The Month o’ Love

Hello dear reader(s)!

Welcome to the month o’ love.  It is February, the month in which we all celebrate the wonders of love.  Why?

Well, because in 1929 some gangsters were shot in a garage in Chicago, that’s why.  But that’s not all, February is a month in which love shines through.  How else?  Well…

  • Black History Month  That’s right.  What says, “I love you!” better than setting aside less than 1/12th of a year for people’s history to be recognized?  Can love be better described than by reinforcing the notion that black people should be so segregated that black history is not just regularly integrated into all other history?  I don’t think so, anyway.  I know if I was black, I sure would be glad that my history is given 28 whole days and even 29 in leap years!  Whoo-hoo!
  • President’s Day  President’s Day is the day for Presidents, and they don’t even get the day off.  You know they are still making decisions and getting their briefings.  Also, it is somewhere between Washington and Lincoln’s birthday, so it eliminates two potential holidays in favor of one.  If that isn’t bad enough, it is supposed to celebrate Presidents, but really ends up being an excuse for furniture stores to have really annoying sale commercials.  Because honoring our Presidents and buying furniture should always go hand-in-hand.
  • The Actual St. Valentine’s Day  It all comes down to martyrdom, the favorite pastime of major religions everywhere!  Somehow, a Christian who may or may not have married other Christians in Rome when that sort of thing was apparently not cool with the Romans and according to legend, is said to have healed the daughter of his jailer prior to execution, has become associated with love and romance.  The florist industry has decided to jack up the prices of a flower that doesn’t grow very well in those months, and imply they are mandatory, so as to make a bunch of money.  Chocolates are also expected, as is jewelry and cards.  Whatever people can make money at.  Because a stone made artificially rare by a monopoly controlling the industry and a false association with those material things being anything at all what love is, makes people money.  And what is more important to love than the pursuit of money?  That has always worked out well.
  • The Length of This Month  Because why should the month of love be an entire month, instead of the year’s leftovers?  Seriously, why is February a thing?
  • Imbolc, Candlemass, Ground Hog Day, whatever…  I don’t care what you call it, but tomorrow will be an important day to many people.  For me, it is really the true beginning of Spring.  Which makes sense to me, because we are beginning to see the days get longer, and the crocuses are coming up.  Granted, it is still cold, but you can tell we are on our way now.  For you, you may believe a rodent can predict the weather.  Or maybe you care that Jesus would have been presented at the temple this day if he really was born in December.  So have a great tomorrow, whatever insane belief you use to judge my observable ones.  Or better yet, don’t judge other people’s beliefs.  I guess that would be too loving for the month o’ love, wouldn’t it?
  • The Cold  We may be moving toward Spring, but it is still Winter.  Which means it is likely going to be cold.  And what better way to spend time in the cold than to love?  That’s right, the reason this month is really associated with love has nothing to do with the points above.  February is the month o’ love because it is a cold as fuck, sorry as fuck excuse for a leftover month in which there is nothing better to do or no better way to stay warn than sharing body heat by fucking.  Excuse me, loving.

So what about you, dear reader(s), do you like February?  Do you feel like it is the month o’ love?  Do you care about Valentine’s Day or do you think it is a scam by certain industries to move product they normally wouldn’t be able to move?  Don’t you think love should be showed every day and every month?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

27 thoughts on “The Month o’ Love”

  1. I love the way you break it down. Perceptive and hilarious.

    To your question, VD Day (as a beloved smartass professor called it) is a complete scam. Absolutely nothing wrong with a couple doing things for each other on Valentine’s Day, because they *want* to. But it’s bullshit how much it is foisted upon us, to the point where we’re taught it’s mandatory or you don’t love each other.

    Love should be active every single day. If a couple needs a calendar to tell them when to love each other, then they aren’t doing it right.

    P.S. I’ve never minded winter too much – bear in mind I’m talking a southern winter – but now I have even more reasons to like it.

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  2. Great post 🙂 I always thought February was the month of love because of Valentine’s Day, but as you’ve showed there are many more reasons! Even when I’m single, I do love Valentine’s Day. Do I think that love should be expressed every day? Yes, but it never is so at least everyone gets a good reminder that love is beautiful and should be shown.

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    1. Great post, Josh….yes every month should be a month of love. Valentines day has gotten way too commercial, but that said….reminds everyone to take a moment out of our busy lives to make sure to show the one you love how much they are appreciated!! Just my thoughts!

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      1. I think if you need the reminder, it is a good thing. The times I have been in love, I didn’t need one. Every day was valentine’s day. Flowers sometimes, dinner sometimes, gifts sometimes, but letting the person I loved know they were loved…that was always.

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  3. Since I started my blog three years ago yesterday, my rejection of Valentine’s Day was one of my first posts. It’s meh at best. It’s the one time of year I tell my husband NOT to buy me flowers. For the kids, we do sweet things.
    We should be ashamed to have black history month, obviously, but thank heavens we do, otherwise we might never hear about it!
    Imbolc. Light at the bus stop. Hurrah. May nothing at my house begin to lactate! 😀

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    1. Yes, we should be ashamed. How about, HISTORY? You know, where everyone’s history is taught? All of the time? Or separate classes if you start getting in-depth. There is an idea. Rather than, oh look people, we are so generous ton recognize you for one tiny month out of the year. UGH!!!
      And yeah, flowers on Valentine’s Day. Cliche.

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      1. There aren’t many inclusive history textbooks…
        One of my bloggy-friends is doing a Black History Month #BlaMoPo — somethin like that, and I’m sure that her posts are a lot more educational than most lit classes in school.
        The Mister will buy flowers randomly all year, but because of the expense and quality of flowers in the next few weeks, I must issue a reminder, “No flowers.” lol

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      2. Exactly!
        And yes, it is sad how much history is taught to make it seem like the horrific things people have done to create their nations were some heroic act, or at the very least a simple mistake that once identified will never happen again or can simply be apologized for and everybody thinks it should have no lasting effects.

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      1. I guess I feel like people, relationships and occasions ought to be celebrated. Yes, we should show our love and appreciation everyday and I think most of us who are in a happy relationship can say that the demonstration of love on daily basis is the secret to bliss. 🙂 But we do have Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter. I know Valentine’s is more manufactured than the other days I mentioned but I still think that if Americans didn’t have the need to carve out a specific day to affirm their love, we wouldn’t bother getting pulled into the hype. And yes, we could get into a whole thing about how capitalism informs what we choose to care about on any given day. That’s for another post. But I also guess that focusing on the superficiality of that day, prevents us from taking the opportunity to focus on the awesomeness of love and attraction. Sex and chocolate. The gratitude of someone who sees the gesture as a signal of potential if the relationship is new or an affirmation of happy years spent together and the promise of more years to come.
        I also believe that any opportunity we have to recognize the dark history of America and how we still benefit from choosing to enslave a people based on their skin color for 400 hundred years, should be grasped with both hands. Ok. whew. I’m working on a post about Black History month. 🙂
        Smart and funny post as always, Josh.

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      2. Well I agree with you but I think that should be taught everyday just like I think love should be shown everyday. As far as occasions, I love occasions and giving gifts and sex and chocolate, etc… but not when I’m told. Spontaneity..
        Black people should have their history taught all the time, not relegated to one month, IMO. But it should definitely be taught!

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      3. I agree. It’s like Women’s History month and Domestic Violence month, etc. But I don’t know, there’s something about having a month set aside to raise awareness about an issue or pay tribute to groups of people that I enjoy. At the same time, I can see how that one month set aside for that one issue can then give educators, politicians, people in general license to not be aware or not teach every other day of the year. bah!

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  4. This was a brilliant post and it really made me LOL! I think Vday is a scam but we are all somehow bound to recognize it in someway or another.

    Historically it doesn’t really align with what was traditionally celebrated but I do recall from my marketing classes in university that it gained popularity through Hallmark cards!

    Yes Hallmark! the corp! as it was statistically their lowest profitable month of the year!!


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    1. Yes, manufactured by the greeting card industry. Glad you liked the post and got a laugh from it. Thanks for the link, I’ve never heard the term before, but was certainly aware that some holidays were manufactured or emphasized by then for profit.

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  5. Thanks for this, I hate that valentines, like mothers, father, grandparents (you can see where I am going) is foisted upon us and raising prices to a stupid amount, myself and my partner are thinking of getting married, we want to do it on the cheap found a nice place for the reception, I phoned and asked how much for a wedding reception ,y partner phoned and asked how much for a family reunion, £250 quid difference, so we are now having a family reunion that just so happens to coincide with our wedding


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