Generic Music Post, Part 2

Hello dear reader(s)!

As you may or may not be aware, the most recent editor WordPress calls improved actually sucks donkey balls.  I am not change resistant.  In fact, I typically embrace good change.  But this editor has never been good.  For the longest time, you couldn’t even link to existing content.  Now you can, but you lose other functionality.  The preview button glitches out so often that I typically have to do a long work-around which involves closing out the saved post and going into blog posts and previewing the draft from there, just to get the preview to load.  Additionally. the autosave feature has never been stable.  Sometimes it just doesn’t save.  Sometimes the save link disappears when you want to save, but it isn’t actually autosaving, and sometimes the feature moves your cursor when it is done and you end up typing into the middle of previous text.  The last two days, the autosave feature has been just freezing the entire page every time I post a YouTube video, and then when I go back into the draft it has LITERALLY changed the HTML and erased the videos.  Plus, the old editor had a word count, and a damn good spelling and grammar check feature.  The new editor is not at all improved, and WordPress should know it, but won’t admit it.  Fortunately, for now anyway, there is a way to get to the classic editor without a browser extension and script if you go through the dashboard.  And now that I know that, I can finally resume the attack on the evil Stephanie and her evil forces of evil.

In the previous Generic Music Post, I accepted a challenge from Stephanie regarding the diverse styles of music we like.  I resoundingly defeated her, as the examples of music in my playlist were far more stylistically diverse than hers.  However, her delusional nature has caused her to go around saying that she was victorious meaning that I must resume attack in a second round.

First a little mood music for the fight ahead.

And here we go…

And there is plenty more where those came from.  All of these are actually on the playlist on my phone.  So…do you really think you can step to me?

I await your counter-attack, Stephanie, but know I will unleash complete and utter destruction upon you unless you surrender unconditionally.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

13 thoughts on “Generic Music Post, Part 2”

    1. To be fair to her. she is pretty diverse in her likes too. but I don’t see how she could be more so. Maybe she’ll even pull some out for response, but I could go on for days because I get so bored with just one style.


  1. I use Word most of the time and just copy and paste. Although, the spacing gets screwed up and so does the Italics. Sometimes I try to use Italics in a different color and it doesn’t copy and paste so I have to manually do it. Little things like that.

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  2. Great songs to be sure, but it feels like u’r playing it too safe. Judging from Stephanie’s latest music post, she’s a real competitor. Definitely a good thing as far as rivalry goes, forces you to step up and bring u’r A game. 🙂
    BTW, nice touch warming up with Rocky!

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    1. Well, I haven’t even really started to dig deep yet. At this point, the goal is diversity, not obscurity or even quality,. two areas where I could also crush her. It is more just to show the ranges we like. Where I win hands down.

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  3. I’m hep to your diversity, the both of you. I also have a wide range of music on my playlist, which is probably why I’m always complimenting people who are similar…
    Anyway, the only way I can add videos from YouTube in my bloggity editor is to go into HTML and throw the link in. Otherwise, WP be all, “REJECTED!” at me and I piss and moan about it. I miss the control I lost when it came to sizing photos. I am not a fan of the changes, ever. Anywhere. I don’t think. I’m old and fussy and would just as soon write blogs in comp books, make dittos for everyone, and mail them out in the post. 😉

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