I’ve Got A Good Feeling

Have you ever woken up and felt like you like could conquer the world?  Have you had one of those feelings when you got out of bed that today would be your day?  Like nothing could go wrong?

Have you ever had that feeling and been proven terrible wrong?

Collin woke up before his alarm clock.  He opened his eyes and his head was turned toward the window.  His ears tuned into the birds chirping in the tree just outside.  He saw one of the birds eating something on a branch and smiled.  The sun was already streaming in and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.

His alarm went off.

Collin grabbed his phone to turn it off, and checked his weather app.  High temperature of 69.  Mostly sunny.  What more could he ask for?  He started to put his phone down, when he felt it vibrate.  He looked at it again, and saw a text message from Marie.

“Hey!  Really looking forward to later.  6:30, right?  <3” it said.

Collin grinned and replied, “No, I’m sorry.  Going to have to make it 6:31.  :P”

He put his phone back on the nightstand and stretched out with a satisfying yawn.  He turned and put his feet onto the floor.  His cat came over and greeted him by rubbing against his legs.  He reached down and petted the cat who responded with a purr and meow combination.  He got up and hopped in the shower to get ready for the day.

After the shower, he got dressed and ready to leave.  He grabbed his wallet and keys off of the nightstand.  He forgot his phone.

He went to the kitchen to have a quick breakfast.  He popped a bagel in the toaster and made himself a latte.

As his attention was turned to the latte, he did not realize the bagel had not popped up.  About half way through steaming the milk, his nose caught the distinct smell of burning bread.  He dropped the milk pitcher which splashed all over the counter and ran to the toaster.  There were a couple of small flames coming out of the top, but nothing bad.  He reached around the back and unplugged the machine.  Then he reached in the cupboard and pulled out some baking soda.  He dumped some onto the fire which extinguished it right away.

But now the toaster was a smoldering mess of baking powder and charred black bagel.  There was milk running from his counter to the floor, and he was short on time.  He was hungry, and needed his coffee, but wouldn’t have time for either.  He cleaned up the mess and rushed out of the door.

Despite the breakfast incident, he wasn’t too concerned.  He was still in a great mood.  He thought he could just grab a coffee and pastry from the cart in his office building instead.  They had the really good lemon poppy muffins anyway.  He smiled and took a deep breath of the Spring air.  And then he felt the splatter on his head and face.

A white trail of bird dropping had landed square on his head and ran down his face as he was breathing in.  He choked for a second and turned and ran back into the house to clean up.  He would definitely be late for work now.

He washed the bird droppings off and reached for his phone.  It wasn’t in his pocket.  He ran into the bedroom and checked the nightstand.  It was there.  He thought that maybe all that happened because he had forgotten his phone.  He laughed as if it was somehow fortuitous and called his boss.

“Hi, I’m going to be a few minutes late because a bird shit on me as I was leaving the house.”

The reply was hysterical laughter followed by, “Okay Collin, get your ass in here as soon as you can though, because Robinson’s in town.”

“Yes sir,” Collin said, embarrassed.

Robinson was the company’s biggest client who Collin had personally landed for the company.  It was quite the coup.  He had sold him on the company and had become the prime person that he wanted to work with.  He knew he had to hurry and get to work.

He ran out to his car, and drove to work.  He left the house unlocked in the hurry.

He made it to work in a just a few minutes.  He thought he was lucky he didn’t get a speeding ticket.  He got to work, grabbed a coffee and muffin from the cart, and went up to his floor.  He wasn’t that late at all, and was quite pleased.  He met with Robinson and did fine.  He got his work done and had a great work day.

Meanwhile, his house was being robbed, and all of his stuff with the exception of his toaster was being loaded into a fake moving truck.

At about 6, he left the office and drove to meet Marie.  He got there at about 20 after and she was there.  She came to him and they kissed without a word.  He knew today would be great.  They saw a movie, and then had dinner.

The date was going so well, he asked her if she wanted to come back to his place.  She agreed and he drove them to his house.

When he pulled up, he noticed the doors were open.  He panicked and told her to wait in the car.  He got out and ran inside to see all of his stuff was gone.  He was really upset, but began to calm down by telling himself he was insured and at least nobody was hurt.

He went to the car and told Marie he was robbed. Marie consoled him as he waited for the police.  She kissed him and kept him company.  He started to think as he waited with her and looked into her eyes that maybe it wasn’t such a horrible day after all.

Then the meteor hit.


Lung Biopsy Blues

Hello dear reader(s)!

I had intended to start posting again yesterday. but I was still pretty wiped out (and still am. but less so) from my lung biopsy on Monday.  My inconsistent posting has been primarily due to the appointments leading up to the biopsy and just the over all crappy feeling of needing one.  The fear of the procedure didn’t help either.  The fear of the results is minimal, however.

It all started about a month ago when I got really sick from a virus called RSV.  RSV is actually a very common virus that affects everyone.  It is usually just like a severe cold.  For me, due to the messed up immunity from the cancer battle, it lasted longer, and I was diagnosed with pneumonia after a while with it.  With the pneumonia. I had a chest x-ray that revealed some nodules on my lungs.  I then had a CT scan for a more detailed picture.

There were nodules on my lungs back in December when I had pneumonia the last time.  Those nodules were dismissed as likely scar tissue, and I was given instructions to have a follow-up scan this month to ensure they hadn’t grown.  Since I had the scan last month, obviously that wasn’t necessary.

At first. I was told it didn’t look like the nodules had grown.  I was happy to understand that the nodules were likely just scar-tissue, or perhaps a fungal infection that wasn’t active.  I was referred to a pulmonologist to schedule what I thought would be a bronchoscopy.  I’ve had them before, they suck, but I know what to expect with them.

Due to the deep location of one of the nodules on my lung, I was informed that the bronchoscopy would be done under general anesthesia.  I wasn’t too happy about being totally under, but I figured it would be a good trade-off for having to swallow the scope and gag on it.

When I met with the pulmonologist I was informed that the nodules were in-fact growing, and that they were just going to do a needle biopsy instead.

Having had bone marrow biopsies. I know the concept of shoving a needle into someone to collect tissue, but a lung was definitely new territory.  So after the consult, I left and then they called to book it.

After they booked it, I spent all day on the phone with my insurance company for errors they made and things they told me that were preventing the procedure from potentially being covered.  (In addition to other claims that may be sent back due to their errors.)  I got it taken care of, and began to prepare for the procedure.

The primary risk of the procedure was a pneumothorax.  This is basically when air from the lung leaks out of the hole in the lung into the space between the lung and the chest.  This air creates a pressure that can then collapse your lung.  The hole in the lung seals quickly, but it can still happen.  That did not happen to me, which is nice, because it allowed me to go home the same day.

The procedure itself was virtually painless.  I really was surprised by how little it hurt.  The medication I had helped with the needle itself, and all I really had to do was consistently breathe.  They mapped the area with a CT scan, and then inserted the needle.  Then they scanned me again afterward to ensure there was no pneumothorax.  There wasn’t.

But then I started bleeding.

THAT hurt.  The pressure from the blood seemed to refer elsewhere, and it felt like I was having a heart attack.  I was hooked to monitors, and I wasn’t, but it really hurt.  So they gave me Dilaudid.  That helped a little, and then they took me to recovery.  I was coughing up a little blood, which was normal.  When I got in recovery, I started feeling dizzy and threw up.  After nausea medication, I was still in a lot of pain and they gave me oxycodone.  The pain began to fade.  They did two more chest x-rays over the next 4 hours to make sure I didn’t have a pneumothorax, and then I was released.  On the way home, I got a little dizzy again.  We picked up some food, and once home, before I ate, I threw up again.  Yesterday I was extremely tired.  I was exhausted.

Today I expected to be better.  I am, but I am not 100%, and it is really annoying because it is beautiful out.

I haven’t gotten any results yet. but that isn’t surprising.  I’m not particularly concerned.  This is almost certainly an infection of some type.  It could be another cancer, of course, but all the doctors involved aren’t expecting that.  This biopsy was primarily just to identify the type of infection to grab the best medication to treat it.

Anyway, my dear reader(s), I just wanted to let you all know why I haven’t been consistent lately.  I look forward to catching up with your blogs and writing more consistently.

The Media Is Lying

Either that, or they just don’t understand.

Hello dear reader(s)!

As I type this, my state is participating in caucuses.  I am not there, due to my health issues, but I am caucusing by proxy.

The states caucusing today are Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington.

I can’t speak to the politics in Alaska and Hawaii, but I know Washington.

In all three states, Sanders is expected to win.  The media is telling the same story.  Bernie Sanders does better in caucus states.  Caucuses.  Caucuses.  Bernie wins caucuses.

Maybe in other states.  Maybe in Eastern Washington.

But Western Washington has liberals.  Liberals, with progressive policy ideals.  This is the real reason Bernie Sanders may take the state.  There is a higher population in the West than the East.  Nothing against the Eastern part of the state, but that puts their more conservative ideals at a political disadvantage.  The Western part of the state, particular Seattle, knows that Hillary Clinton is a Democrat and is more liberal than Republicans, but is more to the right than we would prefer.

Seattle doesn’t give a damn about party loyalty.  The arguments that Sanders isn’t even really a Democrat make him even more attractive here.  Seattle already has a Democratic Socialist on the city council.  Seattle votes on policy, and Seattle has championed many of the ideals that Sanders is running on.  Not only that, but Seattle has seen how successful those policies have been.

Our minimum wage is being phased up to $15/hour.  While it is not there yet, many of the businesses have already adjusted to it.  They are doing fine.  In fact, many of the businesses conservatives say would be hurt the most are small and medium-sized businesses and restaurants are that are doing quite well with the exception of high rents thanks to all the people moving here.  And Seattle residents proudly support their local businesses.  The economy is in great shape, too good.  The people of Seattle knows this works for them.

So when a Democrat famous for being a self-described part of the administration that bought the line that people should be ashamed of their progressive ideals, one who runs to the center-right, one who is a war hawk and supports disastrous regime change, and one who has had to shift to the left on too many policies is trying to get votes among the REAL liberals and progressives…caucuses are not the reason she will lose here.

Caucuses are now over.  From the people I have talked to, their locations went to Sanders in a landslide.  Those are just a couple of areas of a very liberal part of the state, but also a populous one.

If you’re asking yourself why this matters if Sanders is going to win anyway, it is because today should send a message to liberals and progressives in states that have yet to vote.  That message is that we should no longer wear the Reagan/Bush derogatory label of “liberal” as something to hide from.  We should no longer be ashamed of our progressive view points.  We know that a people’s government IS necessary since it is more clear than ever that people are not capable of no governance.  That there is nothing wrong with a portion of your money being spent on services that are necessary to keep civilization running.  That rights should be protected for all, equally.

But the media won’t let you hear that message.  They won’t let you hear what the people of Washington are trying to say.  No, they are hiding it by claiming it is the caucuses, but ignoring the message being delivered.  They have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are, and nobody is guaranteed to do that more than Hilary Clinton.

There is only one progressive running in the two major parties.  It is Bernie Sanders.

I lied…Sort Of

Hello dear reader(s)!

I want to apologize for my absence.  I have had a lot going on and finally got most of it taken care of for now.  I do have a procedure on Monday, and hopefully that won’t lead to any more reasons to be absent afterward, but I can make no guarantees.  Ever.  About anything.

Especially about maybe not posting about politics anymore.  Because, let’s face it.  I can[‘t stick to that when things are as damn funny as they are today.

In case you haven’t been paying attention. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are in a street brawl that just happens to be the most funny fighting since this…

Basically, it all started with an anti-Trump super PAC which claims it does not coordinate with the Cruz campaign sending out a picture from a GQ photo shoot of Trump’s wife in Utah regarding a the fact that Mormons don’t think women should look good and if they do, are not good to represent the country as first lady.  (A claim proven by Mormon’s disdain for Michelle Obama.)

Trump took it personally as though it was ordered by the Zodiac Killer himself, and tweeted a response (Twitter being the official diplomatic communication of the US government) that threatened to “spill the beans” about Cruz’s wife who is a lovable Swiss orphan who goes to Frankfurt and has braids.  Nobody quite knows what these beans are, but sources close to MyFridayBlog™ say it may be barbecue beans.

In response, Senatorted Cruz had to play Mr. Tough Guy to defend the honor of his Swiss orphan wife and did a horrible job acting, unlike the girl who played who played Heidi in the beloved film classic.  How horrible, you ask?  Well, he stole a line from the movie, the American President and has been repeating it for days.  You know the first thing I do when I’m genuinely outraged over someone insinuating terrible things about those I love?  I make movie references!

And then today, likely in response, the National Inquirer released a story claiming that Candidated Cruz has had extramarital affairs with at least 5 other women, including one prostitute.  At the time of this posting, two have publicly and vehemently denied the allegations.  So has Senatorted.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking it is that National Inquirer and therefore cannot be TrusTed.  Which is true for a lot of things.  But consider who broke the John Edwards affair scandal.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care about the sex lives of politicians.  I have a very firm belief that what happens between consenting adults should stay between consenting adults.  Unless those politicians tout their morals and “family values”, along with making their Christian beliefs a center part of their policy decisions.  Then it is fair game, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Adding to this story, is that before the National Inquirer publisheted this story, the online hacktivist group known as Anonymous (who you should have expected) made roughly the same the same claims.  There can be no doubt that Anonymous is not coordinating with the Trump campaign.  A few non-Inquirer journalists have implied they may have knowledge of the validity of at least two of the allegations.  The mainstream media is not lending any credibility to this story, but they didn’t to the John Edwards allegations either.  Look for this story to potentially blow up.

Speaking of blowing up…

Be expecting another terrorist attack soon.

Prior to the Brussels bombing, the authorities were practically gloating about the capture of a terrorist who I will not give the satisfaction of being named in this widely read blog-type-thing.  The mainstream media had made him famous enough.  They were talking about how he was even cooperating.  Then people got killed in a huge bombing by associates of his  from the same area.  There is a lot of speculation that the attack was originally planned for Easter but moved up because the terrorists found out that the captured terrorist was talking.  God forbid they kept their egos under control so they could follow up on leads generated in the time after the capture but before the plot would have been carried out.  No, instead you have the chest thumping, gloating, and another tragedy.  It is reminiscent of when the US puffed out their chests after the capture of Saddam Hussein, that created the power vacuum that helped lead to all this.  Hooray for tough guys!

With as many as 30,000 fighters from Europe able to pass into Syria to fight and train with Daesh that then came back, do not expect any small victory to stem attacks anytime soon.  The intelligence in Europe and Brussels in particular is clearly inept and every time they go on television to show their huge raids, there are literally thousands of other people who may be going into deep hiding or accelerating their plans.

But the GOP response is even worse than the response from Brussels.  Their solution?  Isolate all Muslims and profile them to further give them the feeling that all westerners are bad.  In addition, apparently, a main thrust of Ted Cruz’s plan is calling the terrorism Islamic terrorism instead of terrorism in general.  Like using the word Islamic changes anything.  I would like to stop all terrorism, including the white Christian terrorism of Neo-Nazi’s, but I guess Candidated feels as though only paying attention to terrorism conducted in the name of Islam should be stopped, and the way to do that is by singling it out.  GREAT IDEA!

The media is saying that the Republican party is doomed.  But we all know that isn’t really the case.  The thing you can count on from the Republicans, is that they always put the future of the party over the future of the nation.  Nowhere is this more clear than in Obstructionist-In-Chief Lindsey Graham’s endorsement of Senatorted Cruz.

So as we watch the terrible Republican party’s antics, we must remember that they will forget everything in November.  Especially if you live in a state that may be up for grabs, it is imperative that you vote to keep these nuts out of office.  They only care about the GOP, not the USA.

Meanwhile, take notes.  Because our memories don’t have to be as short.  All of the fighting they do to each other can and will be used against them in the general.  I predict this Cruz story will not die as easily as the mainstream media suggests.  Grab a popcorn and notepad.  And get out and vote!

Well, I guess I lied about not writing anymore about politics, although…did I?  Because is this really politics, or the fall of civilization?

April 24th

Hello dear reader(s)!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

As many of you may or may not be aware, here in my timezone, it is Saint Patrick’s Day, which is a day to celebrate Saint Patrick who was a key figure in Ireland’s conversion to Catholicism and is now largely an excuse for Americans with any Irish ancestry to drink a lot, make really bad fake Irish accents, wear green, and be annoying.

I am fascinated by all things Ireland, but I really don’t care all that much about Saint Patrick’s Day.  For one thing, I am not now, nor would I ever be Catholic.  For another, I don’t like using other people’s culture as an excuse to get blindingly drunk.  Yes, I love the green.  Yes, I do enjoy an occasional Guinness from time to time.  Yes, I love traditional Irish music.  Yes, it is the place in the world I most want to visit.  Yes, I love the language that I absolutely cannot speak.  Yes, I love many aspects of the culture.  But for Saint Patrick’s Day?  Meh.  I guess I’ll put on a green shirt.

But do you know something happening this year that is much, much more Irish than Saint Patrick’s Day?

On April 24th, it will be the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising.  The Easter Rising was unsuccessful, but led to the events that led to the creation of the Republic of Ireland.  The Irish Republic was declared although many people in Ireland didn’t support it until the serious overreaction of the United Kingdom, and then the tide was unstoppable.

So have fun today, if you want, but if you really want to celebrate Ireland, do something on April, 24th.

And learn about Irish history because it really is fascinating.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and Happy Centenary!

Generic Music Post, Part 2

Hello dear reader(s)!

As you may or may not be aware, the most recent editor WordPress calls improved actually sucks donkey balls.  I am not change resistant.  In fact, I typically embrace good change.  But this editor has never been good.  For the longest time, you couldn’t even link to existing content.  Now you can, but you lose other functionality.  The preview button glitches out so often that I typically have to do a long work-around which involves closing out the saved post and going into blog posts and previewing the draft from there, just to get the preview to load.  Additionally. the autosave feature has never been stable.  Sometimes it just doesn’t save.  Sometimes the save link disappears when you want to save, but it isn’t actually autosaving, and sometimes the feature moves your cursor when it is done and you end up typing into the middle of previous text.  The last two days, the autosave feature has been just freezing the entire page every time I post a YouTube video, and then when I go back into the draft it has LITERALLY changed the HTML and erased the videos.  Plus, the old editor had a word count, and a damn good spelling and grammar check feature.  The new editor is not at all improved, and WordPress should know it, but won’t admit it.  Fortunately, for now anyway, there is a way to get to the classic editor without a browser extension and script if you go through the dashboard.  And now that I know that, I can finally resume the attack on the evil Stephanie and her evil forces of evil.

In the previous Generic Music Post, I accepted a challenge from Stephanie regarding the diverse styles of music we like.  I resoundingly defeated her, as the examples of music in my playlist were far more stylistically diverse than hers.  However, her delusional nature has caused her to go around saying that she was victorious meaning that I must resume attack in a second round.

First a little mood music for the fight ahead.

And here we go…

And there is plenty more where those came from.  All of these are actually on the playlist on my phone.  So…do you really think you can step to me?

I await your counter-attack, Stephanie, but know I will unleash complete and utter destruction upon you unless you surrender unconditionally.