being the aggressor and interfering in things that do nothing to protect us), we all want our veterans to be taken care of, we all want to be able to go places without seeing people starving to death, we all want to be able to wait for our healthcare without witnessing poor people dying in the waiting room waiting to get in.  All of that costs money.  All of that takes people working toward the society they benefit from.

Fortunately, not everyone has to agree with that.  There is an option for the libertarians who think they can live without society.  It’s called exile.

Go for it.  Go live in a fucking desert by yourself.  Start that business you think you built by yourself without the infrastructure to bring in your raw materials and products.  Who are you going to sell to?  Come on Jeff Bezos.  Move out of Seattle, build your own city, your own roads, your own ports, your own Coast Guard to secure them, your own railways, your own interstate highways system and roads to deliver your products on.  Buy all that land to create a parallel infrastructure and quit using ours.  Build your own water treatment facilities, your own power plants, your own postal service, your own fucking world.  You’re building spacecraft, right?  Colonize fucking Mars with your libertarian followers and leave the rest of us the fuck alone.  Take Papa John, the Waltons, and Mark Cuban with you.  You can all suffocate on Mark’s Fountainhead yacht in the vacuum of space.

Let me know how your businesses work once you have a society full of a bunch of other people who don’t want to be told what to do.  Who think the free market is the only regulation needed.  Where anything goes, and nobody wants to contribute.  Good fucking luck with that.  Don’t let the door hit your ass when you leave our fucking planet.

You enjoy the infrastructure, and protections of the tax funded military.  Your products are often bought by people who only have the money to purchase them because they have gotten assistance to help those people afford them.  Many of your employees and customers do not all die out thanks to environmental regulations and healthcare requirements.  You use the services tax payers fund at a larger proportion and therefore should not be whining about paying a larger share.

Don’t like it?  Go away!



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

9 thoughts on “The Libertarian Mindset Strikes Again”

  1. You put your finger on the main difference between conservatives and liberals in general. Conservatives want people to be freer to do anything they want (except in their sex lives) . Then they want to punish people harshly when they do wrong.
    Liberals want people to be free, but to do so within the context of a safe and sane society. They want to prevent problems, so they don’t have to be solved later.
    It may feel good to give someone the death penalty for murder, but it does nothing to bring back the life of the victim. It may be inconvenient to have to take a background check to get a weapon, but it saves the lives of others when the bad guys don’t have easy access to guns.
    It goes to a fundamentally different attitude about life. Control anti-social behavior through punishment versus reducing anti-social behavior through prevention. I am afraid it is unending problem.

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  2. Some of the politics involved here are over my head to be honest lol but I will try to weight in. My take on politics is…it’s messed up. No matter what side of the fence you are on, I think everyone can agree on that…or not lol. The “accident’ you spoke of…wow…I have no words…just wrong on so many levels. As for taxes existing for a reason…in theory, I get why taxes exist…it makes sense…however when you have the corrupted 1% in charge of it…it comes off as greedy and from what I can see, all this money being siphoned from hard working people (because they do exist and I cringe every time I see what’s being taken off my pay check) seems to be going to programs that are far from perfect…the health care system is a perfect example even here in Canada. You would think with all money coming in from tax payers, we would see success with a lot of these programs designed to “benefit the people” yet things in this world seem to be more corrupt than ever…we pay out the ass to our government system and it’s a joke…it’s like asking me to pay full price for a product that’s damaged…umm…no.

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      1. For sure. We have to meet in the middle somewhere…somehow. There is need for laws, order and the like. The answer is not to create your own country or something radical like that although I see why some people are fed up and would rather go in that direction lol but their is a need to take some sort of stand against the abuse of our hard earned money that’s for sure. Thanks for making us think! 🙂

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    1. I think one of the problems is that the media, not only Fox but others as well, mainly covers scandals and bad behavior. It’s not a story when a family gets health care for the first time. Or a woman who was laid off finally gets a job with the growing economy. When a kid from the Bronx is the first person in his family to graduate from college. It is not sexy and exciting when a mayor gets a grant for a new bike path or when the feds give him money for that new highway. But let that same mayor have a fling and WHOA. HEADLINE NEWS.

      100,000 teachers work their butts off every day. Silence. One teacher screws a student. HEADLINE NEWS.

      100,000 cops are honest and fair. Shhhhhhh. Video of one racist moron. HEADLINE NEWS.

      .It is easy to get frustrated and cynical (try my blog!) but we should try to keep a positive attitude. After all, change comes slowly.

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      1. Excellent point! And yeah the media is very good at skewing our view and feeding their own agenda to say the least. It’s all about drama, fear…ratings. I will certainly stop by your blog! Cheers! 🙂

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  3. A-to-the-men. On a related note, one of the things about my dad that I’m most proud of is that, as soon as it was suggested that he was no longer a competent driver, he booked an appointment to be evaluated. He made it halfway through the testing and they said he was a danger. Rather than fighting them on it, he voluntarily quit the testing and turned his license in. Why? He didn’t want to risk hurting anyone. He had DEMENTIA, but he knew better than to endanger other people. There is zero excuse for that bus driver. I know that wasn’t your larger point, but it struck me. And now I have to go find out why yesterday was rough for you.

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