Reader Issues

Hello dear reader(s)!

Can you see this post?  I’ve been having Reader loading issues all day.  I can maybe see the top 3 or so posts before it stops loading.  Is it is just me?  Is it not me, it’s you?  Would you mind commenting if you can see this, particularly if it has been a while?  Should you mind?  Am I asking too many questions?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

47 thoughts on “Reader Issues”

  1. I can see, lol… funny.. but ye I can see. Sometimes WP has issues like that, has happened to me. If it doesn’t resolve and you haven’t already contact their tech support and they should get fixed sooner or later. Most likely it is not just you.. but this is all conjecture. Perhaps it is fixed, it would seem so. For me.


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      1. I wasn’t lurking. You lured me there with the arson, and I rescued the puppy. The fact you opened your curtains to make me see you like that was probably planned by you. I am not the pervert.

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      2. I didn’t witness it. I came to save the puppy. Your neighbor told me the details of the investigation when asking me during the report. You should remember, this was all said at the deposition before they offered you the deal.

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      3. You flew all the way down to save a puppy, huh? That must have been some flight.
        Your story is full of holes.
        Except, perhaps, for the sex addiction. But don’t worry. I’ve gone cold turkey.
        For now.

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      4. No, I flew down because you kidnapped my cats to bring me to the area. Once I got them back and was ready to leave, you started the fire.
        And you forgot the winky face after for now to fully imply that you want to fall off the wagon with me.

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      5. I didn’t change the story, just tried to jog your memory of the reason I was in town in the first place. I can understand why you wouldn’t remember, what with the huge amount of crack you’d been smoking.
        Either way, it should have had a winky face, hahaha!

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      1. Yeah, I appreciate you telling me even more now that it has been a while because then I know that you have to scroll down to see it, which should mean it is okay. So I extra appreciate the answer!

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  2. I’m no good here, I read everything through Feedly now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the WP reader was acting up again. Hope this gets resolved for you soon.

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      1. Let me tell you, I was NOT prepared!!! That shit was awesome and yes, she was giving you no slack and you gave her none. Let me know when the book’s available and I’ll get a copy!

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