I’m Not With Her

Hello dear reader(s). if you need to call me a sexist because I do not support candidate Clinton, you must ask yourself whether examining someone’s record and finding that record to be something you can not support is sexist, or if your need to call someone sexist because they choose to support or not support someone based on facts rather than gender is sexist in and of itself.

If you really want to know all of the issues I have with candidate Clinton, from her claiming that she didn’t know where Senator Sanders was when she was pushing for healthcare reform in 93 or 94 when both her personal thank you to Senator Sanders are available as is footage of him being literally behind her is readily available online…to her claims about the Reagans on AIDS when the history of their derision toward those suffering from HIV/AIDS is also public record, to her instances that Senator Sanders voted against the auto bailout which is something that is extremely misleading…just go out and check the #HistoryByHillary hashtag on Twitter to get a feel of exactly the kinds of things she has done verses the kinds of rhetoric she says.  They simply don’t match.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

14 thoughts on “I’m Not With Her”

  1. I agree with you–

    My prayer is that Saunders is nominated and that every progressive, democrat, and conservative democrat will unite to place him in the White House and give him the Congress that he needs to implement his platform.

    My second prayer is that we will recognize that on her worst day Hillary will be better for the country than any Republican simply because she has an interest in governing and with a left leaning democratic congress to hold her in check we have a shot at undoing more of the damage that has happened over the past four decades.

    I frankly don’t believe in left and right, I think most people are a mixture of beliefs…but this I do know, the people who call themselves Republicans are not out to implement a political agenda…they want something else…something the wold has already seen to much of…and maybe we’ve learned enough to stop it
    from happening here.

    I hear Clinton supporters and Sanders supporters describe their candidates with passion.

    But this election is not about them; it’s about us as Americans and as people of the World.

    Thank you for posting this.

    It helped me to clarify my own stance.

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    1. In policy. I do not think she is at all progressive. On, rhetoric, she is not as bad as the Republicans. And there are clear differences in some areas, but in some (like war and trade), she is even further off than some of the GOP.

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      1. I think she is a product of two of democratic caving and appeasement…

        I’m not happy with her…but one thing is true. She will have her husband and Obama as advisers.

        We didn’t didn’t sink this far overnight. It will take more than one person and one election to make things right…

        But again..I understand. My argument is personal.

        If the people who call themselves republicans take power…my life will change for the worse.

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      2. True, but I can’t say it won’t under HRC, because her stances change based on what is politically expedient. and many of her policies would cause everyone’s lives to be worse too.

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      3. I hope I am too. Actually, I hope it doesn’t matter because people see what is going on and Bernie makes a stunning comeback to secure the nomination. But if that doesn’t happen, I very much hope I’m wrong.

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      4. People on the margins are the most affected when power changes from democrat to republican.

        While it is true that both parties are corrupt it is also true that life for people who are disabled and poor does get better under democrats.

        All I know is this: a democratic congress would never ask a disabled person who gets 18 thousand a year to pay 12 hundred of it for medicare premiums.

        The Republicans passed a bill that forces seniors on minimal fixed incomes to for over 12 hundred dollars a year for health care that used to be entirely subsidized..

        They did this to ‘balance the budget’ — and to line the pockets of the private insurance companies they put in charge of Medicare.

        Most people don’t know the full impact of Republican economic parties.

        So I agree with people who want a better system…this is our government and it should work for us…but remember that if you don’t vote because Hillary isn’t pure enough it’s the same as voting for the people who don’t want in power…and somebody is going to end up hurting–someone poor and completely unable to defend themselves….

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      5. Ah, but you see, it was a Democratic administration that changed the rules of cost-of-living increases so that deductible increases are not factored in. I know, it affects me. It was a democratic administration that changed the formula so that housing costs are not properly weighted. It was the Clinton administration that pushed welfare reform making it almost impossible for someone without kids to get the assistance that they desperately need. I am a liberal. I am not a democrat. The democrats are ignoring their base for the moderate-conservative sections of the country. While Hillary Clinton says progressive things to win the nomination, her record tells a story that her policies are closer to Nixon than liberal. When she clinches the nomination, look for triangulation and a move to the right. The democrats have done just as much to hurt the people on the margins, they just pay them better lip service.


  2. I second all that Robert wrote. I’ll vote for whichever democrat is on my ballot. I understand your thoughts and feelings on the candidate, but not voting is like throwing the less fortunate to the wolves. We’ve had enough of that.

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  3. I really do not like Hilary Clinton at all. I thinks she is dishonest, self-serving, and really doesn’t give a damn about the average American. And I am still angry at her for a comment she made in the 1980s where she said nurses were merely overpaid handmaidens. This statement cannot be verified on the internet as it was before we had access, I actually read the quote in a nursing journal. I have never forgotten that statement. She is dangerous, but pretends not to be.

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    1. That statement can’t just be not verified, but many people within the nursing community dispute it. However, I will agree that she is dishonest and self-serving. And many of her positions are a lot further to the right than I would prefer.

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      1. I wish I could find the article, because I distinctly remember us passing the article around in one of my nursing classes, and how horrified we were that someone of status should say something as ridiculous and offensive about an entire profession.

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      2. There are people who claim it was a misquote at the time. I know what you are referring to. Without video or audio of it, I can’t say it was said. Although because of other outrageous things she has said, I can’t say it wasn’t either.

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