Why Sanders Can Win

Hello dear reader(s)!

As you know I am a Bernie Sanders supporter.  However, unlike many Sanders supporters, I will vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election should she get the nomination.  With the Iowa caucuses being as close as they were, it seems the pundits are missing the real message.  What they are missing, and what they don’t want you to know, is that many voters who lean toward the Democrats will not come out for Clinton.  Her record of being to the right on many issues important to the left makes it difficult to tell the difference between her and the Republicans.

Now I know that because of the extreme nature of the Republican’s right wing turn during this election, that there is definitely a difference.  However, without the recent hard right turn there really wouldn’t have been.  And the left is getting sick and tired of choosing between the lesser of two evils.

That is what is truly terrifying.  When the Clinton machine controls the Democratic party to the point of pushing extremely hard for her in what should be a fair contest, it not only will keep people from going to the polls, but it may cause people to abandon the party all together.  Or voting at all in any election.

Clinton’s media and supporters have dismissed the Sanders supporters as being young and unlikely to vote, but Iowa shows that they will come out, even in tedious caucuses if there is motivation.  We already know that the large Republican sweeps have been in record-low periods of voter turnout.  The Democrats cannot continue to believe they can win in an election where their voters don’t show up.  History has proven otherwise.

The close results in Iowa should not have been such a surprise to either the Clinton camp nor the establishment Democrats who might as well be her camp.  The issue is in polling.  Everyone was predicting a pretty easy walk for Clinton because the polling samples “likely voters”.  Sanders voters are the unlikely voters.  The voters the Democrats are going to need to beat the “angry definitely will vote” voters of the Republicans.

Clinton supporters, (to their credit), are more pragmatic.  If Sanders were to win the nomination, it seems a good percentage of Clinton supporters would look to the general election and be so terrified of the theocrats like Cruz, and the fascists like Trump, they would turn out.  They would at the very least come out for the Congressional vote.  They would want to keep control of the nation from those who would force Muslims to have identification and would ban more from coming.  They would come out to keep those who would ignore Supreme Court rulings that they felt didn’t jive with their interpretation of the bible from running a government where the Constitution is not as important to them as their take on their religion.  The Clinton supporters are likely voters.

The Clinton supporters are likely voters.  But in terms of likely voters, the Republicans have the edge.  They are by far the minority (especially lately) but they show up.  In a contest of likely voters, the election will be much closer than the Democrats assume.

So what should the Democrats do?

Nominate Sanders.

You get the Sanders supporters and a large percentage of the Clinton supporters voting in the general election.  You clean house in the Congressional election and you have a progressive in the white house.  You bring out the unlikely voters, and the likely voters, and trounce the Republicans in a way that makes them seriously rethink their positions.

This is obviously just my opinion.  I am not working for anyone but myself and in the interests of stopping a Republican sweep that could destroy our country in terms of personal freedoms, equal rights, social safety nets, and religious freedom.

However the “surprise” closeness of the caucuses in Iowa only serves to reinforce my opinion and the hypothesis made.

If the Democrats want to win, in all their races, and have a functioning government once they do…they will abandon Hillary Clinton as the appointed nominee and allow all the voters to have a voice about the nominee.  They will schedule more debates when the ideas can be heard.  They will quit trying to force a nominee upon the people and see how things play out.

If the machine stopped trying to push Clinton, I think Sanders could win the nomination.  I’ve explained why Sanders would do better in the general election.  I will vote for the nominee regardless.  But the question becomes whether or not my fellow Sanders supporters will.  As long as the machine tries to force Clinton upon them, I wouldn’t bet on it.  If they don’t, it could be a very long few years.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

47 thoughts on “Why Sanders Can Win”

  1. Good commentary, overall this is about the worse sack of candidates for either party than I can remember in a long time. That same pro-Clinton thinking about the young voters is why she got her butt kicked in 2008 when Obama was getting them all fired up and getting record turnout for that demographic.

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  2. Geez, this blew me away. You broke it all down just right. Except, there’s no way in hell I can vote for Clinton. I’m totally feelin’ the Bern, but he’s the first person in decades that I’ve been able to comfortably root for. I’m one of “those” that will not go to the polls on election day if he doesn’t get the nom.

    I realize what you said about Cruz is true. He’s far scarier than Trump, who’s probably using this whole thing as a giant PR stunt. I haven’t been following much of anything except Bernie. I got pissed off with the whole Demopublican charade years ago and had to back away from the news and politics. It was keeping me entirely too stressed.

    Anyway. Bernie. Bernie. Bernie.

    Otherwise, vote Crawfish 2016. https://www.facebook.com/CrawfishVSJindal/

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    1. There are more people running than Sanders and Clinton. If Clinton wins the nomination, and you don’t show up, times all of the people with the same opinion, The GOP almost certainly wins Congress again. And we can see with the government shutdowns and obstruction how that goes. Scary Republicans are counting on you not show. Not voting for Clinton if she gets the nomination will allow the Republicans to appointment Supreme Court Justices that will overturn marriage equality, will further restrict abortion if not ban it outright, will further gut voting rights so that in the next election you are not given a voice at all, and will hurt the rights of non-white, non-male Americans.
      There is an importance on keeping these particular Republicans out of office more than there ever has been before.

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  3. I don’t understand not voting. Like, I respect that it’s the right of people not to vote, I just really, really don’t get it. Apathy in politics is beyond my comprehension. I am delighted to find a man of integrity running, and if he doesn’t win the nomination, I will vote for the woman. If the democrats don’t vote for democrats, it’s like handing out extra GOP votes. Why would anyone chance that shit?
    This is not like “Oh they don’t have my coffee today, I guess I’ll have tea.” This is more like, “I will go four years without coffee or you know, for four years, I’ll drink tea that costs more and also makes me violently ill, wants me to be poor, and makes me carry the rapist’s baby to term.” Sheesh.
    I’m in the hairy gorilla group.

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  4. If sanders win , I will sit it out. I’m sorry, but I will do exactly as what the rabid Sanders supporters will do. I don’t even know why the Democratic party accepted this guy. he’s now even trashing what Obama has done against all odds. When asked how will he give everything free to 250M people, his standard answer is revolution. Even Paul Krugman, a very progressive columnist.economist is cringing. Free is very seductive. Who will pay for all that ?

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    1. Corporations will have to finally start paying or quit doing business as an American company. No paying the price, no benefits of our protections. Pretty simple, really. The top marginal tax rates will go up a lot too. But still less than under Republican Eisenhower. He has a brilliant record in the Senate, that’s how the party “accepted” him. He is a veteran politician with no history on flip-flopping over issues such as mass incarceration, private prisons, and equal rights. He will also cut military spending on crappy wars to boost the profits of those corporations.

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  5. I like Sanders but the bottom line is that he has no chance of winning a general election in the current USA. He will be labeled a “communist”. His one payer proposal for Medicare will be distorted. His refusal to respond with negative ads will be welcomed by the GOP.
    Clinton is well known. Those who hate her will never vote for her. But she has a long history of devotion to the Democratic Party. (Sanders has been an independent until recently, although he caucuses with the Dems.) She has a lot of support for her work over many years. And her experience in foreign affairs helps.
    Plus, Clinton will fight dirty if she has to. And she will have to. The GOP has become nothing more than a mudslinging gang of liars and thugs. They can throw nothing at her that she hasn’t seen before. She will stand up to the lies. Just as Obama did. I am not sure that Sanders has the personality to do what has to be done in that department.
    I think the Sanders supporters (like the McGovern supporters of my youth) think that the majority of voters will vote with their intellects. I wish they did. They don’t. They vote with their emotions. I have followed every election since the JFK-Nixon campaign and the sad truth is that most citizens do not know enough about all the issues to vote intelligently. Emotion wins every time. Just the way it is.
    A lot of moderate independents will be scared of the “communist” or “socialist” label put on Sanders. In my opinion a Sanders nomination all but assures a Cruz or Rubio or Trump presidency. And that would be catastrophic.
    I will vote for whichever Dem wins.

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    1. That is what they said about Kennedy for being Catholic, and Obama for being black. The communist label is easily disproven, the socialist one is more difficult considering it means redefining what has been drilled into our heads, but I think he has made a lot of ground with that and may be able to pull it off.
      Either way, I am hoping for a Democratic victory. The GOP is scary this year. Not just people I disagree with like usual, but downright scary.


  6. What an astute assessment, Dems have a real chance of winning they’d do well to support Bernie. Hillary is too much of a corporate whore, putting further financial strain on an already struggling middle class. Of course Trump would be 10 times worse for the poor, but he hopes to tweak the formula by raising tariffs and giving generous tax breaks in order to keep jobs from fleeing the country. Personally i think it’s to late to tweak the economy at this late stage, the Feds are officially bankrupted and out of ammunition, they can’t lower rates any further. Trumps stimulus plan sounds like empty campaign rhetoric.

    “Republican sweep that could destroy our country in terms of personal freedoms, equal rights, social safety nets, and religious freedom.” — Sounds like past 8 years of Obummer’s administration, lol.

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    1. Privacy was gone before Obama, religious freedom is better than ever under Obama, equal rights have made some gains under the Obama administration and had some losses, but the losses were mostly because of GOP appointees to the Supreme Court. Social Safety nets are intact, which given the assault on them from the right is a pretty good accomplishment. That lack of cost-of-living increase is bullshit though.
      As far as the economy is concerned, I agree. The fake economy is gone. The amount of money in the system can never be tied back to assets. Burn it down. The rich claim they have money that does not exist, and can never be redeemed. They make the poor people believe that it is real in order to have power over them. The money isn’t real. So the fake economy should crumble. It should be exchanged for a system based on real supply and demand for real goods and real services. That economy, the true economy, could thrive once the fake one is gone. And it will be fair.

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      1. I believe all people should love and respect one another, and most importantly take responsibility for their thought, speech and action. For me, religious freedom is a non-issue, I’m all for anybody worshipping however they wish, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else in the process.
        Religious freedom may be better for certain groups under Obama, ie homosexuals and transgendered – it’s about time, everyone should have the right to express their beliefs/ lifestyles/ forms of worship.
        Christian conservative however are feeling the brunt of these new laws regarding same sex marriage, like the christian cake bakers who were fined $135K in Colorado for not catering a gay wedding. This is a civil dispute, personally I don’t think the government should get involved and dictate policy as to what ppl should or should not believe.
        When it comes to gay marriage, this is not a matter of right or wrong, just differences of opinion. Reason why conservatives are voting Trump is b/c they feel big gov’t interfering too much in ppl’s lives. Whether it’s Obamacare, taxes, gay rights, marijuana, vaccines etc, government should not force/ enforce laws at the expense of individual’s civil liberty. Let’s pray that Trump doesn’t win b/c of this.

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  7. You said it. Religious freedom is fine as long as you are not pushing it on anyone else. However, Christian conservatives are complaining about their rights being taken away to continue to push their beliefs into the laws of a secular state. They are doing exactly that. Gay marriage is about right or wrong, so long as you give special rights at all for marriages, you should give it all. However, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The only real solution to that is to get government out of marriage at all. Guarantee rights to people’s designee(s) (like medical decisions, insurance, etc..) regardless of relationship. Tax everyone as individuals. It is the only fair way, as it allows religions to decide how they define marriage, and allow the government to govern. It would also be less discriminatory for poly people. As far as the cake is concerned, if you are going to force the integration of Woolworth’s lunch counters, then forcing businesses to cater to all is already on the table. I would not want to go back to segregation.
    You and I disagree on vaccines. Because of community immunity and the direct threat people pose to public health, and therefore national security as long as the general welfare, I think it is absolutely within the scope of government to make vaccines for easily transmitted diseases mandatory. (Particularly respiratory.) I don’t think iron lung quarantines is a good alternative.
    Also, not a single viable conservative is pro-marijuana legalization.
    Civil liberties are important, but your right to swing your fist ends at my face. If what you are doing negatively impacts others, the government should be allowed to step in.
    And don’t get me started on taxes. There are so many things we could do to lower taxes AND provide services. No conservative or liberal is going to do them though, until the whole system falls.


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