Dear Millennials Follow-Up and Poll

Please only take this poll if you are grouped into either Gen Y or Millennial classifications by the great classifier of generations in their all-powerful and always correct opinions.

Hello dear reader(s)!

My last post Dear Millennials, has offended some people.  Despite my insistence that any volleys fired by me were toward those who attack Millennials, and despite that I have already made clear I think the very ascribing a set of values to people based on when they were born is pretty stupid, apparently some people saw it as an attack on Baby Boomers.

Despite the fact that I have said I don’t believe it is all Baby Boomers involved with the attack, and despite any negative things I said about people who were born during those years (as a generalization, which I do not like to make) were simply in response to a perceived attack by people in those years towards Millennials as a way to point out the hypocrisy of said attacks…some people apparently thought I think all Boomers suck.  As if all Boomers actually share a common value system.  As if all Millennials share a common value system either.

But that isn’t the part that bugs me.  What bugs me is the denial of my perception of attacks on your generation, being made by those who identify as Baby Boomers.  (#notallBoomers)  It is as if they have never heard you derided as being the participation trophy generation (never mind that actually started with the Gen-Xers, (those insulting trophies being handed out by…you guessed it…Boomers).

Never mind the countless memes about how tough they were because they road in the back seat of pickups (so did I, and just because I was lucky does not mean it wasn’t stupid), or about how tap water from the garden hose was enough when they were growing up (before water sources were polluted by…), (also, I have a medical reason I am not supposed to drink tap water, so why don’t you take that garden hose and shove it?), or how they rode their bikes while all you do is sit and play video games or sit online (never mind that you are learning the technology that keeps you relevant in a job market where they are starting to see their jobs shipped overseas to be done by Chinese child labor, as they blame the Mexicans or the government.)  Never mind they are handing both you and I a world that might already be too far gone.

Never mind that their generation holds the political and economic power.  So how can anyone blame you for what they don’t like?  The last time I checked, no Millennial is on the Supreme Court.

Now, I am sure people in the “generation” they put me in have attacked you too.  And that is just as wrong.  I don’t see it as often, and judging by many articles, I am not alone there.  The previous generation attacking the former is nothing new.  But thanks to longer lifespans, the Boomers have had an unprecedentedly long hold on the power in this nation, and are not happy about their inevitable irrelevance.  The march of time is not your fault though.  Nothing lasts forever, and in my opinion the torch needs to be passed at some point.  Why not build up the people you expect to take humanity into the future rather than tear them down?

I don’t see how the fact you take a lot of heat is anything that could be disputed.  I don’t need to point out what the candidates that can’t win your demographic have said about you.  I don’t think I need to point out the memes.  I don’t think I need to point out the hundreds of hit pieces written against you.  I’m not going to, since I am not named Google.

Whether it happens as often I see or not, the perception is there for a reason.  Only one generation has a lock on media.  It isn’t X, it isn’t the Millennials.  Even with young reporters, it isn’t the reporters controlling the narrative.

This is one hit piece about Millennials.  This is one that backs up my perception of attacks on Millennials by Boomers.

Disagree all you want, but I am not the first person to think this generational superiority bullshit is wrong, and I won’t be the last.

What about it Millennials?  Do you think you are unfairly criticized?  Please vote either way.  And expand in the comments if you like.

Also, am I the only one who thinks Polldaddy is just a terribly wrong name?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

18 thoughts on “Dear Millennials Follow-Up and Poll”

  1. I say everyone who whines like a bitch is proving your point. And also showing themselves to be one of those who cause their generation to be the brunt of so much criticism.

    Healthy discussion is one thing. Some people got downright pissy and whiny, taking it all oh so personally.

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    1. This is exactly it. Social criticism is not a personal attack. Critiquing an attack of an entire group of people and holding up a mirror to those who think they are somehow better is not a personal attack. Yet, so many people seem to take that shit personally.

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  2. I’m with you Josh, great points here. Gen Y btw! Interestingly Boomers haven’t given us too much shit, aside from the usual video-game-addled-slackers label, which they love to slap on every generation after them lol.

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  3. Better than PoleDaddy, aight?
    I dunno, half my kids are 90’s babies and other than how they look, they’re not much alike. My parents were hippies who became yuppies. I just finished Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation, and that was a great read. Time moves on. I certainly think it takes some hindsight to see it’s the state of the world that makes the people, not the other way around. That’s just my opinion though.
    You are a far cry from offensive. Again, merely my opinion.

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    1. Yeah, I mean, the entire GREATEST GENERATION wasn’t great. Many, many were not. It’s not like everyone fought in the way. It’s not like people then weren’t aware of the crimes against humanity while they were still for isolation. It is not like they’re excesses didn’t contribute to the issues successive groups have had to face. There are many good and bad things about ALL groups of people. Any notion of superiority needs to be stomped on. I am superior to those who believe they are superior. Not contradictory.

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  4. I have nothing to say about the failures of my generation or the fact that we are the direct beneficiaries of the economic system and fail safes created by our parents in response the the horrors of World War 2. You are quite right when you say that ascribing a value system to a group of people based on cohort is impossible…and you are right when you say that we are now the generation in power. I will add that we have been almost from the day we reached maturity (as such) by virtue of our numbers. If the U.S. is a greed addled mess some mysterious group of people must be behaving like a pack of greed addled messes. But I can’t say who they are….:)

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  5. The superiority the boomers seem to have over my generation frustrates me to the core. Facebook is full of it, and the crap that these people post are why I no longer use the site. Posts such as “our childhood was the best. We did this, we did that, and we turned out okay” or “all kids nowadays do this, what is this world coming to?” drive me insane. Times change, generations change and it’s for the good – they have to. If the generations to come (or in this case, the Millennials) entertained themselves, worked and ate like the generations before them, then nothing would progress.

    It’s all well and good to love, appreciate and reminisce on your childhood (I’m a 90’s kid, and I fluffing love remembering the loveliness of my childhood), but to throw hate – with their superiority complexes – at people who don’t fall into your age catagory is ridiculous. It pisses me right off.

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  6. Josh, I always love the comments about generations–it’s a fascinating social science. I wrote my master’s thesis on the 4 generations. Each generation has its good and bad characteristics and preferences. Myself a Boomer, I am happy to see that Millennials (aka gen Y) may be the greatest generation since the GI generation. I lead generational workshops on the subject and introduce my university students to the Four Genz. Here is a blog post I did a while back and a website you might like On this website, you may find it fascinating to see that the same four generational archetypes cycle through history.

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  7. I am not within the age group requested so I asked someone who is, my son-in-law. He said no. to your poll because he feels that his generation is just the next in line that doesn’t really know what they are doing but are moving on anyway.

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