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As fun as it has been watching Trump destroy the Republican party by giving them the public version of what it is they have always sought in private…I am afraid that I can no longer sit by and watch the damage he is doing to the nation as a whole.

Granted, I believe that the anti-Trump liberals are making a terrible mistake in agitating his supporters, and I believe they should have held back until he won the nomination, and then show up in HUGE numbers to stop him, but they did what they did anyway.  But since they have started early, Trump has responded.  And rather than continuing the fine line between inciting violence and saying he longed for the days when it was acceptable, he has gone full into the inciting category.  While before he could say that when he offered to pay his supporters’ legal fees if they assaulted a protester that he was specifically talking about ones who threw objects (tomatoes) making it a case of defense, today he went well out of the defensive category.  While before, he could make the distinction that wishing for a world where protesters could be harmed, and wishing he could punch someone were different than telling someone to do it, today, he left that argument behind.

Because today, he all but said that the protester who was sucker punched as he was being led peacefully out of one of his rallies in police custody deserved it for flipping off the crowd.  He sent a message to his supporters that when someone does something you don’t like, it is okay to respond with violence, even if the person’s actions you don’t like weren’t violent to begin with (like throwing things).  In addition, he accused someone who rushed the stage of falsely being in ISIS and spread a doctored video about him.  The protester has had to go into hiding because of this.  Even if Trump said he was mistaken on this (don’t hold your breath), the damage is done.  Everyone knows that the corrections do not get heard as much as the original story.

Trump has gone from horrible rhetoric to actually playing with people’s lives for his political theater.  It is one thing to bring the dirty underside of the Republican party for the last 48 years to light, it is another thing to actually put people’s safety in jeopardy.  I wanted liberals to hold off on the Trump attacks until there was no other possible outcome than the split of the Republican party.  I have said all along that I believe that Ted Cruz is just as dangerous, if not more so, than Donald Trump.  But now people’s lives are on the line.  Someone is going to get killed.

People are emboldened by this hateful rhetoric.  There is a man who shot his Puerto Rican neighbors in Milwaukee, WI because they didn’t speak English.  There is the attack by brothers on a homeless Hispanic man in Boston who actually cited Trump in their reasoning for committing the crime.  And while yes, racism and hate have been part of the Republican platform since before I was born, only now is it so openly embraced out in the open.

And so, because of the very real, clear, and present danger to the United States, I believe that enough is enough.  I no longer believe Trump is just a Republican problem.  I no longer believe that his position as the enemy of my enemy should grant him time to destroy the machine that he was born from.  Not when people are literally in danger of being hurt or killed.  Not when he is inciting violence and spreading falsehoods about his opposition in order to drive his supporters into violence against those people.  Not when he is falsely accusing people of being part of one of the worst terrorist organizations to ever exist.

No, it is now my opinion that Trump needs to be stopped by any means necessary.

Trump longs for the day when protesters at his rallies would be carried out on a stretcher.  I wonder if he also longs for everything that came with it?

No, I’m not advocating for violence against Trump.  I’m merely pointing out that returning to those days is not good for candidates either.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

13 thoughts on “Enough!”

  1. There were a couple of kids who went to a Trump Rally as a joke. Something to laugh at. They stopped laughing when they got there. http://bordertouristasblog.tumblr.com/post/140953583021/trump-rally-no-joking-matter

    Its chilling.

    His tactics are mob manipulation and classic bully taunting. He’s churning up the worst fears and behaviors in humans in hopes that enough of them will show up and vote.

    He’s doing it quite deliberately. He knows his supporters are idiots, but they are the food he eats to get power.

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    1. Yeah, how does that saying go? It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Seems like that is the logical next thing to occur. I read that post on my Facebook this morning. Disgusting the open hate and frenzy he brings out.

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      1. Me too. And his family looks very much like the people that come to the door in the first “Purge” – all perfect and everything, but completely demented and out of touch with reality of the normal citizen.

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