No More Politics

Hello dear reader(s)!

I have made the decision, revocable at any time, to no longer post about politics on this here blog-type-thing until such time as people quit being so stupid, or until after the November election, or at any time I deem fitting at my sole discretion.  In other words, I will try, but if something YUUUUGE happens, I will do what I have to do.

Sanders-021507-18335- 0004
Sanders-021507-18335- 0004 By United States Congress –, Public Domain, $3

I have made this decision because I have come to the realization that I am just adding to noise that not enough people on any side want to listen to.  This happened when I tried to explain to someone that protesters being arrested at rallies for trespassing was, in fact, constitutional since they are considered private and campaigns pay the costs.   I made certain to say that I did not endorse the candidates calling for the arrest of protesters and that I was simply stating the truth about the first amendment not trumping (no pun intended) laws against trespassing.  I explained that campaign rallies are not considered public no matter how much you wish they were.  I explained that using the same logic, if you pay rent for a space then anyone can come in at any time to bother you.  I explained the only reason saying that is so that if someone decided to go in and protest one of these events, they need to know what to expect instead of believing this misinformation that arresting someone for trespassing would be a violation of their first amendment rights.

All to no avail.

So now, I will no longer post about politics.  It is ugly, and polarized, and the information is out there.  If we elect the wrong person(s) because of our refusal to see it, then I guess we get what we deserve.  Maybe when shit goes REALLY bad for the next four years, people will wake up.  In the meantime, we can all have a nice glass of Brawndo.  It’s got what plants crave.  It’s got electrolytes.

With politics no longer on the table, I have to figure out what to write about.  This will not be easy, I have been using politics as a crutch for so long, I am not sure what to do next.  Well, first things first, I could write about the redundancy of that statement.  Okay, that’s done, so second things second, I could write about something very near and dear to my heart…pie.

Here in my timezone, it is PI Day.  It is named such because Pi is 3.14 (Infinite numbers following thereafter) and today is March 14th or 3/14.  In other words, a bunch of seriously bored nerds decided to assign a day to a number they can and regularly do one-up each other on by naming the next 100 or so digits after the 4 from memory and assign it to just the first 3.  As if nerds don’t have enough what with the constant idiotic reboots of every lame-ass, second-rate comic book turned into a movie for the millionth time with slightly different costumes and lame car redesigns and horrible CG effects and bad acting, and nipples on Batman, and Captain fucking America and his Civil War with Spiderman (redesigned) landing in classic superhero landing pose after swiping his goddamned shield and internet porn and Ben fucking Affleck!  (Excluding Deadpool, because Deadpool is funny.)

But, there is a good side to Pi Day.  Pie!  Yes, Pie.  No Pi.  Pie is what holds the fabric of humanity together.  As nerds everywhere rejoice in counting digits and playing D&D, I will get to feast on delicious pie.  I have a marionberry pie sitting on my counter just waiting for this evening.  Take that, nerds.  You may have your tech companies and sweet cosplay models and a lock on popular culture, but I still have my pie.

Okay, third things third, what else can I write about?

How about blog wars?

After my serious thrashing of Stephanie from Stephellaneous in the music battle, it seems she has called me out in an interview post on That’s What Anxious Mom Said.  I have held off on round 2 of the music battle with her because I destroyed her so badly the last time around, that I simply did not want to bring that kind of pain to her again.  Knowing the depression her beat-down caused her the last time, I just couldn’t in good conscience do that to her again.  But today she went on that interview and mentioned me twice.  She is obviously obsessed with me and I could have let it go, but of course she is trying to lie about the record of her previous smackdown.  Despite the fact that her doctors have advised her to quit lying because she is so easily prone to believing them, she has done it anyway.  And she has left me no choice.  Tomorrow, I commence firing once again.  Round two of the music battle is on.  She has called down the thunder.  Now I’m comin’ and Hell’s comin’ with me!

Fourth things fourth, I can write about the weather.  It has been crazy.  There was crazy winds yesterday.  They blew down trees, blew over a couple semis, caused a bunch of power outages, made me lose the webs of inter for a while last night, and swamped some cars on the lowest deck of the ferries.  Good times.

It is all because of the Super El Niño.  Super El Niño has helped end our drought.  Super El Niño has helped remove excess tree limbs and trees.  Super El Niño does not let trucks stand in its way.  That is why MyFridayBlog™ officially endorses Super El Niño for President!

Oh, that was political, wasn’t it?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

16 thoughts on “No More Politics”

  1. I thought your political writing was fairly sedate and rational, but your decision to avoid the topic is probably better for everyone’s general mental health. I got a lot out of talking (trading text) with you. I even checked with lawyers after our discussion. Their consensus was that if a candidate does not charge admission, distribute tickets or assign seats, it’s legally not a “private event”. It’s an indoor event open to the public. All rights to protest inside the venue still apply. You can’t order them not to protest, but you can ask for removal once they do. But the crowd may not be encouraged to hurt them even by implication, or the speaker abridges free speech (Holmes’ shouting “fire” in a crowded theater example).

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    1. The lawyers I have checked with, (one an expert in Constitutional law with Supreme Court privileges-friend of the family), say that as long as the event is paid for by the campaign, it is private. It is the discretion of the campaign to remove anyone from the space they pay for regardless of activity or lack thereof. As far as encouraging people to hurt those who do, inciting violence would be akin to shouting “fire” in a crowded theater as you state. However, it is the implication that has allowed the candidate to get away with it. Because the only time he ever actually asked his supporters to use force against people it was those that were using force against him or others (even if it was something as simple as tomatoes), he is able to get away with it. Because he has only ever implied (I’d LIKE to, I WISH) in other instances, he is able to get away with it. Otherwise, he’d be being prosecuted for it right now. It is the same ruling that allows Ted Nugent to say the horrible things he does without prosecution, or Sarah Palin to post a map of abortion providers with crosshairs on it. As long as you aren’t directing anyone to commit violence, you are free to say you’d like to see it.

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    1. I’m just tired of it. It is so frustrating. There is not room for reason. And if you try and be reasonable, if it happens to favor “the enemy” people freak out on you and assume that you are for that person. And if you mention that, some people assume you are talking about them and their reasonable debate verses the other people you argue with who would claim that you can murder you someone in the name of FREEDUMB of speech!
      It just isn’t worth the aggravation. Everyone has opinions, but when you try and explain the actual fact of something, the way something IS BEING interpreted regardless of how they think it should be, they won’t hear it.

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      1. I understood. Completely.
        But I also understand why you’d rather stop.
        I have defended certain issues about candidates I couldn’t stand. Still do, at times.
        Sorry for your frustrations.

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  2. Exactly, not to mention that Trump protesters are achieving the opposite effect, unifying that bonehead’s lead. I wish ppl would plz stop giving undue attention to the opposition and put u’r energy into supporting the best candidate that you wish to see in office. Trump has this uncanny ability to turn things into his favor, DON’T fuel his fire! I’m with you 100% Josh, Bernie for Prez or write in.


  3. With all of this talk of equality going around I’ve found something else that has not been equally represented. Pie! There’s one day of the year devoted to it and I think it’s wrong. In an effort to reconcile the situation I’m running for President and my main slogan will be #everydayapieday.

    You’re welcome.

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