My Most Sincere Apologies

Hello dear reader(s)!

Some of you may have noticed that I did not post at all yesterday.  And I really am sorry about that, honest.  I mean, how dare I actually get out of the house and do something instead of tending to WordPress!  Who do I think I am, someone who knows this is just a fun hobby for me and does not take it too seriously?!?!  How am I supposed to reach my follower goal and get that coveted $27.50 in monthly ad revenue?  Anyway, I am sorry I missed some of your posts and will try to play mustard.  It is like playing ketchup, only more appropriate on hot dogs, if you actually eat those things or so I am told.

Some other things I am really, really sorry for.

Making fun of Sarah Palin.  Because that poor little oppressed by Obama attention whore is getting beat up enough already for the way she beats up on others in nearly incoherent babbling.

Making fun of Ted Cruz in an earlier post.  See explanation above.

Making fun of myself.  I really believe that if I dish it out, I should be able to take it, but since Donald Trump can’t, why should I have to?

Making fun of Donald Trump.  See Making fun of Sarah Palin, and Making fun of Ted Cruz.

Talking about religion and politics.  Don’t like it?  Don’t read those posts.  I am not here to make anyone happy but myself, my adoring fans, and my basement slave.

Occasionally bringing up sex.  I do it in a SFW kind of way, and I think our society’s puritan views on the subject need a good challenging by openly mentioning it.  Sex.  Ooh, see?  Scary.  Sex.  I did it again!  Sex.  Oh no, not that word!  Sex.  Surely the nation will now fall.

Using sarcasm.  I am really, really sorry about this one.  No, really.  You can TOTALLY believe me.

Not catching all my typos.  I know this may come as a shock, given the immense quality of MyFridayBlog™, but this here blog-type-thing is a one-man operation.  That one man is me.  I do not have a team of editors or anyone checking over my work unless I assign it as a humiliating task for my basement slave.

Being for equal rights.  This would include women, minorities, majorities, cats, and even Republicans.  Actually, I am kind of sorry I am for equal rights for Republicans.  But I can’t help it.  Equality for all, even Republicans.  That would make a good campaign slogan.  I’ll run in Texas with that.

Knowing that my taste in music, food, and beverages is better than yours.  That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

Making this a short post so I can catch up on all of yours and still do something productive today because after all it is really not necessary for every post of mine too be too long, in fact, sometimes I think that I go longer than is really necessary but then again I don’t know maybe I just keep things to the length they should be but that might just be my opinion although I am not sure, it just really feels like I know how to keep things to their proper length and don’t go on too long, but perhaps I am wrong about that so I would really like to know your thoughts on the subject or anything you may be sorry for as well as anything else you would like to add in the comments section but only if you really want to because I don’t want you to feel like you are being forced to comment or anything, but at the same time I hope you feel free to comment about things on my blog-type-thing of course provided you are not spamming me or being abusive or hateful in the comments section, or running on too long.  





Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

41 thoughts on “My Most Sincere Apologies”

  1. I think this is absolute crap, and you should be horsewhipped. But as I don’t think that’s quite enough abuse, I think maybe you should be dunked in honey and strapped to a tree in the Shoshone National Forest. And if you survive that, perhaps we should paint you in blackface and set you loose somewhere in a rural part of the South…say around twenty minutes north of me. We’ll stand you up in the back of a pickup truck emblazened with “Feel the Bern.” “Hillary is God.” And blare gangsta rap. That oughta do it.

    Is this enough abuse? Or hate? Or rambling enough? I somehow think I could have done better.

    P.S. While I realize this will ruin everything…fun post.

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      1. I’ve never seen him on tv, I don’t have broadcast, only Netflix. My roommate has one, but I barely watch. Maybe some soccer from time to time I know about him through blogs, and then other internet sites, and twitter.


  2. I’m sorry, but you should apologize for every effing day you DON’T make fun of those people. (I’m guessing there are very, very few of those days.) Although thank you for reminding me that I haven’t, yet, today, and forgetting to make fun of those asshats is worse than forgetting your birth control.

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  3. I’ll comment when I’m goddamned good and ready to comment, don’t you tell me when to comment! I eat hot dogs 2-3 times a year, always at least on 4th of July, and I like mustard, relish, and onion on mine, except when I’m craving a slaw dawg, then slaw, obvs. For some reason hot dogs taste better at baseball games and I don’t want to know why. Few things bring me more joy than discussing sex, politics, and religion, and that’s how I know I’m a rude woman.

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