How To Mess With Reader(s)

Hello dear reader(s)!

For a long time, really ever since I started writing after Hannah’s death, I have had issues with people reading too much into this here blog-type-thing.  Anytime I have written a poem, or a story, or just a post about a night and the thoughts in my head, people have assumed that those samples of writing represent something that they just do not.  As time has passed by, that has gotten a little easier, but still definitely exists.  And so, I have been looking for ways to get revenge.  And I have found it, with some help.  My dear reader(s), you’ve been had.  And now you are going to find out how.

  1. Develop a real connection with a fellow blogger.  Maybe both of you are pretty flirty, and love to one-up each other in comments.  Maybe you see things the same way.  Maybe you have had similar experiences.  Maybe you genuinely get along.  Maybe you have reached out to each other to help each other outside of the comments section.
  2. Notice that your dear reader(s) are reading into the connection.  Those comment wars?  That same way of looking at things?  The way you genuinely get along?  Must mean you two are together.  Right?  Maybe you notice by particular comment likes.  Maybe you notice because of other reader(s) comments.
  3. In one of your private conversations away from the comments, point out what you have noticed to each other.  And notice that both of you have noticed on each of your respective pages.  Notice the reader(s) you have in common, seem to think they are wise to something.
  4. Plan to play it up.  Get downright inappropriate with each other.  Make it seem as though you are practically engaged.  Make it so that nobody can ignore the thought they think they know something.
  5. Decide to say that a friend from WordPress just happens to be coming to visit on a three day weekend that just happens to include Valentine’s Day.  Have her decide to make a post on her page saying she is going to go visit a friend from WordPress that same weekend.  Do not name names, so that people continue to believe they are sneaky and in the know.
  6. Between the announcement of your friend coming to visit, and the days you say she is visiting, refocus or include something related to that in most of your posts.  Use the real connection and ability to banter back and forth to sell it.  Make it pretty obvious who the person is, but be sure not to confirm anything to keep people thinking they have figured something out.
  7. On the days your friend is to be visiting, practically drop off the map.  If you do post, post about it.  Have her do the same, as the visitor, maybe from an airport she wasn’t in.
  8. The day after she “leaves” reveal to your reader(s) that they have been had.  See this post.

Now here’s the thing…

You all have read into a genuine connection.  Stephanie is cool.  We get along.  She is genuinely looking to relocate to the area.  Could something happen?

Well, the thing I definitely know is that you don’t.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

49 thoughts on “How To Mess With Reader(s)”

  1. Hi Josh! I’ve never commented on your posts relating to Hannah, but I read all of your writing. So now I am going to say it: Who gives a rat’s ass what people think? No one but you lives your life. I saw a skit once on Saturday Night Live (actually it was Weekend Update), where the ‘devil’ (horns and all) said something like, “The Comment Section? I invented that!” I believe anyone who makes derogatory remarks on YOUR own blog falls into that category (ie, bringing their crap to comment). Okay my dear, now I’m done my rant (and commented!!! ;-)) Cher xo

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  2. Oh I jumped to conclusions, (am good at that, it’s one of the anxiety super powers!) but probably not as far as this post would indicate. I know it sounds strange, but I also do things that I don’t blog about! Can you imagine? And sometimes I write fiction that does not echo a single thing about my own life! Craziness!
    And although I’ve said these ludicrous things, I must add that I don’t feel like your business or Stephanie’s business is my business, but dude, that poem she wrote yesterday gave me the feels! It did echo my own life, even if it didn’t echo yours, and that means it was an even better poem than I thought it was! Or not. Cause y’all are sneaky. Don’t care. 😛

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    1. Glad the details of our life aren’t something that keeps you up at night. Her poem was great, wasn’t it? But you summed it up perfectly. We noticed people…not person, were paying particular attention before we started playing it up…so we decided to have some fun with them. Just having some fun with people reading too much in. Nothing vindictive.

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      1. Ah. I’d do well not to inquire about the cream cheese chicken thing, I suppose?

        And I kinda hafta LOL about the details of anyone’s life keeping me up at night, because you know, earplugs! 😛

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      2. Hehe. Your comment on one of her posts telling her to just eat the chicken and cream cheese had me laughing my ass off! It’s funny, because I’m pretty much a vegetarian. She really does think cream cheese is nasty, and coffee, and ranch dressing. So when messing with each other about it, were thought we’d play that up.

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      3. Well, seriously, the cream cheese chicken thing sounded very important to you! I don’t eat much meat, and chicken is not my fave, but EVEN I would try it, the way you went on about it!
        I know a lot of people who don’t like coffee.
        I know a lot of people who need to experience food with things other than ranch dressing, so I really can’t fault her on that 😉

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      4. I do not put ranch on much at all. Sassy’s got some sriracha ranch dressing in there…I don’t know which she loves more, sriracha or ranch, so it’s nice someone blended them for her. lol

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  3. I just happened to read the post over the weekend about a friend coming to visit and that it happened to be Valentine’s weekend….and thought to myself, “oh nice! I hope he has a nice weekend.” Guess I was “had” but it kinda makes me sad that that isn’t what actually happened 🙂 Also, I didn’t catch the connection to the other blogger. I think a great twist would be that you two fall for each other while trying to fool nosy people into believing that you have fallen for one another 😉

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  4. Also, I do tend to read between the lines with other’s writing….probably because all of my own writing, even the fiction, reflects my own emotions and life. But even if I read into something and make assumptions, I can (for the most part) do it without judgement.

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      1. I didn’t. Not for February, anyway. I’m just rambling…you know me.

        Interesting that you assume I wanted a commentary on my ass. That’s not exactly what I meant.

        But what the hell, if you wouldn’t know, then who in the fuck did I email that pic to?!

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  5. Just found you through Stepanie’s revelation post! Somehow I missed out on the prank, but had I not, I’d have read between the lines like nobody’s business. ANyway I’m such a romantic at heart that I kinda hope you two meet up and fall for each other 😀

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  6. Hilarious! I missed all of that since I’ve kind of been in hiding the last week or so. Love coming back to the bloggerworld today to discover the prank. I hadn’t read anything into your comments to each other, but I could see it as a good match. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the giggle..and I just posted the same damn thing on her page.

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  7. Ha! Well played. I missed out on it, too, but I probably would have wondered about that in the back of my mind. I don’t read a lot of comments, but did notice you guys in a couple of posts and thought you two had great chemistry. Not that great chemistry has to be romantic chemistry, but it is still cool to see people click so well. Friendship seems much easier to come by online!

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