A Sad Morning

Hello dear reader(s)!

This morning I woke up to news of a massive gas explosion in one of my favorite neighborhoods.  It is very close to where I live, but I did not hear or feel the explosion.  I was out last night, but I probably would have.  I was planning on going to the post office there today, but I believe they are shut down.  The main street through the neighborhood is closed through that block.

If you are a regular reader of this here blog-type-thing, you may remember a story in which I mentioned Neptune Coffee.  Neptune was a real coffee shop, and was in my opinion, one of the greatest.  Notice the past tense.  Neptune was completely leveled in the explosion.  So was Mr. Gyro’s, an extremely popular and delicious little Gyro place.  I was probably going to pick one up after the trip to the post office.

9 firefighters were sent to the hospital.  They have now been released and are expected to be okay.  They were investigating the smell of gas when the explosion occurred.  Nobody else was hurt due to the late hour and commercial nature of the buildings involved.  Nearby apartments have been evacuated, and windows were blown out blocks away.

This neighborhood was full of unique small businesses.  Many will be able to repair the damage and re-open, but their revenue is definitely going to take a hit and put their business in jeopardy.  Some are completely gone.  This is really the commercial center of this neighborhood and one of the reasons I like living around here.

If you live in the Seattle area, please come out to support the businesses that reopen when they can.  If you do not, you can still help the affected businesses and their employees by clicking here.

Here is an article from the Seattle Times about the explosion.

None of the images or videos for this post are mine.  


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

32 thoughts on “A Sad Morning”

  1. I just read about this, because I have family in that area. Very sad. I feel terrible for those businesses. But glad no one was seriously injured. I hate to think what would’ve happened if this occurred during the busy daytime hours. Take care, Jenny

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  2. Just read this. Somehow I missed it when you posted it. As a small business owner, I’m heartbroken for them. Devastating. And so scary for the residents of the neighborhood. Sending love out to the fire fighters and their families.

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    1. The firefighters are fine, mostly cuts and bruises. They did a great job considering. 36 businesses were heavily damaged, most have re-opened with boards over windows and everything. At least 4 have not, and 3 were completely demolished. The neighborhood coming together to support them has been pretty inspiring.


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