Dear Millennials Follow-Up and Poll

Please only take this poll if you are grouped into either Gen Y or Millennial classifications by the great classifier of generations in their all-powerful and always correct opinions.

Hello dear reader(s)!

My last post Dear Millennials, has offended some people.  Despite my insistence that any volleys fired by me were toward those who attack Millennials, and despite that I have already made clear I think the very ascribing a set of values to people based on when they were born is pretty stupid, apparently some people saw it as an attack on Baby Boomers.

Despite the fact that I have said I don’t believe it is all Baby Boomers involved with the attack, and despite any negative things I said about people who were born during those years (as a generalization, which I do not like to make) were simply in response to a perceived attack by people in those years towards Millennials as a way to point out the hypocrisy of said attacks…some people apparently thought I think all Boomers suck.  As if all Boomers actually share a common value system.  As if all Millennials share a common value system either.

But that isn’t the part that bugs me.  What bugs me is the denial of my perception of attacks on your generation, being made by those who identify as Baby Boomers.  (#notallBoomers)  It is as if they have never heard you derided as being the participation trophy generation (never mind that actually started with the Gen-Xers, (those insulting trophies being handed out by…you guessed it…Boomers).

Never mind the countless memes about how tough they were because they road in the back seat of pickups (so did I, and just because I was lucky does not mean it wasn’t stupid), or about how tap water from the garden hose was enough when they were growing up (before water sources were polluted by…), (also, I have a medical reason I am not supposed to drink tap water, so why don’t you take that garden hose and shove it?), or how they rode their bikes while all you do is sit and play video games or sit online (never mind that you are learning the technology that keeps you relevant in a job market where they are starting to see their jobs shipped overseas to be done by Chinese child labor, as they blame the Mexicans or the government.)  Never mind they are handing both you and I a world that might already be too far gone.

Never mind that their generation holds the political and economic power.  So how can anyone blame you for what they don’t like?  The last time I checked, no Millennial is on the Supreme Court.

Now, I am sure people in the “generation” they put me in have attacked you too.  And that is just as wrong.  I don’t see it as often, and judging by many articles, I am not alone there.  The previous generation attacking the former is nothing new.  But thanks to longer lifespans, the Boomers have had an unprecedentedly long hold on the power in this nation, and are not happy about their inevitable irrelevance.  The march of time is not your fault though.  Nothing lasts forever, and in my opinion the torch needs to be passed at some point.  Why not build up the people you expect to take humanity into the future rather than tear them down?

I don’t see how the fact you take a lot of heat is anything that could be disputed.  I don’t need to point out what the candidates that can’t win your demographic have said about you.  I don’t think I need to point out the memes.  I don’t think I need to point out the hundreds of hit pieces written against you.  I’m not going to, since I am not named Google.

Whether it happens as often I see or not, the perception is there for a reason.  Only one generation has a lock on media.  It isn’t X, it isn’t the Millennials.  Even with young reporters, it isn’t the reporters controlling the narrative.

This is one hit piece about Millennials.  This is one that backs up my perception of attacks on Millennials by Boomers.

Disagree all you want, but I am not the first person to think this generational superiority bullshit is wrong, and I won’t be the last.

What about it Millennials?  Do you think you are unfairly criticized?  Please vote either way.  And expand in the comments if you like.

Also, am I the only one who thinks Polldaddy is just a terribly wrong name?


Dear Millennials,

As you may or may not be aware, I am a Gen X-er.  That means I was called a slacker by the Baby Boomers.  And now, they are turning their attacks on you.

They attack your slang, never mind that they are the ones where everything was far out, or groovy.  They attack your music, just like they did to mine.  Granted, I like a lot of the music from that generation more than I like yours, but I wonder how they felt when their parents attacked their music?  They attack your attention spans (which aren’t as low as they think, because you are able to multi-task) at the same time they demand more and more multi-tasking at the companies they run in order to keep low numbers of workers on the payroll.   They claim you are stupid, but fail to realize you are learning things in eighth grade they didn’t have to learn in university.

You are arguably the most informed, compassionate, connected generation.  The world is counting on you.

Now, I am not saying the Boomers have done nothing good.  We all know they fought to allow a lot of the things we all do to happen.

But that’s just it.  They fought.  Past tense.  And when their leaders were killed, things got too hard, or they just got a taste of power…they quit.

They fought for civil rights, yet then decided to incarcerate minorities in unprecedented numbers using a drug war unfairly targeted at minorities (acknowledging they didn’t start that trend, just embraced it).  They pushed for mandatory minimums that allowed people with drugs to go to prison longer than convicted rapists.  They targeted their drug raids in minority neighborhoods, despite knowing that drug use and sales passed racial and economic barriers.  They participated in an organized assault on minorities, and have not let up.

They fought for women’s equality, yet shamed young women for thinking about policy instead of symbolism.  They attacked you for not revering their chosen masters to the point of seeing them as infallible.  They have always been about the leaders.  About the symbols.  It is what has led so many to falsely declare racism is over because we have a black President.

The Boomer generation is the generation of quitters.  They were seen as even more idealistic than you are.  But they gave up.  Time and time again, they gave up, and became the very thing they fought against.  That’s all they know how to do.

Well, that and attack other generations.  In the 60’s, they attacked their parent’s generation.  In the 90’s they attacked mine (despite the fact they raised us), and now they are coming down on you.

Of course, this isn’t every single person in my parent’s generation.  This is not every Boomer.  Some of them still try.  Some of them genuinely want a more just society.  In fact, I think these non generation generation markers are absurd.  But since so many take pride in their generation, and rip into yours, I think maybe a little reflection back on them is a good thing.  If you want to criticize entire generations, I think you have a case to be made that they might be the worst.

They have maintained or increased pollution, they have increased income inequality, they have allowed racism to persist in an institutional way, and are now part of the overt racism we see coming hard back into view.

They squandered the greatest economy ever seen in this nation and handed you a mess to try to clean up.  They have made George Bush leaving the Great Recession (depression) to Barack Obama look like nothing more than handing someone a torn paper and glue.  You have inherited a dirty world, a mass extinction, an oligarchy, a terrible economy, and loads and loads of debt.  You have been given unresolved strife among people.  Strife they fought hard against before joining the rank and file.  And now they claim that you are soft?  Now they come after you?  Your generation with more promise than any generation before?  Your generation that really hasn’t yet had the chance to fix things?  How dare you question them!

So, my dear millennial(s), I have a favor to ask you.

Get pissed.  Fight back.  Make your vision a reality, and unlike the Boomers, do not quit.  Embrace your allies, and take the world you are going to have to run soon anyway.  Send the Boomers into retirement, and work to make the world you want a reality.  Prove that not every movement needs a leader.  Become your own leader.  Prove that you are not interested in heroes and symbols.  Be your own hero.  You have what it takes.  Your generation is more intelligent, informed, and compassionate than they could ever hope to be.  Prove the Boomers wrong and show you do have the work ethic to get it done.

Maybe just think about listening to better music.  🙂


An Old Fogy Gen X-er.


Maybe you didn’t start the fire Boomers, but you sure as hell added fuel.

Featured Image by Dan Bennett from Seattle, USA (DSC_2046  Uploaded by X-Weinzar) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


My New Recipe

Hello dear reader(s)!

I know that yesterday I said I was going to write some fiction, but I have since decided I would like to share a wonderful new creation  with you.

I was hungry yesterday, but didn’t have much to make.  I didn’t feel like going to the store.  I was also having company over to watch the sporting type games.  I needed snacks to go with the eight kegs and to keep my guests entertained.  What could I do?

I went to my pantry, and dug around for things I could whip up.  Unfortunately, there was not much whipable contents.  No cream, or cream-like products because I was looking in my pantry.  You can’t really whip things you keep in your pantry, and if you can, that would be pretty gross and you might want to clean out your pantry.  Why would you even think otherwise?  You disappoint me.

Anyway, I looked into my pantry to find something good.

There was some salt.  Some pepper.  Some Italian seasoned breadcrumbs.

Sounded like nothing I could whip something up from.

I thought about things that would be whipped up, and decided to check in my refrigerator.  I looked all around the shelves for something whipable.  I was out of milk.  I was out of cream.  I couldn’t find anything.

So instead I started just looking for something I could make.  Fuck whipping.  I don’t need to whip something up, I just need to make it.  The whipping will be reserved for later, if you’re not a good girl.

I dug through and found a package of mozzarella, an egg, and some ranch dressing.

“I know exactly what I can make for the party!” I shouted at the voices in my head.  “Ranch balls!”

And so I made the ranch balls.  They were a hit.  My guests were eating them, and dipping them in more ranch.  So much ranch that it ran down their chins!

Now I will share this wonderful recipe with you, my dear reader(s).

Ranch Balls

You will need:

  • A baking sheet
  • a couple of bowls
  • A melon baller
  • Soft mozzarella, not shredded
  • One egg
  • Italian seasoned bread crumbs
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • In one bowl, combine breadcrums, and salt & pepper to taste.
  • In another bowl, combine one egg, and about 1 1/2 cup ranch dressing.
  • Using melon baller, begin making small balls of mozzarella just like you were making melon balls.
  • Dip the balls first in the ranch/egg mixture, then roll them in the breadcrumbs/salt/pepper mixture until thoroughly coated.
  • Place the balls on the baking sheet about an inch apart.
  • Put the balls in the freezer for about an hour.
  • Pre-heat oven to 375º Faherenheit.
  • Take balls from freezer directly to oven.
  • Bake for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Allow to cool slightly.
  • Serve with extra ranch dressing.
  • Enjoy!

Your guests will be delighted by your glorious ranch balls!  Who doesn’t love ranch balls?  Nobody I want to know, anyway.  Cheesy, ranchy, ranch balls!

I have no picture of the finished product.  I’m sorry, they were consumed too fast.

Featured image by Whitney from Chicago, IL (Ranch Dressing  Uploaded by Diádoco) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



Hello dear reader(s)!

I’m back and I’m bad and you need to be glad because MyFridayBlog™ is the best you ever had.  I’m gonna blow the roof off this WordPress without makin’ a mess.  And when you put me to the test you’ll find I am the best.  They tried to knock me down but I just keep on goin’.   Bustin’ out the words so my posts keep flowin’.  Ain’t no writers gonna block me when the haters try and knock me.  Ain’t no fucking stupid cuss words are gonna ever shock me.

Because I am the one that the honeys call Wrenn.  I keep cranking out the posts again and again.  I got me a following of 800 hundred other fools.  I’m MyFridayBlog™ and I write the fuckin’ rules.

Words flowin’ from my fingers like water in a river.  I’m gonna take what is mine so get ready to deliver.  The posts that I write are makin’ people shiver.  I give this gift to you because I am just a giver.  Spendin’ all my time practicing my writing skills.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this shit would pay my bills?  All my fuckin’ posts are givin’ you the chills.  MyFridayBlog™ is your drug, replacing pills.

Actually folks, I’m feeling rather bleh.  My life lately is just a little meh.  Maybe I’ll just write fiction the next few days until something that is really interesting or important happens.

The Resistance Piece

Hello dear reader(s)!

This will be the greatest post you have ever read.  It will be the resistance piece.  The points I make, the thoughts I evoke, the questions I ask…will make this post so amazing, that if it were to gain a wide enough audience, it might change the world.  This post will be so important, that humanity could look back into history, and separate that history into the time before this post, and the time afterward.  You see, I figured it all out.  I figured out the secret to everything, and I am going to share it.

It all started from a dream I had last night.  I don’t remember every detail, but I do remember the important parts, and the overall feeling of peace, happiness, and understanding that came from the dream.  I spent the morning trying to work out the lesson from that dream, and I think I have.

I sincerely believe that if I share this, the world will truly be a better place.  I think that it is so important, I might have to take the extraordinary step of asking you, my dear reader(s), to share and reblog this post to help spread the word.  I would like to see this post go viral.  Not for me, or this here blog-type-thing, but for the good of people everywhere.

As we all blow up our social media with our political opinions, as we all tell people about the importance of paying attention to what is happening in the world, as we all express our views on everything from politics to television…I think we are missing something.  A larger picture.

I think this will be so important, it will fundamentally alter the very sense of the way we see everything.  The enlightenment it will bring to people will create a golden age of harmony that could do so many wonderful things.

I used to wonder why I am here.  I wondered where I fit into the grand scheme of the world.  What would be my legacy?  Would it be to help people survive the rough things they are going through?  To show them that sometimes you can make it through horrible things and still keep a positive view of the world?  Would it be to let people know that not everyone has to fit into the box we have all had made for us?  Would it be to let people know that there is happiness even in the ugliest times?

I have thought it might be each of those things.

But no more.  Not since this dream.

Now I know exactly why I am here.  And I know why you are here too.

I could keep this information to myself.  I could probably benefit greatly from the advantage it would give me.  But I just can’t.  I can’t let everyone else suffer as I thrive from this new knowledge.

This dream taught me so much.  I never would have thought the mysteries of life could be solved so simply.  I never would have thought they would be solved in a dream.  But there can be no doubt that they have been.  The way I feel now makes that completely clear.

And how could I sleep at night, if I didn’t tell you about this dream?  How could I live with myself without sharing the secret that will save the world?

So here goes:

It was nice day.  Partly cloudy and a little breezy.  I was hungry, and decided I would take a walk to go get something to eat.  I left the house and walked down the street in front of my apartment building.  I passed by a couple waiting at the bus stop.  They were holding hands and both had a look of quiet contentment.  They smiled, and I smiled back.

I walked on.

I was passed by a man walking in the other direction.  He was an older gentleman, and looked as though he had things all figured out.  He said, “Hi.”

I continued walking.

A woman coming out of her door dropped some papers.  Some blew way from her in the wind.  I tracked them down for her and brought them back to her.  She smiled a big smile and thanked me as I handed them back to her.  I told her, “You’re welcome.”

I continued walking.

I approached an intersection.  A car was looking to make a left turn.  My walk sign was green, but I noticed it was only one car in a rare break in traffic.  I waved the car to go.  They waved back as they turned.

I continued walking.

I saw a puppy.  It was wandering around outside of a house.  I noticed there was an open gate.  I called the puppy over and checked its tags.  The address on the tags matched the address of the house with the open gate.  I picked the puppy up and put it in the yard behind the gate.  I made sure the gate was latched.  I pulled on it to make sure the puppy wouldn’t get out again.  I was satisfied the puppy would be safe.

I continued walking.

I got to the place I decided to get food at.  It was a local burrito place.  I ordered my burrito from the very nice woman working behind the counter.  And sat and waited for my burrito.

Did you catch it?  The lesson from the dream?  The life-alternating secret that will bring about a golden age of harmony?

In case you missed it, I will make it clear for you.

I’m hungry, and I want a burrito.

You’re welcome.

Cheese and Rice

Hello dear reader(s)!

Did you know that cheese activates the same pleasure centers of your brain as cocaine?  That’s what science claims, which is odd, because I’ve never seen Wall Street executives snorting cheese off a hooker’s breasts.  I’ve never seen cheese being mixed with baking soda and smoked by someone who would give you oral just to get more.  I’ve never seen an entire country ravaged by the effects of the war on cheese.  Maybe because there is no war on cheese.  Maybe there should be.  Although I would probably side with cheese.  Yet this post is not about cheese.

So if this post isn’t about cheese, it must be about rice, right?  After all, rice is in the title.  Rice, especially sticky rice in Seattle style teriyaki (much different than teriyaki other places) is very tasty.  I like rice just fine.  However, this post is not about rice.

This post is about cheese and rice.  Which, back when I didn’t want to offend Christians (because now that they have gone on the offensive, I’ve made it my national pastime), was an exclamation I would say in public in place of Jesus Christ!

So this here post, on this here blog-type-thing, is about the things and/or people who have made me say cheese and rice recently.

  • The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles  Now, I am not talking about the employees who work there, particularly in the title department.  I am talking about whoever decides to have a forever long processing time that you can side-step for a price.  If you have the ability to process them quickly…process them quickly.  Don’t sit on it for weeks because you can milk people desperate for a copy of their titles for more cash.  These kind of pricing structures, along with things like tolling lanes on public highways, do not belong in a government system everyone already funds with taxes.  It’s just another way they nickel and dime the poor to keep them there.  Plus, I’m freaking broke enough and just want to register my vehicle where I am and follow the law.  But apparently they don’t actually want that.  Bernie, I need your help on this rigged system.
  • Too many supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders  Y’all are fucking annoying.  Bernie has good qualities.  Hillary has some.  Less in my opinion, and I am worried they will change with the political winds, but I know she is better than any of Ze Republikanz.  And I know that using tax dollars to provide important services that other major countries already do is NOT GIVING AWAY FREE STUFF!!!  The candidates themselves are far better than their vocal supporters who are increasingly driving people away.  Speaking of which…
  • Social Justice Warriors  I am not talking about social justice advocates.  There IS an important distinction.  What I am talking about are the people who think that because they may have a different way of looking at things that they are somehow morally superior to someone else.  The only people who really deserve to be treated as though they are morally inferior, are the ones unwilling to shift their perspective to see your point of view, or those who have views that are so morally reprehensible (i.e. the belief in their own superiority) that there obviously is no perspective shift possible.  I get it, we all have causes we care about.  Sometimes, people say or do something we find offensive.  How about instead of attacking, we simply discuss and explain our point of views?  Or are you and have you always been perfect?  Do you expect to reach the critical mass of people necessary to experience change when you alienate those who may see things differently but are completely willing to admit they may not have all the answers and are open to having their perspective shifted?  Good luck with that righteous indignation.  Let me know how that works out for you.
  • The Award Show Talk  Are they racist?  I would argue that they are.  At the very least they are so institutionally racist in terms of voting that no matter who they put in front of the camera, behind the scenes they are very racist.  However, I keep wondering why they are even relevant.  They are nothing more than a “this is who the industry wants to give rim jobs to this year” awards.  BEST album?  Says who?  Since when?  BEST picture?  Saving Private Ryan did not win best picture the year it was up.  Shakespeare in Love won.  Do you really think Saving Private Ryan wasn’t the better picture?  How about Jethro Tull winning the Grammy for Best Hard Rock?Metal Performance over Metallica in 1989.  Jethro Tull?  Hard Rock or Metal?  Yeah…no.  Everyone knows that was nothing more than a lifetime achievement award in disguise.  So was Taylor Swift better than Kendrick Lamar?  Better than Beyoncé?  Doesn’t matter.  It should only matter to you.  Boycott the awards over race.  But they should also be boycotted over integrity.  Opt-out of the industry ass-kiss fest.  And buy your own damn designer clothes.  You’re rich.
  • Mitch McConnell  You are on record as being against the very thing you are doing.  Multiple times.  In fact, you have written that the senate shouldn’t even take politics (short of someone being a Nazi or something) into account when confirming the President’s nominee.  Video exists of you getting pissed about the unwritten Thurmond rule which even if it WAS a thing, only applied to appointees in the final six months of a President’s term.  You are on record!  Plus, you could have obstructed and made it look like you weren’t.  You could have allowed the hearings and not said anything out front, and just voted it down.  Now you like a bitter, old, idiot who will use things he despises just to stick one to that uppity black man in the white house.  Because let’s face it, that’s what your party’s spiteful obstructionism has really been about the past 8 years, hasn’t it?  Asshole, turtle douche.

Cheese and Rice, people!!

Until next time, my dear reader(s), I would like to thank the academy for this here blog-type-thing, my agent, my mom, my boo, my bae, my boobae, the man upstairs, or woman, or whoever lives up there for finally adhering to the quiet hours, the baby seals and the sealed babies, and finally…you.  Yes, you my dear reader(s), without whom this would still be possible, but not nearly as fun.

How To Mess With Reader(s)

Hello dear reader(s)!

For a long time, really ever since I started writing after Hannah’s death, I have had issues with people reading too much into this here blog-type-thing.  Anytime I have written a poem, or a story, or just a post about a night and the thoughts in my head, people have assumed that those samples of writing represent something that they just do not.  As time has passed by, that has gotten a little easier, but still definitely exists.  And so, I have been looking for ways to get revenge.  And I have found it, with some help.  My dear reader(s), you’ve been had.  And now you are going to find out how.

  1. Develop a real connection with a fellow blogger.  Maybe both of you are pretty flirty, and love to one-up each other in comments.  Maybe you see things the same way.  Maybe you have had similar experiences.  Maybe you genuinely get along.  Maybe you have reached out to each other to help each other outside of the comments section.
  2. Notice that your dear reader(s) are reading into the connection.  Those comment wars?  That same way of looking at things?  The way you genuinely get along?  Must mean you two are together.  Right?  Maybe you notice by particular comment likes.  Maybe you notice because of other reader(s) comments.
  3. In one of your private conversations away from the comments, point out what you have noticed to each other.  And notice that both of you have noticed on each of your respective pages.  Notice the reader(s) you have in common, seem to think they are wise to something.
  4. Plan to play it up.  Get downright inappropriate with each other.  Make it seem as though you are practically engaged.  Make it so that nobody can ignore the thought they think they know something.
  5. Decide to say that a friend from WordPress just happens to be coming to visit on a three day weekend that just happens to include Valentine’s Day.  Have her decide to make a post on her page saying she is going to go visit a friend from WordPress that same weekend.  Do not name names, so that people continue to believe they are sneaky and in the know.
  6. Between the announcement of your friend coming to visit, and the days you say she is visiting, refocus or include something related to that in most of your posts.  Use the real connection and ability to banter back and forth to sell it.  Make it pretty obvious who the person is, but be sure not to confirm anything to keep people thinking they have figured something out.
  7. On the days your friend is to be visiting, practically drop off the map.  If you do post, post about it.  Have her do the same, as the visitor, maybe from an airport she wasn’t in.
  8. The day after she “leaves” reveal to your reader(s) that they have been had.  See this post.

Now here’s the thing…

You all have read into a genuine connection.  Stephanie is cool.  We get along.  She is genuinely looking to relocate to the area.  Could something happen?

Well, the thing I definitely know is that you don’t.