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I know of no other feeling that can be the most delightful and painful feeling at the same time.  Anticipation can be so great that you lose your ability to concentrate on anything other than what you wait in anticipation for.   Anticipation can even be better than the actual thing you were anticipating.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant you loved?  You had been there before, knew just what to order, and maybe even were bringing someone to whom you had been talking the place up?  You place your orders excitedly and it is crap?

Or maybe you were excited about three movies.  Maybe they were prequels to a certain trilogy you loved.  Maybe they were some of the worst movies ever put on screen.  Cartoonishly digital, with terrible acting, no major plot twists, and an arc that everyone already knew.  Maybe they had a character that deserves all of the hate he has gotten over the years.  Maybe they were so bad, they were offensive.

But anticipation can also enhance things.

Maybe you waited to see another movie in that series.  Maybe you avoided the spoilers but found out that the movie was considered good by most fans.  Maybe you heard it even helped to erase the damage from the prequels.  And by the time the familiar opening music blast and title sequence began you were so excited that it just made it more fun.  And then when it was even better than you had hoped, all of the anticipation was like a build up.

Or what about your first time?  For those of you who actually enjoyed your first time, or at least thought of it as special.  (And for reference, by first time, I am only referring to consensual, non-coerced sex, because that’s really all that should matter.)  Was it great physically?  Mine felt great, and was fun, but I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.  She didn’t either.  It was nice, and I wouldn’t trade it, but in terms of great sex?  Physically?  Well…it was nice.  The anticipation though?  Nothing like it.  When she took my hand and we went into my room together.  I remember every single detail.  That anticipation made it better.

The darker side of anticipation is anxiety.  A negative anticipation, that is usually imagined.  I’ve found, if you’re really good at noticing one, you’re probably good at noticing the other.

So try to focus on the good things that could happen instead of the bad.  Be anticipating, instead of anxious as much as you can.  If you have a hard time living in the present, might as well try to see the future as being positive.  Besides, I am a firm believer in putting out what you want to get back.  Some things will get you, but the more positive you see things going, the more they will go.  Except for a few brief moments, it isn’t if things go well, or if things get better, it is when.  And in those brief moments do your best to keep them brief.

Speaking of anticipation, I am totally excited because a fellow blogger here on WordPress that I have been talking with for a while outside of WordPress is going to come and visit me in mid-February.  That should be fun.  I love playing host to people who visit here because I love the area so much and don’t mind doing all the touristy things.  Plus I can’t wait to actually meet in person.  What fun!  It is so cool to have made the connections I have made in this virtual world.  Who would’ve thought?

So to all my dear reader(s), may your days be filled with anticipation of the positive, meeting or exceeding your expectations.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

21 thoughts on “Anticipation”

  1. I am heading to Key West soon. The amount of anticipation involved there is far greater than it should be, thanks to a host of factors (one of which is the chance to get away from work for a bit, which is particularly rough recently. Of course, the biggest factor is probably that it’s going to be -3 Fahrenheit for a high tomorrow. I need to feel warm weather again!).

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  2. That is good news!
    The longest wait I’ve ever had (not in time, but in killer anticipation) was pregnancy. Is it me, or was I pregnant twice for about ten years each? lol
    I’m not very good at long-term patience — pregnancy, deployments, vacations. I am good at short ones like traffic jams, lines…

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  3. I guess I’m lucky. I have severe clinical depression but almost never have anxiety 🙂
    My first time I was 18 and in love for first time. He was a sweet gorgeous J Crew model n hung like a horse. There was candles, music n flowers. Very special but ouch lol!!!

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  4. What a great thing to anticipate! I am hoping to be enjoying that anticipation feeling soon, once I know for definite whether we are going away in May for my Pop’s 70th birthday! Also there is the Bloggers Bash in London in June, where many of the British bloggers I know and love will be meeting, along with some who are flying in! But I have to wait, as there is something happening in June, that my son is anticipating, and we have to make sure the dates don’t clash! So I am holding my anticipation for that one until I know I can go!
    Anticipation is great, but it can suck too!!!

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  5. This is a timely post. I think it’s great that you’re meeting a friend that you made on WordPress. I think that what I like the most about word press is that people meet up with each other. You wrote: “The darker side of anticipation is anxiety. A negative anticipation, that is usually imagined.”

    Right now I’m having some anxiety over a ‘shadow’ on my most recent chest x-ray.

    My mind is running with all of the possibilities and none of them are good. I do know that when I find out it’s nothing my relief will keep me calm for a month…I have the funny feeling that finding out it’s ‘something’ will also be a kind of relief…

    It’s not knowing that wears one down….

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    1. I will certainly send out positive energy that you hear back it is nothing. You are correct though, not knowing is the hardest. When you know, at least you can begin to prepare or plan. You can brace for what may be coming. I have a few spots on my lungs too. The last time they were checked out, they were thought to be scar tissue from my first (and worst) pneumonia. I have a follow up CT soon to make sure they are the same size and that is still what they think.


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