The Media Is Lying

Either that, or they just don’t understand.

Hello dear reader(s)!

As I type this, my state is participating in caucuses.  I am not there, due to my health issues, but I am caucusing by proxy.

The states caucusing today are Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington.

I can’t speak to the politics in Alaska and Hawaii, but I know Washington.

In all three states, Sanders is expected to win.  The media is telling the same story.  Bernie Sanders does better in caucus states.  Caucuses.  Caucuses.  Bernie wins caucuses.

Maybe in other states.  Maybe in Eastern Washington.

But Western Washington has liberals.  Liberals, with progressive policy ideals.  This is the real reason Bernie Sanders may take the state.  There is a higher population in the West than the East.  Nothing against the Eastern part of the state, but that puts their more conservative ideals at a political disadvantage.  The Western part of the state, particular Seattle, knows that Hillary Clinton is a Democrat and is more liberal than Republicans, but is more to the right than we would prefer.

Seattle doesn’t give a damn about party loyalty.  The arguments that Sanders isn’t even really a Democrat make him even more attractive here.  Seattle already has a Democratic Socialist on the city council.  Seattle votes on policy, and Seattle has championed many of the ideals that Sanders is running on.  Not only that, but Seattle has seen how successful those policies have been.

Our minimum wage is being phased up to $15/hour.  While it is not there yet, many of the businesses have already adjusted to it.  They are doing fine.  In fact, many of the businesses conservatives say would be hurt the most are small and medium-sized businesses and restaurants are that are doing quite well with the exception of high rents thanks to all the people moving here.  And Seattle residents proudly support their local businesses.  The economy is in great shape, too good.  The people of Seattle knows this works for them.

So when a Democrat famous for being a self-described part of the administration that bought the line that people should be ashamed of their progressive ideals, one who runs to the center-right, one who is a war hawk and supports disastrous regime change, and one who has had to shift to the left on too many policies is trying to get votes among the REAL liberals and progressives…caucuses are not the reason she will lose here.

Caucuses are now over.  From the people I have talked to, their locations went to Sanders in a landslide.  Those are just a couple of areas of a very liberal part of the state, but also a populous one.

If you’re asking yourself why this matters if Sanders is going to win anyway, it is because today should send a message to liberals and progressives in states that have yet to vote.  That message is that we should no longer wear the Reagan/Bush derogatory label of “liberal” as something to hide from.  We should no longer be ashamed of our progressive view points.  We know that a people’s government IS necessary since it is more clear than ever that people are not capable of no governance.  That there is nothing wrong with a portion of your money being spent on services that are necessary to keep civilization running.  That rights should be protected for all, equally.

But the media won’t let you hear that message.  They won’t let you hear what the people of Washington are trying to say.  No, they are hiding it by claiming it is the caucuses, but ignoring the message being delivered.  They have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are, and nobody is guaranteed to do that more than Hilary Clinton.

There is only one progressive running in the two major parties.  It is Bernie Sanders.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

8 thoughts on “The Media Is Lying”

  1. Bernie Sanders can and will get republican votes in the general election. He has been doing it in Vermont his whole career, and this state is split conservative/liberal, not matter how much the media is trying to paint us as a state full of liberal hippie drop-outs, that simply is not the case Farmers love Bernie, as well as sooooo many other republicans here. Its a shame this is not coming out in mainstream Media. Bernie will be the first Democrat my 80 yr old parents have EVER voted for if he gets the nomination.

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    1. I think that many Republicans understand that a government run by corporations is worse than a government run by the people. While I’m sure they’d rather have a smaller government and lower taxes, I think putting it back in the hands in the people is so universal that it may bring some to his side.

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