Consider The Alternatives

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I posted a while ago about how I felt the Democrats were making a mistake in anointing Hillary Clinton as the nominee and throwing the party’s support behind her before any primaries occurred.  I warned that this tactic would alienate any Sanders supporters who may be on the fence about supporting the nominee in the general election.  I was concerned that it would help split the vote and hand the election to the Republicans, who I see as a far greater threat than a Clinton Presidency.

And sadly, it looks like I was right.

My social media feeds are filled with Sanders supporters who say they will never vote for Hillary Clinton.  This goes beyond the people who simply have not looked into the Republicans enough to see their IS a huge difference between Hillary Clinton and the Republicans.  Those people are a lost cause.  They would have been a small percentage anyway.  But now you have something worse.  You have a large percentage of people who feel as though they have been personally attacked.  That democracy has been attacked.  And those people?  They are right.

Beyond the ridiculous comments made by Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright, implying that women were betraying women for choosing someone other than a woman, or choosing a candidate to chase boys…there is the backlash and indeed doubling-down on the comments by people who think that the symbolism of a female President is the end-all, be-all.  There is a sort of belief that because young women are upset about being told they are stupid and are anti-woman, because they are upset that they are being told to vote against their reasoning, because they are upset about being shamed for choosing someone based on how they view their character and policies over their gender…that they are thinking with their hormones.  They are tired of being told that the people who have done things for women before, should be beyond reproach.  They don’t believe that there should be a pope for feminism.  And they sure as hell don’t want to be blamed for misinterpreting something that is pretty clear.  But that isn’t even their biggest problem.

The biggest problem the Clinton campaign faces, is that there can be no doubt they have had the party machine behind them since before Clinton announced her candidacy.  The debate scheduling, the near media-blackout until New Hampshire, the endorsements of groups for which Clinton does not have anywhere near the same record of Sanders in supporting them…all these things that would normally help them, are turning people off this cycle.

Clinton will win the primaries.  I am almost certain of it.  But the tactics her campaign is using is going to kill her in the general election, it is going to permanently fracture the party, and it is going to lead an immigration ban, a ban on abortions, the return of healthcare to the pre-ACA system (I don’t like the ACA, but it sure as hell beats nothing), more tax breaks for the rich, more crumbling infrastructure, and a race to the bottom.  The GOP candidates all have records.  They need to be considered.

Make no mistake, in the opinion of this here blog-type-thinger, Clinton is evil.  Her political tactics are a complete turn off.  Her tendency to triangulate the popular position is disgusting.  She is the Donald Trump politically of the Democrats.

But that’s her politics.

Her policies will be better than the alternative.  She will not appointment anti-choice Supreme Court Justices.  She will not appoint anti-marriage equality Supreme Court Justices.  She has “evolved” past that.  She will not make you or I wear ID badges for not meeting all their criteria.  She will not claim that the need to oppress other religions is part of someone’s religious freedom.  She will not ignore the Constitution for the sake of a book.  No Republican front runner can say all of those things.  She will not privatize Social Security and Medicare.  Consider the alternatives.  Go down the list of Republicans and see what they say their own words say they will do, and consider if you are willing to let that happen.

The simple fact of the matter, is that the two-party system is bullshit,, but they are too entrenched to dislodge.  Trying in another election cycle might be a good idea, but there is too much at stake for a long-shot this time around.  They give us our choices.  We can hope that Sanders can come through it, and work to make it possible.  By not voting, or voting for someone else, you are essentially giving the Republicans and their right-wing extremism a blank check.  The party that attempts to obstruct voting.  The party that embraced the lies of Fox News and the Tea Party.  They propagate fear and misinformation, and appeal to the worst part of humanity.  If they win, can you handle the consequences?  Consider the alternatives.  These are the people who are trying to scare people away from Sanders by calling him a communist.  You really want to let them have total control of the government?

We are still early in the primaries.  If you really want to stand for Sanders, you will get off your ass and out from behind your keyboards, and educate people on the difference between Democratic Socialism, Communism, and Fascism.  You will get people to register.  You will knock on doors.  You will show people why he is the best candidate for the job, instead of threatening the nation with utter destruction if you don’t get your way.  You will make it politically impossible for the delegates and super delegates to ignore the will of the people.  You will make the party take notice.

BUT, if Sanders can’t make it through, (and I really hope he does), you better believe he will not run as an independent.  You better believe he will endorse and throw his support behind Clinton.  If you really think Bernie Sanders is good, it might be good to follow his lead on that.   Bernie will consider the alternatives.  Bernie is smart.  Be like Bernie.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

22 thoughts on “Consider The Alternatives”

  1. I understand and respect your perspective, although I disagree with it (as we’ve already discussed). I am doing my best to try to educate people on Bernie, spread the word, donate to his campaign, and to advocate for him, and I am not giving up hope on him. We all better also hope Bloomberg doesn’t run as an independent either, as he’s saying he will if it comes down to Trump vs. Sanders.

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    1. I agree with you on Bloomberg. He doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance. and would only hand it to Trump. I’m not giving up on Bernie either, he has my vote in the primary, and my work for him to try and get others to actually research him instead of listening to the talking points. That said however, I cannot stand by and watch the SCOTUS go full batshit. There are two potential appointees in the next administration.

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  2. This whole process puts my shoulders in knots. This is when I really wish I had a crystal ball and a magic wand and a chicken to sacrifice. Instead, I have my one vote. I’m deeply afraid of anyone who thinks Trump is a good ANYTHING. I’m also deeply afraid of all of the other GOP candidates who have decided they are going to duke it out to the bitter end. I’m sure that the GOP supporters feel the same about me and my motives, but our reasons for our fear are worlds apart.

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  3. Sorry, but i cannot in good conscience vote for the lesser of two evils. Many in my age group (20s) are idealistic, and fed up with politics as usual, bullshit 2 party system. We know the critical issues this country must address for our future, of which neither party would deal with b/c they would rather kick the can down the road than making the tough unpopular decisions. My friends and i will vote for Jill Stein of the Green party, now some may consider that “throwing away critical vote” but we need to take a stand, not compromise our values.

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    1. Any other cycle, and not only would I agree with you, I’d probably do the same. This year however, I truly believe that if they get free government we’ll never have the chance to vote for anyone again…if we survive.

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      1. U’r being a bit melodramatic, whoever takes office… they’ll be commanding the Titanic. The old system must collapse in order to make room of the new. Throughout history, there comes a point when civilizations fall due to overwhelming corruption, oppression, insanity. Life does go on in some form or another. I bet the cockroaches will still be roaming the Earth long after we’re all gone. 😉

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    2. Am I? They didn’t take the last despot who wanted anyone not like him to register for ID’s seriously either. This party had already gone out of it’s way to restrict the vote, what’s to stop them without an opposing force in government? As a non-Christian with a very liberal history, I think I have the right to be terrified of their hatred of all those who don’t claim to love Jebus before their fellow humans. They are on record as wanting to do some pretty terrifying stuff, but there have been opposing forces. Not so when they have all three branches, and both houses.

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      1. Perhaps… but like you said, there have and will always be opposing forces to keep things in check. The pendulum is always swinging, too far left and it will swing right. Hate to admit this, but Trump does have the ear of the working poor, b/c the dwindling middle class have become cynical, sick and tired of political correctness, empty campaign promises, endless rhetoric. Trump has positioned himself to be champion of the ppl, as ludicrous as it sounds… to make AmeriKKKa great once more, lol.
        In the end, does it really matter who wins, if no one is willing to strive for real change. Look at Russia emerging from societal collapse of the 90’s. Whether you agree with his tactics or not, Putin has strived to unite his ppl and raised his country from the ashes of communism. Can we do the same and survive crony capitalism?

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    3. I voted for Nader in 2000. But I live in NY so I knew that Gore was going to win the state easily. (in a close election I would have voted for Gore) IF only a handful of the Nader voters in Florida (about 90,000, and Bush won by 500) had reconsidered and voted for Gore we would not have been burdened by the 8 year disaster of Bush. The trillion dollar Iraq debacle. The massive tax breaks for the rich. The deregulation. All of which we are still trying to recover from.
      People have to “know when to hold, know when to fold”. If the supporters of Sanders or Clinton do not get behind the Dems 100% we may end up with an bigger disaster than GW. Don’t be like the Tea Party “religion”. Vote smart.

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      1. I understand your point perfectly, yet i am so disgusted with our corrupt, sold out political system, i’m essentially boycotting both major parties b/c i feel they don’t make any difference. Did you see any sweeping changes for the better during Obama’s administration? His campaign promises in 08′ was about change for a better future, pulling our troops home, cheap universal health care, better education, curb big business. We can safely say that he did just the opposite!
        Politicians, by their very nature, look out for their own interests first. Hillary is the worst corporate slut, with plenty of dirty dealings and cover-ups. My vote for the Green party is a vote for restoring ppl’s Constitutional rights (no NSA/ militarized police force etc), sustainable ecological future (no GMO, bio/ geo-engineering, Monsanto poisons & pesticides), in a word… vote Green- choose Life!
        This is my way of boycotting the business as usual- crony capitalist- Washington insider politics.
        If we have enough ppl voting GREEN, they may become a viable political force for the future. As of now with our BS 2 party system- there is none!

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      2. Earth… I did see changes for the better under Obama. Some examples.
        1. The investment in jobs to get us out of the Depression caused by the Bush/GOP policies. Remember that McCain said that he would let the auto industry and other industries fail. That would have caused a spiral of disaster for the workers. Unemployment was 10%, now it is near 5%. The tax dollars spent have largely been paid back.
        2. The executive order allowing fetal stem cell research. Potentially saving millions of lives in the future.
        3. The executive order allowing gay Americans the right to serve openly in the military.
        4. The support (after a change of heart) for gay marriage.
        5. The quick and efficient handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. Unlike previous presidents, Obama did not wait for lawsuits to drag on in the courts. He demanded that compensation be paid to the victims and responsibility assumed by the oil company. Contrast that to the Exxon Valdez disaster in which the oil companies used the courts to fight settlement for over 20 years.
        6. The ACA. (There was no way Congress was willing to support a national program). Not perfect by any means. But before the ACA, which every GOPer voted against, millions had no opportunity for health insurance. People could be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Young people could not be kept on their parents policies. Coverages were often unregulated and erratic.Medicaid has been expanded to include millions more.
        7. Pulled out of Iraq. McCain was not willing to commit to do so. Massive draw down of troops in Afghanistan.
        8. Called for and established a Consumer Protection Agency.
        9. Raising the minimum wage for federal contract employees.
        10. Instituting a sensible use of very limited border resources. More illegals have been expelled by the Obama administration than by any other. At the same time not punishing kids who were brought here at a young age.
        11. The first enforceable nuke agreement with Iran.
        12. @ moderate Supreme Court appointments that will not overturn Roe v Wade.
        Was he a complete success? No. But it has been the CONGRESS, not Obama , that has stood in the way. He cannot force Congress to vote the way he wants. He has had to fight Congress every step of the way. However, a GOP potus would not have done any of the things I mentioned. He had a very slim moderate-liberal Congress for 2 years, when things got done. After that, he has had to deal with nothing but GOP negativity and obstructionism.
        What if McCain/Palin had won? We would have seen massive unemployment, more wars in the Middle East, massive defense spending, gutting of environmental laws, no reform of health care, no help for those devastated by the Gulf oil spill, 2 SCOTUS justices appointed determined to overturn Roe v Wade, etc.
        A GOP executive with a GOP Congress would be a repeat of the disaster of 2001-2006.
        The enemy of the possible is the perfect.

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  4. Putin didn’t unite anyone but the majority. He silenced everyone else.
    I’m not for crony capitalism. I know it must be destroyed to rebuild something better. But the GOP is more bought than Hill ever will be. Even Trump and his self-financed campaign. He is still all about the rights of corporations, the financial system, etc… His willingness to attack anyone who opposes him, or marginalize entire races and religions to obtain more power, makes him a direct that to non-Christian, non-Randian me.

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  5. What’s happening is the opposite of what you’re saying here. Bernie supporters will never vote for Hillary. Democrats know that for a fact. we’ve been reading their tweets. they call her the Cunt. You do know that, right ? Even sanders himself has apologized for the toxic behavior of his supporters.

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    1. SOME do. And that’s the whole point of this post. To get the small but vocal minority of my fellow Sanders supporters to consider voting for Clinton if she wins the nomination. Please don’t generalize on my page by your experience with some bad online trolls. Clinton supporters attack Sanders supporters with equally disgusting remarks, yet you don’t see me painting all of them with the same brush, do you? I’ll thank you not to do the same. Save that vitriolic rhetoric for one of the Hillary is infallible pages.


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