I Got You Covered

Hello dear reader(s)!

Have you ever been prompted to think of things that just don’t come to you?  Yeah, me neither.  Because I obsess about whatever it might be until I can either remember or look it up.  Who was that one actress in that one movie with that one guy near that one place in that one city?  And then I think about it for days on end because I can’t let things like that go.

Anyway, a couple to a few days ago I read a post over at A Joyful Process (which is a great blog you should check out), and it dealt with one song four ways.  And I mentioned that I almost always prefer the original, but that there were a few covers I liked better.  Just a few.  But then I couldn’t think of those particular covers.  So what did I do?  What I always do, obsessed over it until I remembered at least some.  And except when I was distracted (which has been pretty consistent lately), I have been obsessing over them.  And then finally, I remembered a couple!

And then I thought, for the entertainment, education, and enlightenment of you, my dear reader(s), that I would share some of them on this here blog-type-thing.



Can you tell the common theme of these two?  Both Bob Dylan songs.  Basically, if another artist performed a Bob Dylan song, it was better than his version.  Great writer, but can we all just finally admit he sings as terribly as I do?

This is all about the guitar.  That is why.  Just has more edge.  The beat is more driving too.

This one makes me cry.  Literally.

Many people don’t even know this is a cover because Led Zeppelin pretty much owns this songs.  However, it was originally written and performed by Jake Holmes.

This is Janis and nobody else.  I don’t care who wrote it, I don’t care who did it after, this song belongs to her.

I mean, this beats the original any day of the week.  Even on the eighth.

And closing it out the way we came in.  With yet another Bob Dylan song.  It is a rule.  Sorry, Bob, you write well.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

68 thoughts on “I Got You Covered”

      1. I’ll give you Jimi. I used to get lambasted for saying Bobby did it better, to my boy, Dan. For a while, I wouldn’t agree on principle. But I was finally swayed. Because damn.

        But the others? Hell no. They’re worthwhile covers, and GnR has a solid place in my music heart. But Dylan all the way, man. And Tambourine Man? For real? You’re outta your mind!

        I’ve seen my Dylan in concert. And you don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.


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      2. Nasal-boy? Really? I mean, if you like nasally bad singing then I guess I could start singing all my stuff as Bob Dylan and maybe you could convince people to buy my records. After you help me get signed.

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      3. Dylan is one of my all-time favorites. Tread lightly, boy. Tread lightly. Or I’ll beat you with a muffin fork. Ohhh muffork. Yes new word. Digressing…

        So yeah. I’ll totally get you signed. I’ll show you where.

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      4. I will punch you in the billy goat gruff. Take it back. You write. And we read. The customer is always right, and reader interpretation and all that jazz. And all that Dylan. And all that Josh-o Wrong-o.


        P.S. I see no rules here. Which means I am now the Emperor of San Francisco and this hear blog-type-thing. See my scepter. Okay, I don’t have a scepter. But I have a cape. And I’m not afraid to wield it.


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      5. She’s uh… she’s got sandy blonde hair. She’s uh… pretty good looking face, but I’m just getting really… just kinda T.O.’d because… I mean she hasn’t even sent me a full body shot yet. (okay, enough of the random ND quotes, lol)

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  1. Nice songs! Hazy shade of winter was written by Simon & Garfunkel, so yeah i prefer the original.
    LZ borrowed heavily from Delta Blues masters, but made every song their own.
    Original or cover, for me it’s about the heart & soul of the artist. Absolutely, Dylan is one of the best
    songwriters of all time!

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    1. I do love Simon and Garfunkel, I do. But I just don’t like the feel of the music on the original. And yeah, as far as Dylan’s songwriting abilities, I don’t think anyone could argue there. He is one of if not the best. But I think the artists who cover his stuff were true masters of music and I like their music with Dylan’s writing.


  2. UH HUH. Well, isn’t that special? *drinks tea and listens to Bob Dylan* Mr Tambourine Man, but not his own version? Really? Cause why? Your favorite classic rock station?
    I prefer some covers, too, but Jeeeeeez, he’s Bob Fuckin Dylan.
    And would you still prefer Hazy Shade of Winter if you couldn’t seeeeeee the band?

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    1. No, because I like the Byrds and non-nasally singing. I think the guitar in The Byrds is such an original tone. You always know it is them.
      And I like that one because it is edgier. On that one, I can understand where some people might disagree because I just tend to like more of a driving beat and harshness in the guitar in anything but the slower songs.


  3. I loved this post, but forgive me, I loved the comments even more (- does that make me shallow??). Josh you are a master, and sometimes other people do it better – like that version of Fields of Gold which is totally the Best.
    I hear what the others say, and yeah they make a good point but at the day I’m with you brother.
    … have you thought of running for president??? I don’t know that much about American politics but I’m sure you could work it… … just a thought (from a non-American) (yeah, what would I know?) (fair comment really)….

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      1. OK, that’s lovely – I’d vote for you – except you’d be a king so therefore not need my vote – but the thought is there… …I’m not sure about King Of The World though … the world is a big place… and can you handle the pressure and authority??? But just and forgiving is a great place to start…

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      2. No vote needed, it is foretold in prophecy. It’ll happen. Any day. Just waiting. And sure, I can handle the pressure and authority. With one world working for each other? Under the leadership of their king, who pretty much doesn’t care what people do as long as they try not to hurt others and call me king? And maybe give me a decent place to live and a good reliable car with a little salary? What’s not to like? Even if it does mean that nobody can listen to Bob Dylan sing his own songs ever again without being imprisoned. Sounds easy.

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  4. I personally prefer Aretha Franklin’s version of Bridge Over Troubled Water to Simon & Garfunkel’s-but I don’t know that it is universally lauded as the version of the song. But I’m also Franklin biased-especially during her Atlantic Records years.

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    1. Last I remember, it was yesterday by the Beatles according to ASCAP and BMI. But that was a while ago, and they probably aren’t tracking every time someone sings Happy Birthday!


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